REVIEW: Seattle’s Can Can Presents ICE CREAM – It Melts In Your Mouth…

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Can Can 12

Can Can 06I love the Golden Girls – it’s one of my favorite shows.  Whenever I turn on an episode of my 4 favorite seniors living in sunny Miami, I know what to expect: bubbly Rose is going to be sweet and dopey and provide the heart of the show, spouting faux-Scandinavian gibberish at her roommates; Sophia will drop some old world wisdom (“Picture it: Sicily, 1922…) and Dorothy will threaten her with Shady Pines; and Blanche will probably have at least one of her many interchangeable men complicating her otherwise breezy life on the lanai.  There will be some hijinx, a few shenanigans, and even a little bawdy humor tucked into those polyester outfits.  Even when it feels familiar, it never fails to entertain.

Upon seeing Ice Cream, the summer show at the Can Can Kitchen, there are certain rhythms to the show that I’m starting to recognize, but not to the point of being overdone.  I know that the show is going to start with an upbeat bubblegum number that introduces all of the dancers; the second or third number is going to be the emcee, Jonnyboy, in a sensual and artistic dance with one of the female dancers (this time it was surprisingly light, with white costumes and projected clouds).  It feels familiar: after seeing last year’s summer show Flamingo and their Valentine’s show French Kiss, there is a structure that emerges.  It’s a successful formula for a three act show that contains campy and well choreographed dance routines, sexy and sensual costumes dripping with feathers and jewels, and 5 athletic dancers in various states of undress flaunting not only their bodies but also their immense talents.

Can Can 01My Friday night show featured 5 performers: Jonnyboy (who I swear is going to be my next ex-husband!), Le Minx, and Fair Elise were all a part of my viewing of French Kiss; Baby Kate, who I didn’t see in the Valentine’s show but who I think might have been in Flamingo; and a new (well, new to me) male dancer, Joell from Personnel, who I’m pretty sure my inevitable tawdry affair with will lead to my messy and booze-soaked divorce from Jonnyboy.  What can I say?  I have a very vivid imaginary life.

For fans of musical theatre, there were some fun numbers: Joell took to the mic and did some live singing to the song “Aldolpho” from The Drowsy Chaperone.  He has a gorgeous voice, and when those ripaway pants come off?  Peaches for daaaayyyyyys!  I loved the addition of live singing and hope to see it again in the future.  Le Minx played with her usually dark Betty Paige aesthetic and did “Beauty School Dropout” from Grease with pink curlers tucked into her raven hair.  It was just a piece of the song as the beginning of Act one featured a number of short dance scenes shared among the cast; with the exception of cast introductions in the first number (“Nicest Kids In Town” from Hairspray, another great musical moment!), there was no talking, just a quicky, bouncy transition from song to song as each performer got to show off some of their best work.

Can Can 04The sensual number that I anticipated at the beginning with Jonnyboy and Fair Elise did not disappoint: it was a slow and emotional cover of “I Will Follow You” that featured both dancers, sometimes alone and sometimes together, spinning and twirling from a set of velvet grips.  Baby Kate does a fun take on the current obsession with mermaids, the curtains open to reveal her on a large clamshell bed wearing a sequined tail.  The loss of mobility is no hindrance as she bends and contorts herself on the bed’s surface before spotting Jonnyboy, a hapless diver, snorkeling by.  She entices him with her moves, her smile, and eventually her breasts and he thinks he’s in for a sexy underwater romp…but she has other plans!

Can Can 08There’s an audience participation bit that seems to be a signature for the show, but it never fails to disappoint.  Anything that ends with two naked boy bums gyrating in my field of vision is ok by me!  The audience always has a great time, especially if the chosen guy is into it – and this time the guy (a ridiculously tall bearish guy named Mark) was definitely into it!

Once again my favorite number of the evening featured Le Minx, with a little help from the two boys and a spinning metal structure.  It’s a gritty and sexy number where she spins in a metal frame with rectangle “perches” before sending the boys spinning around her and jumping in the middle.  She has this edgy, dark sexual charisma that I am absolutely obsessed with.  In the middle of a show that’s filled with bubblegum fluffiness, she always brings and electric gravitas that gives the show weight and dimension.

Can Can 10

Can Can 11As always, the Can Can also offers a themed collection of signature cocktails to complement the show, as well as a delicious dinner menu.  I just can’t get over their crab mac’n’cheese, so I stuck with my tried and true, but their are a number of amazing options, as well as some amazing desserts.  If you’re in Seattle, I absolutely recommend taking in this show.  I’m hoping that fortune and fate will land me in Seattle sometime in October: there are not one but two shows featuring the Can Can performers that look amazing and I would love to see both of them.  We’ll see what the future holds.

For now, I’ll just have to be content with the sweet, sticky, sugary confection that is Ice Cream.  And you can too, at least until the show closes October 1st.  Go on – treat yo’self!  This show is a high energy and sexy invitation to all that Seattle nightlife has to offer!  And with any luck, a moment on the lips will lead to Jonnyboy on the hips.

A girl can dream.

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