Take Me To Church! Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinner Palette

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So, I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much I love Kat Von D’s product line lately!

Kat 12I’ve ragged on her more than my fair share in the past; when she reformulated her lipsticks and released the Studded Kiss collection (which seem to be undergoing another revamp or else are just being discontinued, which would be a shame!) I was surprised at how good the formulation was and how much I liked it.  Since then, I’ve pretty consistently liked most of her products with usually only minor quibbles.  Well, now Miss Von D is taking me to church, honey!  That new Saint & Sinner palette is heavenly…or a devilish delight, whichever you prefer!

Let’s get the complaints out of the way first; there are two of them, and they are pretty minor as they both relate to the packaging.  First of all, why does Kat Von D insist on making bizarrely shaped palettes that don’t fit into my drawers with all of my other makeup?!  This one is super wide and fairly tall with a curved and pointed top resembling a stained glass window.  I love the idea, and the concept is mostly cool (though the use of black and gold with this particular sort of font feels really dated to me – anyone else?!), but it’s bulky and I won’t be able to stash it in either of my regular palette drawers.  This means that it will get stashed in a weird place, which then means I’m less likely to grab it and use it – which is unfortunate since it’s really good!

My other complaint?  The layout.  I get that she was going for a whole stained glass thing, and I get that Saint is supposed to be somewhat more subdued than sinner, but it’s just not that attractive.  You could have easily broken up the shades in a different way to create something really interesting.  Here’s an image I found from someone who depotted their palette:

Sinner Depot

I already love this depotted Z-palette way better than my factory original!  Imagine if she had used all of those austere neutrals and silvers in the Saint side, and then put the vibrant rainbow colors in the Sinner side, all mixed up.  The two sides would have been more representative of their archetypes, and there would have been much more differentiation between the two sides.

Here are the sides the way they are organized in the palette:


The saint side is a little more neutral with a couple of pops of mossy green and electric purple and cranberry.


Sinner is much more colorful, but as noted above it could have been a stronger statement if they had moved some of the more neutral shades to the saint side.  I get that they try to arrange them creatively to come up with looks…but I don’t really like any of the “looks” that are suggested by the arrangement here.  Ah well, such is life.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the shadows themselves: I love them.  Kat Von D’s shadow formulas are pretty consistent, and I love that you can get great performance out of both the mattes and the shimmers (which seems to be hard for some brands to achieve!).  Some of them swatch a little chalky, but when you blend them with brushes they work really well together and I haven’t had any problems with them losing color or becoming muddy.

I used the green shades for a recent eye look hosting late night movies at the Fire Hall Theatre and the look was blended and gorgeous.  Here are swatches from the official Kat Von D website (with shade names):

Swatch 02

My faves from this side of the palettes are Rosary (which is weird, because I usually complain about how many damn cranberry shades are being released these days!), Sanctuary (gorgeous cool brown), Sacred Heart (the duochrome in this is both subtle and stunning), and Immaculate (because….green.  Don’t judge me – the heart wants what it wants!).  Worship is good, but I just never find myself reaching for purples that often; plus, I have the KVD Inner Stellar palette, and that’s pretty purple heavy.

Swatch 01

There are some great pops of color here!  Exodus is a great yellow-green that’s almost neon.  Sort of an acid green – so cool!  Rapture is a lovely rose pink foil; if I didn’t already have pretty much this exact shade in a Juvia’s Place palette, I would probably be even more impressed, since it’s hard to find this shade in a good metallic formula.  Stigmata is a fun color with a subtle blue undertone, and Relic is a solid option for a yellow gold foil.  Martyr is saved from being a boring neutral brown by having a bluish undertone.  Ashes is also a favorite – more subtle than a lot of the shades on this side, but has a lovely metallic presence with an interesting mix of tones.

The other main problem with this palette is the price: $62.  I totally get that it’s a 24 shade palette, and the pans are pretty generous, but that’s still a hefty price to pay for this palette.  When you look at the shades as arranged, it’s hard to imagine the potential looks and makes you even less inclined to buy.  Luckily I have friends in glittery places: in addition to the Fenty Galaxy palette, I was able to snag this lovely for 20% off during the Sephora Friends and Family sale (props to Ali S. for hooking a bitch up)!  At $49.60 after discount, I’m much more willing to put a little time and effort into “figuring out” this palette – and I’m glad I did.

So whether you’re naughty or nice, don’t be put off by the weird arrangement of shades or the oversized packaging: this is a pretty decent palette and has a whole rainbow of shades that is much more diverse than you might think.  It’s got a little something for every fallen angel and goody-two shoes out there.

Side note: can we talk about how Kat Von D looks like a deranged French schoolmarm in the swatch video?!


Yeah, I think we always knew which side of the palette I would end up on.  I’m petty af.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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