Budget Beauty – Can LA Colors Deliver LA Cool? Or Will I Get (Sun)Burned?!

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After a previous trip to Seattle, I laid some info down on y’all about Daiso, the Japanese version of a Dollar Store….except it’s a $1.50 store…unless “otherwise marked.”  But you get the idea.  I found a few fun products and decided to check them out.  Pretty similar to the kinds of things you find at the Dollar Tree (some of the brands are the same and are decidedly not Japanese!).  When I came back in August, I checked out the store again and they had just unpacked a huge collection of L.A. Colors lip products.  L.A. Colors is a brand you see often at the Dollar Tree, but these lippies were generally better than what I’d seen on those shelves back home.  I decided to buy a selection of them and give them a chance to impress me.  I’ll talk about them and then show the swatches at the end.

I decided to try out 4 liquid lipsticks, 4 regular lipsticks (3 matte and 1 cream), and 2 lip glosses.  The lip glosses I had seen in a video from tifjef069 on YouTube so I was excited to give them a go.

I’m not sure how I feel about “matte” lip gloss (matte and gloss are two different things, so we’re already off to a rocky start!) but this product had really nice, pigmented color payoff – much better than some lip glosses I have paid way more than $1.50 for!  It was almost a liquid formula for a lipstick.  I was really impressed.

The Super Shine?  Not so much.  I picked this color knowing it would be pretty sheer, but I was hoping to get some of that lovely pink-gold opalescence.  But when I swiped this on the back of my hand, it just looked like a clear gloss.  There was not even a hint of the color from the tube.  What a let down!

The lipsticks were actually pretty solid performers.  I worried, because often the lipsticks you find at the dollar stores are super waxy and don’t have any sort of color payoff, and what is there is patchy and inconsistent.  These actually gave a nice swipe of color, though I did have to give it a few passes to get the color in the swatches.  But for $1.50?  These are pretty fantastic, and they will give you a great look on a budget.  I tried to get one that was fairly light (Whirlwind), one that was dark (Torrid) and one in the middle (Starlet) to see if the formula was consistent and it really was.  I only got one of the cream shades since that where I anticipated running into the most problems, but Yummy actually performed just as well as the other shades, just with a little more shine to it!  I would definitely recommend picking these up if you run across them.  They perform just as well as some higher priced lipstick options.

Finally, let’s show off the liquid lipsticks:

These were actually pretty good as well!  The applicator is fairly long, and stick straight, so I didn’t love that, but the formula is smooth.  It’s a little thicker than say a Lime Crime Velvetine or a Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip; closer to most of Jeffree Star’s Velour liquid lipsticks or the Black Moon Cosmetics liquid lipsticks.  Even the lighter shades painted on pretty easily, which surprised me.  They were a little bit uneven when dry, but not very much and I think if I had spent a little more time finessing the swatches I could have gotten a better result.  These were not otherwise marked but still rang up at $2 each – but with performance like this, I guess I can handle spending that extra 50 cents!

Here are the swatches:

LA 07

In natural sunlight (well, as sunny as it ever gets in cloudy Seattle!) with a flash.  Left to right: Feisty liquid lipstick, Moonlight liquid lipstick, Perception liquid lipstick, Barely There liquid lipstick, Starlet matte lipstick, Whirlwind matte lipstick, Torrid matte lipstick, Yummy cream lipstick, Lusty matte lip gloss, and Pucker Up super shine lip gloss.

Here are the swatches, in the same order, without a flash:

LA 08

With the liquid lipsticks, you can see that the product had a tendency to collect at the side of the swatch, but that’s mostly because of the shape of the doe foot applicator, and I haven’t had that same problem with similar wands when working on the rounded surface of the lips.  It can be a little tricky when you’re trying to work around the edges and crisp up your line, but for the most part these will serve you well.  The lipsticks are clearly very pigmented and give a nice solid swatch, as does the matte gloss.  It’s that “super shine” gloss that’s a super disappointment!  It looks like a clear gloss with barely any sparkle at all.  I might go back and get one of the more pigmented colored glosses to see if they are better.  Heck, I might go back and get a little bit more of everything now that I know how well they perform!  I rolled the dice buying this many, and it was a gamble that paid off – only one clunker in the bunch!

My SPF game must have been on point, because this L.A. trip didn’t leave me with a burn – just some cool new lip shades at a bargain price!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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