Everlasting Love: Kat Von D’s Everlasting Glimmer Veils Are A Dream Come True

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I am finally just giving in and admitting that Kat Von D has won me over: her makeup line, with a few exceptions, is one of the most consistently good quality brands in the game right now.  I’ve shared my share of hate for this brand in the past, but ever since they started doing reformulations a couple of years ago they have been killing it all damn day long.  Their newest collection is no exception and I have to say that this is the first time in I can’t even remember how long that something I saw in a YouTube video looked absolutely just as good in person as it did in the professionally produced video.  Here’s the launch video:

Now I love the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers lip toppers, but one of the problems I have with them is that the glitter in the formula tends to chunk up a bit, and it also dries really fast so you have to work really quickly to even out the coverage, or try adding another coat to take care of problem spots.  This formula dries pretty quickly as well, but it tends to be more even  and the glitter does really collect into chunks as much.  The base also has a little bit more of a color to it than the Diamond Crushers, so even if you wore this by itself on your lips, you would get much more of a full color presentation than you would with the Diamond Crushers.

I picked up three shades at a recent VIB Rouge event in my local Sephora, but I don’t think it’s unrealistic to think that eventually all of the shades will make their way into my collection.  The three shades I picked up were Shockful, a vivid neon pink; Thunderstruck, a champagne gold; and Wizard, a black base with green, pink, and gold opalescent sparkle.  All three were lovely, and to play with them I decided to swatch them alone and over a number of liquid lipstick shades.

Here are the swatches of the colors themselves:

KVD 02

My camera picked up a pretty good representation of the color and of the shimmery base, but not of the impact of the glitter – if you don’t want glittery lips (and really, why wouldn’t you?!), this is NOT the product for you!  Wizard especially has a great glittery sparkle and the particles are in a range of colors that gives it a really unique and beautiful appearance.  Shockful, the pink shade, has glitter that is pink with some low-key blue tones as well, which I love.  Thunderstruck is just straight up champagne gold deliciousness, and you know I ain’t mad about it.

To see it in action as a topper, I laid down swatches of 7 different shades of Makeup Monsters liquid lipstick: Bite Me (red), Darkness Prevails (black), Wolfsbane (taupe brown), Smitten (rose pink), Cyclone (blue-toned purple), Jealousy (teal green), G.I. Jane (bright lime green).  After they dried, I put down a single (albeit thick) coat of each shade across the top.  Here’s the result:

KVD 01

As you can see, the base color is pretty strong in all three shades (maybe a little less in Thunderstruck than the other two).  The color of these toppers almost overpowers all of the shades below, so as a topper you’ll want to use a very light hand and you can use your finds to diffuse and blot to keep more of the shade underneath.  You can definitely see that some of the shades had more presence underneath, but the topper really did become the story.  But if you’ve been disappointed by a lot of the metallic/glitter shades of liquid lipstick that have come out, these are a great option for building that sort of insane glittery and reflective lip look you’ve been dreaming of without the crumbly, patchy mess that is most of the metallic liquid lipsticks on the market.

About Thunderstruck, I do want to say that this one is a little bit more fussy than the other two – the base is slightly less consistent and you have to do a little more brush work or tapping with your finger to get it completely even, but even where it is at is better than most of the Diamond Crushers.

Kat Von D notes in the video that the base does have a tendency to stain and that is absolutely accurate, especially the pink shade (the dyes in pinks and reds tend to be the most staining for most cosmetics, so this wasn’t that surprising to me) which left a long pink stain on my arm even after two Tyra Pop It Cleans, some cold cream, and healthy dollop of coconut oil!  The parts that were painted over the liquid lipsticks were fine and didn’t show any staining, so if you’re layering you should be good to go, and you can always exfoliate afterwards to help remove any of that leftover color, but don’t be surprised if, when you wear this alone, you see some color residue.

Even with some of these minor problems, I’m still completely in love with these Glimmer Veils – they are so beyond stunning in person.  I hope that these products become part of the permanent collection and I hope we see additional shades in the future (candy pink – please?!); these Everlasting Glimmer Veils have me falling in Everlasting Love! (That line was clearly just a cheap excuse to include this AM gold moment below – #sorrynotsorry!)

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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