Miss Jaye Is Back And Darker Than Ever: Episode 4 of JANESSA AFTER DARK Feat. Erica Kauffman Is Here!

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D1Hey there Champagne Dreamers:

It’s been a hot minute since Miss Jaye put out an episode of Janessa After Dark, but she’s not keeping you waiting any longer!  Episode 4 is here and it’s better than ever!  This episode celebrates letting your freak flag fly, and she’s talking to the creative and fabulous Erica Kauffman from Atomic Cotton and EZ T’s about loving horror, making cameos in cheesy indie horror films, and how Fear Street totally kicks Goosebumps‘ ass!

The episode starts with some commentary about growing up an outsider.  Miss Jaye was a little fledgling queer in Bowbells, ND and often the subject of games like “smear the queer” – to say it could be unfriendly was an understatement!  She talks about how it felt to be bullied and admits that there were times when she participated in the bullying from the other side, taking respite in those moments where the spotlight was on someone else.  Then she talks about getting older and finding her community, and then it was less important to react to what those who don’t love and appreciate you think and focus on becoming who you want to be.  Once you embrace yourself, you lose that urge to lash out against others.  You lose the anger.

After that commentary (and no less than three Anne Lamott quotes!), Miss Jaye dives into her best interview yet: Erica Kauffman, co-owner of Atomic Cotton!  Erica and her husband Zack run a screen printing and design business that finds them attending a variety of horror-themed events throughout the year where they get to connect with other vendors and meet the celebrities that create the films and franchises that inspire them.  The two talk about favorite horror films and favorite drag performers, how awesome Fear Street books are, the appeal of demonic possession (cinematic possession that is!), why John Waters and Divine are just so fucking awesome, and the power of really embracing and loving yourself for who you are!  It’s an interview that has a lot of laughs and a couple of heartfelt moments that celebrate the freak within!

After the interview, Miss Jaye shares a few final thoughts about the excitement of horror conventions and the importance of supporting the vendors who make those shows as fantastic and wonderful as they are!

Miss Jaye is excited to be back at it and there are more episodes of Janessa After Dark coming soon!  If you want to be the first to hear about new episodes, make sure to follow Miss Jaye on InstaGram (@JanessaJayeOfficial) to be the first to get the announcements!  Janessa After Dark is brought to you by Champagne Dreams Productions and is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher!

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