Beyond The Darkness: Black Meets Bling

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If you’re a regular reader here at the Makeup Forum, you probably saw my series on black liquid lipsticks, trying to find the very best.  Part One compared three brands: Makeup Monsters, Jeffree Star, and Lime Crime – with Makeup Monsters emerging as the winner.  Never content to stop at reasonable when I can push through to absolutely extra, I decided to do a Part Two and brought in 6 new brands to compete with Makeup Monsters and try to snatch the crown: Kat Von D, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, tarte, MAC, NYX, and Black Moon Cosmetics.  There were some winners and some losers in that group, but eventually Makeup Monsters was unseated by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics.  It was a fun post to do…but in the end I was sitting there with 9 full size tubes of black liquid lipstick without really being sure what I should…do with it.

Sure, black lipstick has been on trend for the last year or so; what used to be a joke in 90s movie about gothic teens, black lipstick has been given the luxury beauty treatment and you can find high quality, pigmented black lipsticks in a variety of formulas and at a range of price points.  But even with that, who needs 9 tubes?!  It seemed to be emblematic of the excess to which my cosmetics buying had risen last year.  So I decided to put those black lipsticks to use and see what kind of fun, glittery looks I could create by combining these lipsticks with other products in my collection.  Some will be pretty simple, like the application of a lip topper, and some will be more complex.  And though I’m going to lay out what products I used and how I created them, what I think is important is that you can create looks like these (and probably even better!) by just using stuff that you already have in your stash.

Disclaimer: I had been planning this post for a while, but I decided to work on it one night when I was having some serious insomnia and couldn’t sleep.  Most of these looks were done between 3 and 4 am – so please excuse the damn clown lips that I seem to think I have on my face!  I always have a problem understanding where my lips begin or end, but this is just extreme!  Also, I wasn’t as careful as I might have been; I’ve never claimed to be a lip artist, but I’m hoping to give you some inspiration of the kinds of things you can do to take your black liquid lipstick look to the next level.  Enjoy!


Bling 12

This one is probably the simplest – it’s just a lip topper!  I painted on the Makeup Monsters liquid lipstick in Darkness Prevails, let it dry, and then painted over it with Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers lip topper in the shade Black Unicorn.  I tried to get most of the lip but leave a solid line of black around the lips.  I’ve always done the 90s “chola lip” with the dark liner; if you’re not keen on that, feel free to finesse the lip topper all the way out to the edge for a solid glitter pout.  Super easy, and brings some super metallic glittery shine to the black.

Bling 10


Bling 15This one is similar to the last one, but with an added step to give a little bit of a subtle ombre.  The black liquid lippie this time is Black Moon Cosmetics’ Sleepwalker, and over that I paint a pretty solid layer of the Urban Decay Special Effect Top Coat in Circuit.  If you want just a subtle sheen of green, you can stop there, but I wanted to bring some attention to the middle of the lip so I used my finger to apply some Emerald shadow from the Kat Von D Alchemist palette.  I did it in the middle of the bottom down to the outer line and left the edges without, and blotted up to the top lip; you could also go along the center of the top and bottom to focus that in the middle in more of a circular shape.

Bling 14


Bling 05

I’ve been listening to Kesha’s new album obsessively and there is a line in “Hymn” that says “Blame it on the stardust” and I thought that was a nice description of this simple lip art.  I remembered that the NYX lipstick in Alien tends to stay wetter, longer and that’s what I needed to make those 3D stars stick.  If you’re using something that’s fast drying, you can always attach them with some eyelash glue or other adhesive that you feel comfortable putting on your lips.  The stars are from a little collection of 3D graphic nail glitters I got at the dollar store; I grabbed out 3 of the outlines and one of the solid stars and created a small cluster on one side of the lip.  Next I used a small stiff brush to paint the diagonal line of the “stardust” with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue.  I wiped off the brush and then used the same one to press Lena Lashes glitter in Disco Ball into the glue.  I also tapped the brush around the edges a little to catch some of the fallout and make the line more diffuse.  It’s not super complicated or even very colorful, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Bling 04


Bling 02

Remember when I said I had painted some clown lips?  Jesus fuck, I have no idea what happened here.  Well, I kind of do – I kept messing up the line and rather than wipe it off and start over I just kept going wider and wider until I finally realized I had to stop.  But I liked the blend I was getting between the red and the black, so again I decided not to wipe it off, and here’s what you get.  Please look past the ridiculousness and see the inspiration underneath!

I started by putting down a layer of the Makeup Monsters lipstick in Bite Me over my whole lip without any overdrawing.  Then I went outside the lip line to do the edges with the Lime Crime Velvetine in Black Velvet and blotted them together to start the blending.  It needed a little more blending so I went back in with the Bite Me, and blotted to blend, creating a dark ombre.  Once it was dry, I did a bit more of the red right in the center to brighten it back up.  Once that was dry, I mixed up some Lit Cosmetics glitter in Heartbreaker with some trusty old MAC Cosmetics liquid Mixing Medium and painted it just in the brighter center part, then tapped to bring a little out toward the bottom edge and blotted to diffuse.  Perfect for a Halloween/vampire sort of look!

Bling 01

Bling 08

For this one, I wanted a lip look that was super dark on the outside and super light on the inside with a not very defined transition in the middle.  This one ended up a little blockier than I wanted but I still like how it turned out.  This one is the most complicated so far, with 5 products, but still a pretty simple idea to execute – the range of products is just to help build a bit of a gradient.  I started by laying down a coat of the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Caviar; once that was dry, I used a small fluffy brush to apply some Bubblegum shadow from the Too Faced Sugar Pop palette from the middle to about 3/4 of the way to the edges.  On top of that shadow, I added Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip topper in Strip; rather than swiping, I bounced the brush on top of the shadow, and broke up any chunks with my finger to help diffuse the glitter.  While that was still wet, I used a small round shadow brush (fairly dense) to apply Lit Cosmetics Hunny Bunny glitter all over the spacers where the Diamond Crushers was applied, and a little bit over to diffuse.  Finally, using my finger I applied Opal shadow from the Kat Von D Alchemist palette to really lighten up the center part of the ombre.

Bling 07

These are the first 5 looks, but I’m planning to do more.  I had a lot of fun doing this, and it reminded me about why I started doing the Makeup Forum in the first place: I like to talk about makeup – not just what to buy (or not buy), but how to use it!  I’m still going to do product reviews and talk about upcoming releases, but I find myself talking so much about what is on my shopping list and what’s being left off, that I don’t spend as much time just playing and experimenting and trying out different looks.  Like I said before, I’m laying out which products I used to create these looks, but there is no reason why you would have to buy any of these products.  You can use whatever kinds of lipstick, glitter, adhesive, eyeshadows, etc. and create fantastic looks.  I have a little bit of everything so I’m trying to show a range – you can use whatever you want!  And if it doesn’t look like what I created, make it look like what you created and make it wonderful!

So let’s start playing with makeup again – not just buying it.  Ready?  Go!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!


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