In L.A., There’s Gotta Be A Sequel! More From L.A. Colors

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I was so obsessed with the quality of the lip products from LA Colors that I picked up on my recent trip to Daiso in Seattle that I just had to go back and get some more.  Can you ever really have too much?  Never!  And certainly not if they are all priced at $2 or less!

I decided to pick up 6 more of the tube lipsticks, 3 each of matte and cream, and 2 more liquid lipsticks.  For those of you paying attention, that means I now have a new lip wardrobe that features 18 different lip products for only $30.  For reals!  Here’s the breakdown:

LAC 10

6 matte lipsticks:  $1.50 each, $9 total
4 cream lipsticks:  $1.50 each, $6 total
6 matte liquid lipsticks: $2 each, $12 total
2 lip gloss (one matte, one shiny): $1.50 each, $3 total

Grand Total: $30…plus taxes or whatever, but you get the point.  And all of that wouldn’t be that impressive (you can pick up cheap makeup on the daily at the Dollar Tree) but it actually works as well as (or better than) some of the high end brand products that I buy.  The liquid lipsticks especially are on par with brands that cost literally ten times as much!  I had to show the math up there because a part of me still couldn’t entirely believe it!

The Liquid Lipsticks:

Cuddles is a lovely peach shade – I have a lot of nudes from brands like Jeffree Star (enough with the nudes, J-Star!) and Lena Lashes, but this one seemed a little more peachy than most of the ones I have so I picked it up.  It dries a fair amount darker than it appears in the tube, which isn’t uncommon but in this case it was a little more than I usually expect.  Could just be me.  Daydream is a nice medium pink shade, not too blue and not too yellow.  It’s like a Barbie pink, but Barbie once she hits her late 30s and settle the fuck down a bit.  It’s really pretty.

Lipsticks: The Creams

I covered the reds pretty well when I bought the first set of lipsticks so I decided to round out the collection with some other kinds of shades.  Angelic is a nice plum-y mauve; I don’t wear a lot of purples, but I really liked the look of this one.  It’s not too reddish, so I think I can work it in with some of the deeper browns and purples and do some great ombres.  Divine, named after my drag idol, is a bright, creamy pink.  How could I not buy this?!  This is the color of that lipstick that always came in little kid’s makeup kits and somehow it still entrances me.  I love this, and the consistency is bright and vibrant.  Bravo, LA Colors!  Finally we have Heavenly, a lovely coral pink that looks similar to Daydream, a little lighters and with a peach mixed in with the pink (you know – like fucking coral…sorry I’m so tragic at describing colors!).  This would look really lovely with NARS Orgasm blush.  I know I’m always saying that things look like Orgasm, but I think I’ve secretly been trying to dupe that color in every product I run across since I first saw it – it’s that good!  And so is this gorgeous coordinating lipstick!

Lipsticks: The Mattes

Here’s where we get to my favorites: hooker pink!  I swear, if I buy any more hooker pink lipstick I’m going to have to stop giving it away! Charmed and Tantalize are actually much more similar when applied than they look in the tubes (which is a little disappointing, but whatever).  Charmed is like full on 80s Barbie pink – that crazy Barbie box shade that every little gay boy knows oh so well!  Tantalize has a little bit more of a blue-tone to it and is starting to toe the line into fuchsia, so if you think fuchsia is too harsh for you, you’ll want to stick with Charmed.  Classy is a cool-toned medium brown that will look beautiful with some taupe/stone shadows for a cool-toned neutrals look.  So pretty!

Here are the swatches:

LAC 12

L to R: ANgelic, Divine, Heavenly, Charmed, Tantalize, Classy, Cuddles, and Daydream

I’m definitely going to be paying more attention to the LA Colors products I see at my local Dollar Tree – I’ve never seen these particular collections before, but maybe I need to give their other products a chance!

This is one sequel that was at least as good as the original!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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