Neutrals With A Twist: Kat Von D Brings The Glam With Shade & Light Glimmer Eye Palette

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So this feels a little bit like a gimmick, but it’s exactly the kind of gimmick that I love to fall for: Kat Von D has now released her popular Shade & Light eyeshadow palette in a “glimmer” version, featuring the same sort of shade quads but with shimmery, glittery finishes.  The palette is known for being a go to for matte neutrals, so this collection will satisfy those who want to stay fairly neutral while jazzing up the typical looks available to them.  Other neutral palettes, like the Urban Decay Naked, have included shimmery shades in their selections, but this is the first time I’ve seen a palette that is trying to be both neutral and glittery, and has some sort of shimmer finish in every single shade..  Let me say right now: I’m here for it.

Just like the original matte collection, there are basically 3 quads of shadows that create a coherent look: Porcelain, Copper, Bronze, and Sterling have neutral undertones; Dusk, Cinder, Onyx, and Glacier provide cool undertones; and fans of warm undertones can use Dune, Rust, Jasper, and Quartz.  Obviously if you’re daring and comfortable with mixing you can break those boundaries, but the quad organization makes it easy for those who have less experience mixing and matching get at least three adaptable looks from the available shades.

KVD 02The three large pans across the top (L to R: Porcelain, Dusk, and Dune) are all the least glittery and have a subtle sheen to them; I’m assuming these are supposed to be your transition shades.  For those who are diehard matte fans for their transitions, you may need a little coaxing to dip into these, but they really are gorgeous colors and will work well on light to medium skintones.  Darker skintones will have some challenges really using those shades as a transition, but there are still some good options mixed in the smaller pans so don’t lose hope!

KVD 05The third shade (moving left to right) in each quad is generally the most glittery shimmery – Sterling, Glacier, and Quartz, – and has a slightly creamier texture than the other shades.  The black shade in the middle, Onyx, is also pretty glittery, but these three have a feeling more like one of those shadows that have the sort of “cream to powder” texture that I associate with brands like ColourPop; I saw the most fallout from these when swatching, and they can be a little precocious so just be ready to work with them.  I also haven’t had a chance to use this in an actual look, so I can’t speak to the level of fallout or how long they will hold up, but if there is going to be glitter fallout it’s going to be those shades.

The first shade in each set – Copper, Cinder, and Rust – is nice and creamy and has more of a metallic sort of shine/shimmer that helps tie everything together.  Darker skintones can definitely get some transition action out of these.  Overall I’m pretty impressed with all of the shades and I really think it’s a great alternative to just putting out another palette of neutrals that are all matte (or maybe have a few shimmers mixed in).  It’s a gamble, but Kat Von D’s brand has a pretty loyal fanbase that is generally deserved (now that they’ve put more money and effort into their formulations) and a spot-on social media presence so I think it’s one that will ultimately pay off.

KVD 04

The palette is a really gorgeous and heavy plastic with raised Shade & Light logo and some holographic details.  I’m glad to see that they put the extra effort into the palette – I don’t feel like Kat Von D’s palettes really look as good when they’re done in cardboard.  The Serpentina palette is a good example: besides being a weird shape and awkwardly long (forever fucking up my attempts to organize my makeup!) they just don’t seem to be that high quality.  The plastic palettes that she does always feel luxe and wear well when traveling and slamming things around in your kit.

Here’s a pretty positive fangirl type review (I know that I probably shouldn’t, but I really enjoy Jordan Byers!) showing off a quick look as well as some additional swatches.

I had bad experiences when I first picked up a Kat Von D product several years ago (the Spellbound palette which was chalky as FUCK) but I’m glad to say that she has won me over.  When usually reliable brands like Too Faced are getting more and more inconsistent in quality (apparently getting the money and resources of the Lauder group fucked up quality control? How does that even happen?!) it’s nice to see a brand go the other way and deliver consistent, fantastic quality in launch after launch.  Even if I have little nit-picky problems here or there, they are currently one of the most consistent brands out there.

Get it, girl!  You’ve made me a believer!

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