The Return Of The Bargain: LA Colors Got Me Coming Back Again, Trilogy Style

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Alright y’all – this whole LA Colors thing got to be just a little bit out of hand!  But when you find a bargain that good, how can you not?!

Before leaving Seattle I had to make one more trip down to Daiso and see what other gorgeous goodies needed to make the journey home with me; as anticipated, I was not disappointed!  I bought 6 more shades of the matte and cream lipsticks that I already reviewed in PART ONE and PART TWO of this series, but there was another set of matte and cream shades that were infused with aloe and, frankly, had slightly more janky looking packaging.  I decided to give a few of those shades a try and see how they stacked up to their neighbors on the shelves.  I also decided to give the glosses from Part One a second go round and bought one of each of the matte and the super shine.

First up, let’s talk about the glosses.

Hot Lips, the Super Shine, was much better this time around.  It had a fair amount of pigmentation; for show makeup, this still would only work to added some glossy color over another more opaque lipstick color, but it didn’t get all washed out like the other shade and for everyday looks it can give a nice pink tint to the lips if you don’t want to go full on lipstick.  XOXO was another pretty good color, deep brick red, and it stains the lips pretty well, so even if you lose some it helps keep the color fairly even.  It’s not something I’m going to put into heavy rotation, but I’m impressed with the quality of the formula – if you get a chance to pick this up, I would definitely recommend it!  (All swatches will appear at the end of the post!)

The Matte and Cream lipsticks that were from the same collection I showed off in Parts One and Two were predictably good, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time describing them.  I got them less to have something to review and more to just have them in my stash.  I mean, seriously – $1.50 for these and they are amazing!

The Mattes, as usual are my absolute faves.  They apply beautifully and give great coverage and they give a mostly matte finish without feeling drying or clay-y on the mouth (is that a word?  It is now…).  In love is a slightly plum brown and it’s very on trend with all of the cool brown/taupe sort of colors I’ve seen popping up.  Femme is a bright Barbie pink – and can you ever really have too much Barbie pink?!  Get serious!  These are both great additions to my stash and I’m sure I’ll dip into these for fun looks “on the go” – I’m even thinking about road testing them with show makeup, though I usually do a liquid lipstick for shows to promote longevity.  We’ll see – I’m adventurous!

Here are the Creams:

Candied is a bright red that has a pretty strong blue undertone, though it stays the more red than Exquisite.  Exquisite definitely gets a deep blue undertone, to the point that it starts to toe that line between what is red and what is a really, really deep blue-pink?  Both lovely colors, but they both look more true red in the tubes than they apply.  Buttercream is a nice bright beige peach that will work well if you want a nude lip (for light skin) that has just a little bit of shine to it.  Sweets is a true 80s fuchsia; I think they usually call that color “raspberry” now, but a bitch knows fuchsia when she sees it!  I probably won’t use this one a lot, but it’s got a nice rich color when applied and it was such a good deal that I don’t mind adding it to my kit for those “just in case” moments that always seem to come up!

Now for the aloe-infused lipsticks.  I decided not to go too crazy – I’d already bought a literal shit ton of the others and decided I didn’t need to double up to much just to get a little aloe in my life.  I settled on getting two of each finish:

I was convinced that these were going to be tragic – I mean, when the other lipsticks from the brand were so good, but so cheap, wasn’t it just to much to ask that they all be that good?  I’m happy to admit that I was wrong!  They weren’t quite as pigmented as the Matte and Cream collections, and the aloe in these might have thinned the formula just the faintest bit, but they are generally pretty good.  If you have the choice, I would pick up the other matte and cream shades, but if these are the only ones available or if you see a to die for shade, the value is really there as they perform much better than a lipstick should for less than $2!

Envy is a deep, bright red; another blue base but looks gorgeous.  Black Envy is a pretty solid black lipstick.  It’s not one of the mattes and I’m not sure I like the semi-glossy black licorice look of this but it’s got good pigmentation and doesn’t thin out the way a lot of cheaper black lipsticks do.  Make all of your gothic dreams come true!  Brown Sugar is a nice cool toned brown, not too light and I enjoy this matte formula as well.Red Tango is a pretty bright red and it definitely lightens when you apply it, but it’s got a nice present.

Here are the swatches:

Once again LA Colors has given me some really fabulous lip colors, and I am much more likely to pick up cosmetics from this brand when I run into them at the Dollar Tree – I haven’t tried them yet, but if the eyeshadows are as good as the lipsticks I might just have some new favorite bargain brand items to choose from!  As usual, LA is hot, always on trend, and is giving us killer performances.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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  1. Davell Lysne says:

    Family dollar and Kmart in Grand Forks sell all the current new La color products. You don’t have to travel all the way to Seattle to get them. Family dollar is slightly cheaper selling most of the products for a 1.50 but they go super fast. Kmart has a better selection of the la colors makeup and they even carry la color makeup brushes. But there prices are more expensive usually 2.50 and up. I’ve also seen the current new nail polishes being sold of and on at walmart. Walmart and hottopic’s online websites sometimes carry the products and they have there own official website. I personally love the matte and cream lipsticks and most nail polishes. My two favorite lipstick colors are Angelic matte and In love cream. I don’t really like the formula of the $1 lipsticks the formula doesn’t feel as nice and they wear off very quickly. I like some of the 2 in 1 lipstick and lip glosses. Some of them have a similar formula as the matte lipsticks. While other 2 in 1’s have a similar formula as the cheap $1 lipsticks. I don’t like the lip gloss side of the 2 in 1’s because the applicator is to small to apply any product to your lips. I haven’t found a mascara I liked from their brand either. I have mixed feelings about their eye shadows. Some colors are highly pigmented while others barely show up. Usually the smaller 4 color palettes tend to have better pigmented colors. While palettes that have 10 or more colors for $2 to $5 usually only a few good colors and a lot that barely show up. This brand tends to be a bit of a hit and miss. Some items are completely amazing while other things are complete duds.

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