Playing In The Shadows: ColourPop’s Pressed Palettes

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Miss Jaye 13It’s been a minutes since we’ve talked about ColourPop on this site, but since I’ve been working on providing more reviews on lower price brands, I figured it was time to go back to this brand and see what was up.  There has been a little bit of controversy about this brand…or rather, around the owners of the brand that also run the lab that launched Kylie Cosmetics’ lip kits, packaging the exact same formula that CP sells for $6 each and lipliners which sell for $5 in pairs for almost $30.  I’ve tried CP’s liquid lipsticks, and they are fine especially at the price, but they just aren’t ever on my go to list.  I had kind of forgotten about this brand to be honest.

I get their email newsletter and I remembered seeing that they had added a couple of pressed powder shadow palettes.  I was interested to see how these worked out; I did a review of their Super Shock shadows (you can find it HERE) early on in Makeup Forum history and I was less than kind.  I wasn’t super excited to put much more money into their shadows, but $16 for a 12-pan palette is an amazing deal and surely their pressed powders would have to perform better than the creams, right?  Right?!

Well, if I was looking for a sign that it was time to dive back into CP and try out the shadows, right around the time that I was considering it I got an email that they were launching a new palette: I Think I Love You.  The timing was perfect, so I hopped on their site and got shopping.

Let’s start with the experience of shopping.  With the latest launch, they have three pressed shadow palettes: Yes Please!, She (part of the Fem Rosa collab with Karrueche), and I Think I Love You.  You will never find all 3 of those palettes in stock at the same time.  When I was first thinking about ordering, they had YP but not She.  When they launched ITILY, they had gotten She back in stock, but were out of YP.  I ended up having to place two orders to get all three: one for ITILY and She, and then a later order for YP, a liquid lipstick (which I’ll review at the bottom), and two settings sprays (which are getting their own post – hold tight!).  I ordered a couple extra goodies because you get free shipping at $30 and I was all about putting my money into products, not services and at these prices I’m willing to play around a little bit.

So let’s check in and see how the shadows were:

Yes, Please!

Yes, Please has some fun shades, and I’m a sucker for yellow shadows so I was glad that I was able to finally get my hands on this one.  The colors are a little too neutral-y in general, but they have some fun colors that look better when applied than they do in the pan.  I appreciate that even at this price point, ColourPop takes the time to give all of their shades individual names.  Here’s the lineup for Yes, Please!

CP 26

TOP, L to R: Full Zip, Big Cocktails, Champs, Bling.  MIDDLE, L to R: Louie, Butter Cake, Spoiled, GNO.  BOTTOM, L to R: Mischief, Note to Self, Chauffeur, French Kiss.

In general for this palette (as well as the other two), the mattes are a little trickier than the shimmers, though I think they are all fairly decent.  I would say they are similar to the quality of the Juvia’s place shadows, and the mattes have the same problems that the JP mattes do: they tend to apply a little patchy and need to be worked, and they tend to pull at the primer underneath.  All of the swatches in this review were put down over a layer of Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer.  In fact, the finger swatch for French Kiss was such a mess that I brought in a natural hair brush to do a second swatch and make sure it was going to be usable.  Luckily that swatch turned out, and I felt comfortable with the performance without duplicating all of the swatches.

My favorites?  I love Big Cocktails – it’s a gorgeous peachy orange that is right on trend with all of the warm neutrals that are still dominating the makeup world.  Louie is a lovely coral orange shimmer metallic that reminds me a bit of Lumbre from the Urban Decay Naked Hear palette (the one shadow that really makes me want to buy that palette!).  Butter Cake is another lovely shimmer shade, a litght champagne gold with strong yellow tones.  Louie, Butter Cake, and Chauffeur together would make a stunning shimmer fire look!  So gorgeous.  I actually really liked French Kiss once I did the brush swatch – it has some plummy purple undertones that are subtle and don’t really show when you’re looking at it in the pan.

Overall, a pretty strong start for the palettes!  Let’s see if we can keep this going with the next palette.

She: Fem Rosa, Karreuche x ColourPop

This one is my favorite of the three: the pinks and plums of this collection are romantic and girly, and the palette is mostly metallic/satin finish – only the 4 shades in the bottom row are mattes.  The rose theme of the palette is graphic and pretty and makes the palette feel a little bit more put together than the other two.

CP 11

TOP, L to R: Ladylike, Babe, Dainty, Chick.  MIDDLE, L to R: Mademoiselle, Gal, Empress, Filly.  BOTTOM, L to R: Dear, Missy, Damsel, Duchess.

The shimmer metallics are buttery and smooth and I really think they are a great formula – once again, I would almost put it on par with Juvia’s Place (even though the colors are a little more muted than those palettes).  The mattes here pulled on the primer once again and got a little sloppy, but I think you can work with them and get some pretty decent color.  I think this is a good support/color palette, though you could probably get a couple of full looks out of this one if you use Damsel as your darker shade to provide depth.

Favorites?  Dainty is obviously one of my faves, as it’s a bright rose pink with a ton of metallic shine.  Babe is ok; it’s the only satin in the group, and the shine is definitely more muted than the other shimmers, but it’s still a lovely light pink.  Chick is lovely and gives a champagne gold with a slight pinky tinge.  Gal is another stunner – red/pink with lots of glittery payoff.  Actually, any of the metallic/shimmers in this palette will make its way onto my face – they are exactly the kinds of shades I look for and I am really impressed with how easy they are to apply.  I don’t particularly love any of the mattes in this palettes, but I could see myself using the two pinks, Dear and Missy, the most often.

I Think I Love You

This one feels like a more shimmery, and more brown version of the Yes, Please! palette.  It’s not the most unique, and it’s another collection of warm shades.  It’s not terrible, but it’s not that unique.  It seems like if you only have two palettes, you might want to try something different and unique.  Maybe some cool shades?  Pastels?  Greens and purples?  Anything!  Having said that, the shadows in here are just as good as the others, and there are a lot of shimmers which warms my glittery little heart.

CP 15

TOP, L to R: Better Bitter, Belair, Fancy Face, Girls Bite.  MIDDLE, L to R: Howdy, Rowdy, My Treat, Level Up.  BOTTOM, L to R: Screw It, Let’s Do It, Rule Breaker, My Type.

As I mentioned, this is probably my least favorite collection of colors, since it’s pretty heavily brown/bronze, but the shimmers are just as good and the mattes seem to be the best behaved of the three palettes (though they definitely have some chunky fallout).

Rule Breaker is an obvious favorite because it’s different – bright yellow gold metallic.  I like this shade, but it seems to be a little bit less consistent than all the others.  Belair is really a nice taupe-y matte, and I like it as a transition shade for neutral/cool looks.  Girls Bite is a fun bronze brown that is a little cooler, and Howdy is a shimmery chocolate that’s really pretty.  It’s also nice to see a matte black for darkening and adding depth – Let’s Do It actually performs the best of any of the mattes in the 3 palettes.  What a relief!

In my first order, I also got a free liquid lipstick in the shade Dohee with a card that said “Sorry We’re Late.”  I was actually a little confused.  It took about 10 days or so for my order to arrive, but I expect that indie brands will sometimes have slightly longer shipping times than other brands and I didn’t even notice that it was taking longer than other orders I’ve placed.  It’s usually about 7 days or so for a ColourPop order, so this didn’t seem extreme.  Still, I appreciate the thoughtfulness – Customer Service is one of the things this brand does really well.  Now if they could just get a little better at stocking…

This is a really nice bright peach color; not something that I wear a lot, but with the glut of warm neutrals and peaches out there maybe I need to think about creating more looks with this sort of feel.  ColourPop’s liquid lipsticks are generally pretty good and the ones that have problems tend to be the darker shades so I’m confident that this one will work out well if needed.

With my second order, I also decided to order another lipstick to get me up to the free shipping mark, and they had the weirdest collab I had heard of yet: a shade called Mwah that was a collab with, the dating site.

This is a lovely deep blue-based pink that’s not anything crazy, but it makes for a lovely, bold lip statement.  The lipstick is supposed to come with a trial subscription to Match, but I didn’t get any notes or anything in the package, and I didn’t get a follow up email so I guess the love of my life will just have to track me down some other way.  I actually had made a Match profile a few years ago – and was rejected!  It’s kind of a funny story that’s going to be featured in an upcoming podcast episode, so be on the lookout for that.  For now, I’m going to enjoy this lovely not-quite-fuchsia pink!

Once again ColourPop is delivering great quality at a great price, and I’ve glad to see that I didn’t have the kind of problems with their pressed shadows that I had with the Super Shock shadows.  At this price I will definitely be picking up any future palettes.  The pans are small, around the size of a dime (maybe a little bigger), but they are still a pretty good deal for the price and they work well so you will definitely get your money’s worth.  Now let’s just hope they live up to the name of their company and release a palette or two with some popping new colors!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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