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You know I love me some luxury products, but sometimes a bitch needs a bargain – and this summer I’ve been broke af and looking for deals!  This has lead me to go back and try out some of those tried and true drugstore brands that have been around forever and ever but that just don’t ping onto my radar all that often.

Maybelline 02Actually, this next post was inspired by some luxury makeup drama!  I’d been seeing commercials for Maybelline’s City Mini eyeshadow palettes on my hotel TV in Phoenix, and I thought they looked cute, but I wasn’t running right out to get them.  I figured I would just wait until I got home and make a trip down to my local CVS.  And then I heard about Makeup by Shayla…

Remember her?  She’s the Instagram “makeup artist” who had the ridiculous SnapChat battle with drama queen extraordinaire, Jeffree Star a couple of years back!  Well, she’s done a new collab with Maybelline: her own signature City Mini palette and three new shades of Big Shot mascara.  Since I’ve given plenty of time, virtual ink, and money to reviewing Jeffree’s line, I thought it was only fair that I spend a little time looking over the collection and giving it my once over.  Plus, the colors looked super cute.

Well, I walked my ass down to Bartell’s, and no luck.  They never disappoint me when I’m looking for toner (I swear they are the ONLY store that ever reliably has it in stock!) but they just couldn’t follow through on the Shayla hookup.  I did pick up one of the City Minis: Downtown Sunrise.

The colors don’t have individual shades, but I really like this collection overall, especially as I’m trying to coax myself into experimenting with some more subdued look (one needn’t ALWAYS look like they got gangbanged by the entire Crayola box).  I gave each shade two swatches: the smaller swatch on the left is with a sponge-tip applicator (these palettes don’t come with them – I had to pick some up at Daiso!), a hallmark of drugstore eyeshadow!  On the right is a larger finger swatch.  Overall these applied very nicely; the matte shades were a little bit dry, a common occurrence with drugstore eyeshadow, but none of them was really terrible.  The only one I’m a little hesitant about is the brown on the end – it was the least consistent and just didn’t want to blend out.

After Bartell’s, I decided to continue the hike on over to the downtown Seattle Walgreens which has a huge cosmetics section covering a wide array of drugstore brands as well as some prestige brands like The Balm, Soap & Glory, No 7, Pop Cosmetics, and more.  And although this location never fails to delight me, it also could not deliver on the Makeup By Shayla collab.  I didn’t read the announcement very carefully, so maybe it’s not released yet?  Anyway, since I was already riding the Maybelline train, and since they were having a “Buy One, Get One 50% Off” sale, I decided to make an event of it!  I picked up two more of the City Mini Palettes.  First up, Urban Jungle:

This was another food one, though it did have a couple of problems.  The dark green matte shade in the left side trio just looked grey when I blended it and didn’t hold any of the color which was super disappointing – I had so many plans!  The 3 shimmers on the right were all great, especially the olive-gold in the upper right – so pretty and such an uncommon shade.  The shimmery pearl/champagne wasn’t anything special, but it will work in a pinch.  Overall a good palette and since these retail for right around $10 each (and you can often find sales or coupons, you can get it at a discount.

The second City Mini palette I picked up at this location was labeled a Walgreens exclusive and was called Matte About Town:

Sorry y’all – the swatch pic without flash just didn’t work out.  It was starting to get dark and I couldn’t get it to work right.  Instead, I included a pic of the palette in the cardboard sleeve – each of the palettes came in a similar sort of sleeve, color-coordinated to the palette.  This one had the biggest problem with fallout; that’s a common problem with cheaper eyeshadow palettes, and I guess it’s good that the fallout was chunky and not powdery (which shows that the shadows have a fair number of emollients and softeners in it which cases it to stick together).  The mattes may have had some fallout but they applied really well.  A couple of them seemed to have a little bit of shimmer but I wasn’t mad about it – they were all super cute!

And of course I’m a whore for lip products, so you know I had to try out their liquid lipsticks.  Plus, even though I couldn’t find another “must have” shade to take advantage of the half off sale, I found a lipstick shade that was amazing and made the whole trip worth it!  But first the bad news:

The Vivid Matte Liquid lipsticks are a moussey formula, and although that’s not a 100% accurate indicator it often clues me in that I’m headed for trouble.  These apply really inconsistently and streaky and I’m not sure that they ever really dry down to matte.  Those swatch photos, which are clearly still wet, were taken a full 15 minutes after application!  If your liquid lipstick hasn’t dried after 15 minutes, then I doubt it ever will!  The lighter shade, Pink Charge, would work ok as just a liquid formula of lipstick if you used a lip liner, but the darker shade, Sinful Stone, was just kind of a mess.  Which hurts my heart – I was really hoping that I had found a dupe of Kat Von D’s Dagger for less than $10!  No such luck.  But speaking of dupes…

Can we just talk about this green lipstick?  And can we talk about how I put this on and I thought I had gotten confused and somehow put Urban Decay’s Junkie on my arm instead.  Seriously, they are like exact from what I remember.  I’m definitely going to have to do a side by side comparison when I get back home, but if you’re look for a cheap alternative (again, under $10!) for Urban Decay’s Junkie shade of Vice Lipstick, this is the lipstick for you.  It’s smooth and creamy and feels exactly like the more expensive option.  I was actually hoping that the grey liquid lipstick would dry nicely and I could layer this over it, and then create a sultry green eye look with the Urban Jungle palette, but luck just wasn’t a lady tonight.  Serpentine is a lovely green lipstick, and I’m glad that drugstore brands are jumping on the trend (that’s here to stay – let’s be real!) of crazy vivid colors for lips!

Alright, if you made it all the way to the end, I have a reward for you: some (alleged, of course) juicy drama!  So the whole Makeup by Shayla collab is an interesting choice for Maybelline, especially since they decided to include the Big Shot mascara.  Anyone remember who the last big influencer was that Maybelline chose to represent the Big Shot mascara?  None other than J-Star-dick-rider-extraordinaire, Manny MUA!  And now that Jeffree’s bestie has been drop-kicked to the curb by the brand, they bring in his nemesis Shayla?  You have a lot of shades, Maybelline, but I didn’t know you had quite so much SHADE!  I love it!

This little experiment is a perfect example of why I’m sometimes hesitant to jump headfirst into the drugstore pool – the quality and payoff is too inconsistent.  Sometimes you get winners, like the LA Colors liquid lipsticks that I picked up at Daiso that blew my effing mind for only $2 each, and sometimes you pay $8.50 for a liquid to matte lipstick that never dries or becomes matte.  Luckily the eyeshadows should give me some mileage, and the ladies at the Walgreens were lovely and found me coupons so that I saved an extra $10!

I wasn’t born with it, but I sure as fuck wasn’t going to pay full price!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

UPDATE:  Here is Shayla’s YouTube announcement videos.  Currently the collection is only available at, and will make its way to stores in September!

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