Wet’n’Wild Is Celebrating Unicorn Realness For Halloween!

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I can’t believe that with this many years reviewing and talking about products, especially with my desire to bring more drugstore and bargain brands to my reviews over the last year, that I have never talked about Wet’n’Wild!  How does that even happen?!  Wet’n’Wild is one of the first makeup brands I ever tried as a kid; when I convinced my mom to buy me some cheap makeup under the auspices of building up a “costume kit” filled with masks and accessories for Halloween and impromptu theatrical performances usually put on for my own private enjoyment, Wet’n’Wild was always one of the brands I could actually afford and they had a wide range of products that suited my budding queer tastes.  Like juicy, gorgeous, red lipstick.  I wish I knew what shade that lipstick was – it was amazing!  So I have had a love of the bargain glam of Wet’n’Wild for-literally-ever, so I can’t believe that it somehow slipped through the cracks of getting reviewed on the site!

Well, no more!

I stopped by Walmart the other day to pick up some hair dye (my roots were definitely looking tragic!) and I saw that Wet’n’Wild had a super fun Halloween display filled with all kinds of stencils and nail polishes and other things, but one side in particular caught my eye: a pastel celebration that had all kinds of light and bright colorful products, including WW’s own interpretation of the Rainbow highlighter that I’d been sniffing around after at Ulta on several trips (always sold out!).  Some people might be moving on to mermaid chic, but WW is here to show that Unicorns are still where it’s at!  WW did a Unicorn box with Ulta that I also wasn’t able to get my hands on, but this pastel rainbow gorgeousness was a pretty good substitute.  Seriously though, it kills me that the quantities on those boxes are so limited – both the Unicron and the Mermaid boxes looked dope af!

Anyway, here’s what I picked up to review:

WW 01Clockwise from Upper Left:

The Paint Palette in Pastels
Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Royal Calyx
ColorIcon Rainbow Highlighter
Color Blast Mascara in Bright Pink and Mint Green

This seemed like a pretty good start on this brand, especially since all of the products were bright colors and sparkly and fabulous!

As with a lot of bargain brands, the packaging isn’t anything to write home about: it feels pretty light and cheap, and I’ve had WW products before that have gotten cracked or the hinges will break.  This is only a cosmetic aspect of your cosmetics, but it’s important to note for those of you who haven’t tried out the brand and might be really keen on packaging; however, it’s important to note that this is pretty true across the board for all lower priced brands, so unless you can afford nothing but Sephora prices, you’d better get comfy with some corners being cute in the packaging department.  I’m never phased – I love good quality packaging, but what matters most to me is the product itself!

The Paint Palette:

I decided to do two sets of swatches: one over a foundation (I decided to use the Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation in Nude, since I was already working on a separate review of that collection!) and one on bare skin so you could see how it interacted with a base product.  I didn’t lay down any shadow primer on the bare skin – it’s right on the skin with nothing else!  As you can see if you look closely at the swatches, you get a truer color payoff on the bare skin swatches (click the pics to see them enlarged) as the cream formula tended to mix a little with the foundation underneath, but both sets of swatches are pretty good.  The first three going across (pink, peach, and yellow) are the most affected and have the least opaque application over foundation, but they still looked alright.  No surprise here: the green shade is my favorite color in this group, though I thought the lavendar shade did pretty well and the yellow has a lot of potential.  The only one I didn’t really care for is the pink: I feel like to really make this palette feel like a pastel rainbow, there needs to be a little bit more color to this pink.  It’s almost like an off-white sort of pink, and it looks really pale next to the other shades.  If you’re wanting to use this to do some sort of pastel rainbow look, I would suggest putting these shades as your base and then building them up with shadow.  That way you can set them with the powder shadow, and you can build in a stronger pink tone with your choice of shadows.  Problem solved!

The Highlighters:

The highlighters were just, meh.  It’s not that they were bad per se, but in a makeup market that is absolutely flooded with highlighters (I mean, it tells you something that when Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty line, it had 0 eyeshadows, 1 lip product, but 6 highlighters – and 4 of them were duos!) I just wanted a little bit more from these.  In the swatch photos, the rainbow highlighter is the two swatches on the left and the Royal Calyx is the two swatches on the right.

For the rainbow highlight, I used clean fingers, taking 2 colors at a time, and tried to get a full rainbow.  It’s doable, but it’s not super easy.  If you want a rainbow streak, for a costume or just because you’re feeling a little bit extra, I definitely suggest going color by color and using either a finger of a small synthetic brush so you have as much control as possible.  The lines are wavy and uneven, so just swiping a large brush over the whole pan won’t give you the control to get the effect you want; it will pick up separate colors, but you won’t get as crisp or as even a payoff.  The swatch next to it shows what happens when you swirl a brush in the colors: they blend together to give you a cool-toned silver with a sort of greenish tinge.  It’s a unique color, and not altogether terrible, but it’s not the most flattering color you could choose.  These Rainbow highlighters are fun in theory, but they can be a little fussy in practice!

The Royal Calyx swatch on the left is with a brush, and you can see that it is much less opaque and needed several swipes to get that level of coverage compared to the finger swatch next to it.  This is actually a good thing – this highlighter is versatile and you can either just add a little with a brush for a subtle hint of glow, or build it up or use a finger to really shine!  Not everyone wants their highlight to be seen from space, and this one is already sort of a wacky color, so I like that this is buildable and versatile and doesn’t just BAM on your cheek with half a swipe.

The Mascaras:

WW 10(I snagged this photo from Chrissy Doll’s review of Wet and Wild’s Fantasy Maker Mascaras from last year – though the name and the packaging are slightly different, the shades look exactly the same.  I tried to do some pics of the mascara on my eyes, but failed miserably – curse these fine, blonde lashes!)

The mascaras were ok, and at just under $5 they were a steal, but I don’t think they are the best colored mascara option on the market right now.  If you are looking for a serious pop of color on a budget, go with the NYX Color Mascara in Mint Julep or Pink Perfect instead.  If you don’t happen to live near a place that carries NYX and don’t want to order online, these will do.  The color payoff was ok, and it coated my lashes well, although the pink needed a little bit more fussing and stroking with the brush to get the color to transfer.  I haven’t tried these on a set of falsies to see if they will cover false lashes, but I’m confident that you can get some great effects with these.  Again, not a terrible product, but I wouldn’t rush out just for these when there are similar products available at a similar price point.

So there you have it – Wet’n’Wild has finally made it into the Makeup Forum, and they did it on a wave of pastel, unicorn-inspired fabulousness!  I know that a lot of people are sick of the Unicorn and Mermaid trends in makeup, but I figure if it gets us something besides the same damn warm neutral eyeshadow palettes that we’ve been seeing over and over and over again, it’s a blessing!  Bring on the pastels, shower us in watery greens and blues, just get us the hell out of this desert of browns, beiges, peaches, and cranberries!

That would be some true Unicorn magic!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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