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There’s a new British import hanging around your local Ulta…and no, it’s not Kate Moss trying to remember where she left her panties after last night’s rager.  It’s the British cosmetics brand Models Own, and it’s available exclusively at Ulta stores (at least according to Ulta’s website – I’m not a CNN fact checker or anything).  They had some fun products, nice packaging, and the prices were reasonably competitive with other mass market brands so I decided to give them a shot and see how things were going with our neighbors across the pond.

For this little brand experiment, I decided to spread the love around and bought 5 different products:

Models Own Group

Luxestick Velvet Lipstick in #18 Hello Hawaii
Lux Matte Liquid Lipstick in #02 Strawberry Mojito
Celestial Lip Glitter Kit in #10 Rose Meteor
Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Powder in #02 Peach Pearl
Colour Chrome 10-shade Eyeshadow Palette

They had a few other products that I was interested in trying out, but those will have to wait until later.  They had a color-correcting primer that promised to help reduce redness – but it was yellow, so I’m not holding out a ton of hope for that!  But let’s take a closer look at what I did pick up!

Luxestick Velvet Lipstick in #18 Hello Hawaii

The packaging didn’t get things off to a good start – it’s super lightweight plastic and has absolutely no heft.  Also, the magnet that is supposed to hold the cap on has almost no strength to it, so if you keep this in a travel case expect the cap to take a runner pretty often.

The lipstick itself isn’t too bad; at $8.99 it’s pretty similar to other mass market lipsticks (maybe a dollar higher than some of the brands) so it’s not outrageous.  Te color is nice and pigmented, though it definitely has some shine to it despite being described on the box as a velvet lipstick.  The bright pink is lovely – the perfect sort of 80s Barbie pink that so many are looking for but usually end up with something much more blue-toned.  This is a great color and I like the finish.  I can forgive the packaging blunder since the quality of the lipstick itself is there.  I would probably buy more shades of this if they had a color that caught my eye; this was definitely the most neon of the bunch, but they had a few other shades I’ll probably have to have a closer look at.

Lux Matte Liquid Lipstick in #02 Strawberry Mojito

What can I say – I’m a sucker for a red liquid lipstick!  The packaging on this one is definitely better – which is odd since this product rings in $1 cheaper than the lipstick at $7.99!  The lower barrel is clear but frosted, which I don’t love since it can make it hard to accurately gauge the true color, but it’s a heavier plastic and the lip is solid and attaches firmly.  The Models Own logo is screen-printed on one side.

The product itself is a little thicker but not exactly moussey; it applies really easily (which is sometimes a challenge for the thicker formulas!) and it has a light and pleasant mint smell to it.  On the lips, it has a definite cooling and tingling feeling, which I found really nice.  The formula dries down quickly and I found it to be very transfer proof after only a minute and a half of drying time.  This was really impressive!  I’m not sure how well it wear over a long period of time, but if it holds up as well as it applies, then this will be a great, inexpensive basic liquid lipstick to add to your collection.  Again, they don’t have a huge selection of shades, but it’s worth looking through and seeing if any of them strike your fancy as the performance is top notch.

Celestial Lip Glitter Kit in #10 Rose Meteor

I’m interested to give this little kit a road test: the product looks pretty basic and the swatch turned out really well, but glitter lips are notoriously difficult to keep in place…and to keep from getting all over your face!  The kit, which is only $7.99, contains a tube of “glitter bond gel” (it seems to be a similar glue formula to the Lip Rock metallic lip kits, if you’ve seen those in action), a small pot of glitter, and a dual-ended brush that features a sponge side as a small bristled side.  You paint on the bond gel and let it turn from white to clear (although truthfully it’s pretty clear even while it’s being painted on, so I just played it by ear and waited until it look like it might be tacky) and then apply the glitter.  The tub was pretty full and the sponge didn’t pick up much glitter when just lightly dunking it in, so I poured some out onto the table so that I could more firmly press the sponge and pick up more glitter.  This was pretty effective and I was able to get a pretty decent swatch.  It doesn’t appear as pigmented in the pic as it was in person, but you may want to experiment to see if you can get a liner to work with it.  The product says to apply to clean, dry lips so it’s possible that the liner, especially if it has any kind of oil in it, might mess up the application.  It’s worth a try though – the glitter stuck to the glue really well and I brushed over it with the bristle side of the brush and got very little fallout.

Here are swatches of all 3 lip products:

Model 02

They had a wide variety of face products and palettes, but you know this bitch is a sucker for some serious glow!  There were single bronzers and highlighters for $11.99 (I felt this was maybe a little high, but it’s a fairly big pan so I won’t complain too much!), so I picked up one of only two highlight shades (the other 4 were all bronzers):

Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Powder in #02 Peach Pearl

The packaging for this one was just sort of…meh.  It was a heavy enough plastic and the white pearl unit was nice, but it didn’t feel special.  It just felt sort of plain and not very remarkable.  Again, I’m never one to worry too much about the container if the product is bomb, but you packaging whores out there should expect some level of disappointment with this one.

The product is a gorgeous peach-toned silvery highlight and it’s a pretty big pan: 5.5 grams, pressed with an embossed ripple design that doesn’t make a lot of sense but looks pretty.  The texture gives the product a little lift and I like it, though there is nothing in the name or description of the product that explains it.  The highlight applies well, and it can be used lightly for a subtle glow or built up with a couple of applications.  It’s not crazy spotlight bright on the first application but it does have some strong, buildable pigmentation, so this will work for people trying to create a wide range of highlight looks.  It’s really multi-purpose, and I appreciate that.  Now bring on the shades, dammit!  Why are there only 2 highlighters and four fucking bronzers?!  That’s not acceptable.

Colour Chrome 10-shade Eyeshadow Palette

The packaging for this palette is the same basic shape and quality as the highlighter, but this “limited edition” palette is a rose gold (Jesus fuck, people – why can’t we just say copper anymore?!) chrome.  It’s a pretty compact, but that chrome finish gets covered in fingerprints the minute you even look at it, so people who want their makeup products to look pristine and beautiful will develop a strong eye twitch with this little lovely!  The palette comes with a dual-ended bristle brush that feels like synthetic fibers, which is good because the shadows are all cream formula.

These shadows were ok.  I think these shadows would make a good base for setting powder shadows, or you could use them to create a more subtle, diffused look.  The pigmentation is ok, but it’s not the big pop of intense color that I’m always looking for in my over the top drag queen life.  There were some pretty fabulous colors though.  Electrum is a lovely disco gold color that has a sort of beige-brown undertone to it.  Rose Gold is also lovely, but it makes me crabby because it’s a lovely copper shade and why can’t we just call it copper.  Some day I might get over that…but not today.  You know I’m a sucker for a green shadow, but I honestly thought Emerald was just ok; I was much more impressed with it’s royal blue neighbor, Superior!  It had great pigmentation and blended out very nicely.  Iron Oxide is another great taupe-y kind of shade with gold tones and I think it’s probably the most unique of the bunch.  And finally I also really loved Pewter with it’s greenish undertones – that shade and emerald could be used with a bronze liquid liner to create something really magical!  The only shade that really didn’t do it for me at all was platinum – it was way too sheer!  This might work well to glitter up another shadow (maybe over SugarPill’s Tako for a snowy look!) but you’ll have a hard time with it all by itself.  At $19.99 this palette was a pretty good deal, though I probably won’t get a ton of use out of it.  If you love cream shadows, go for it, but I just don’t feel like I get the sort of payoff that I want and always end up going back to powder shadows to pump up the volume.

Here are some finger swatches of the shadows, with the highlight at the far right end:

Overall I was pretty impressed with this new option on the mass market scene.  The products have great price points (a little higher than some of their American counterparts, but not out of reach – pretty similar to NYX for the most part) and the lip products especially had some really great performance.  The highlight was also really great and I loved the color, but I was bummed that there were only two shades to choose from – keep ’em coming!  The eyeshadow palette was a little bit of a disappointment, but I think it has some potential and I’m interested to see what else this brand has to offer in their eye collections – especially if they offer some powder shadows!

If you only check out one product from this review, it’s GOT to be the liquid lipstick – I am seriously in love with this thing!  I’ve been wearing it on my lips while I’m writing this article and my lips don’t feel dry or cakey, but I haven’t seen any transfer on my soda can – or on the back of my hand where I’ve been leaving little butterfly kisses (totally for science – I swear I’m not lonely!).  You’ll want to make sure you have an oil-based remover for these to keep from having to scrape your lips raw!  I used some tarte maracuja oil on the swatch and it came right up without a problem.

I was a little bummed to see that there were several products on the Models Own website, based in the UK, that weren’t on the Ulta site, including another palette called the Holochrome Eyeshadow palette.  I’m hoping they add this lovely to the Ulta site, otherwise I’m about to pop my cherry in the world of international cosmetics shopping (buying a cartload of MAC products at the Hudson’s Bay Company in Winnipeg in my 20s doesn’t count!).

Models Own is bringing us some fabulous new products with a British style and sensibility, and lots of color…or rather colour.  And what do I think about that?

Honey, love live the queen!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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