Letter From The Editor: Miss Jaye Looks Forward To Year 6

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Hey there Champagne Dreamers,

Miss Jaye here, and you may or may not have noticed that this year’s reflection is a little bit late.  I officially launched this site in August of 2012 and have been doing a yearly editor’s letter to talk about what we’ve been up to and what shenanigans are shaping up for the year ahead.  This year August came and went without my usual letter, and I think that’s because year 5 can best be summed up in one word: chaos!

ChampagneOne of the things that has been changing over the last year is that my number of live show appearances has been dropping.  Don’t get me wrong: I still love performing in and hosting drag shows.  The energy from the crowd, the excitement of getting to work with my fellow performers, the fun of planning fabulous costumes and looks – all of that is still wonderful.  But as this site is growing, and I’ve been growing with it as a person, I’ve found myself resonating with new and different challenges.  I’ll always have shows on my regular calendar, but don’t be surprised if you see more of my event and project announcements taking us in different directions.

This August, as part of Grand Forks Pride, I hosted a late night “Queer Fear” movie night featuring two amazing indie horror films: Dollface from Horse Creek Productions and Dolly Deadly from Wretched Productions, and we have our next event scheduled for Friday, October 13.  C’mon now – there’s a Friday the 13th in the month of the greatest, scariest, creepiest holiday?!  You had to know that Miss Jaye would have some terror-ific fun in store!  I absolutely love horror and I love introducing new audiences to some of my favorite indie gems.  This is something that will definitely continue into year 6…or maybe we should say year 666?!

To support that, look for some great new content coming soon – Queen of the Bs!  The plans for this are still in the works, but I’m going to start publishing reviews of some of my favorite horror films, new and old, and working to create an online place for fans of horror films in the Grand Forks area to socialize and share recommendations, favorite films, talk about the themes and representation, etc.  I’m still working out some of the details (should this be a new website, or a new content section of WoC?  Facebook group?  Criteria for inclusion?) but we should have some big announcements coming very soon!

JADOf course the biggest news coming from this site in the last year was the launch of my new podcast, Janessa After Dark, on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher.  So far there are 5 great pieces of content for you: Episode 0, which gives listeners a little background on me and this website and how the whole podcast thing came about; Episodes 1-3 which feature commentary from yours truly on things like working to provide creative expression in your community, the role of porn stores in the communities they serve, and the effects of the proliferation of drag competitions as well as interviews with interesting people like adult film star Chris Harder, indie horror director Brooklyn Ewing (whose debut film She Was So Pretty has been lighting up the horror con circuit and will be featured at our Friday the 13th movie night!), and drag performer and show director Kelly Coxsyn; and the first installment of “Sloppy Seconds,” an outtakes episode that lets you get a little taste of each of our first 3 interview guests.

We took a little bit of a break while I was doing some traveling for work, but look for Janessa After Dark to make a big return very soon!  We’ve got a lot of great interviews planned, some interesting new commentary to listen to, and maybe some special themed episodes.  Technology is always a challenge and it’s been a learning curve getting up to speed on editing and uploading these podcasts, but I’m excited to share some great new content with you very soon.  And as we grow and improve the quality of the podcasts and learn how to make great audio, can a YouTube channel really be that far behind?  I’ve been talking for a long time about wanting to film some videos and I’m really hoping that Year 6 will see the launch of our YouTube channel with makeup reviews and tutorials as well as a special series of comedy tutorials that will be a little out there – and a ton of fun!  Stay tuned for updates.

CakeI’m still working with photographer Miranda Roen, and I anticipate that we’ll be creating more gorgeous images for this site and promo materials, including some photoshoots inspired by classic horror films.  I love putting together interesting looks and I’m hoping to keep pushing the boundaries of the graphic content of the site as much as the written content.  Look for the return of our popular calendar later this year – we’ve got some great, yummy new images to share with you and make your new year even more glamorous!

As we move into year 6, the theme for the year is going to be evolution – expect to see some changes coming in the content we create, the way we present it, and the sort of activities and events we take part in.  There has been so much growth woven into the tapestry of this site over the last 5 years, and that is going to continue.  Growth is always a process; it can involve growing pains, and as you add new fantastic things there are also going to be things you need to let go of and leave behind.  What I can promise you is that we are always going to be committed to bringing you high quality, interesting content that celebrates glamour and queerness and pushes us forward.

Thanks for being here the last 5 years, whether you’ve been here from the beginning or found us yesterday.  I appreciate all of you so much and you’ve been such a lifeline for me as I’ve navigated through the last 5 years; as I look toward the future, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have there at my side.

Here’s to the next five years…and the next….and the next…


Miss Jaye

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