Peaches & Cream, Part 2: Color Cosmetics

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Now that you’ve had plenty of time to get your faces snatched with Part One of this review, focusing on the face products from the new Peaches and Cream Collection by Too Faced, I figured it was about time that we bring it back around and talk about the really fun stuff: the color cosmetics!  A great base is essential to creating a stunning look, but if your color products aren’t up to muster, then you’ve laid a foundation for a pretty sad little house.  Know what I’m sayin’?

First, now that I’ve had a little bit of time to play with the foundation, I can say that I don’t mind the layering of the peachy smell with these products (it doesn’t get to be overpowering, and asthe  products are setting IH ardly even notice it any longer) but that the foundation was a little more medium coverage than I would have liked.  It’s definitely a matte finish, but I love my super full coverage foundations like Kat Von D’s Lock It foundation or the Urban Decay All Nighter, so this one left me a little bit disappointed; however, if you aren’t like me and don’t want the full Dutch Boy experience every time you do your makeup, you might actually like this foundation.

Once I had the foundation in place and my face powdered and concealed, I decided to play around with the color cosmetics.  What did I find?  A mixed bag…

TF 35

I found all three of the “cream to powder” products to be pretty disappointing.  If you thought the Love Light Prismatic Highlighters weren’t pigmented enough (and I definitely didn’t think they were!) then you will definitely will be disappointed by the Peach Frost Melting Powder highlighter – it has even less color payoff!  If you pull a lot of product (especially if you use a finger instead of a brush), you can get a subtle champagne shimmer, but the pigmentation definitely leaves something to be desired.  The highlighter, bronzer, and blush all felt like they were pulling at the foundation, a disappointment considering that they were all formulated to be a part of the same collection.

The bronzer looks like it’s going to have a nice deep color, but once it’s applied (again, better with a finger) it lightens up considerably and takes on sort of a yellowy tone that reinds me of the color problems I have with their foundation shades.  I swear someone at Too Faced headquarters who is in charge of color mixing must have hepatitis – why so damn yellow?!  It’s a little too light and shimmery to be really effective for how I use bronzers, but I think you could combine it with some of the blush shades for some nice cheek coloring.

The blush is the best of the three, but it’s still not one of my favorite products.  I got the shade So Peachy, a light peach pink with some borderline pastel feel, and I really liked the color, but again it tended to pull against the foundation and the formula worked best if applied with a finger (which is not generally how I do most of my makeup!).  The pigmentation was a little better with this one, though it tended to blend away, especially with a blush, so be careful how you work with it.

Overall I felt like these three products were a pass for me.  They were ok, but there are definitely better options out there at similar (or even lower) price points.

For the Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipstick, I picked up two shades: Peach Beach, a bright coral peach, and Makeup me happy, a bright Barbie kind of pink.  Both of these lipsticks are fabulous (even if they did get Too Faced in trouble – more in a minute!).  The lipsticks are heavy and the plastic tubes feel very sturdy and well-made.  They have the peach logo at the bottom, and the top is cut so that it only fits together so that the Too Faced logo is directly aboce the peach.t  he top of the lipstick features a TF peach logo in the shade of the lipstick, and the bottom sticker is also in the shade, so it’s super easy to find the shade you want regardless of how you store them in your collection.  The lipsticks also feature engraved peaches.

Now all of this presentation would be for nothing if the lipsticks were crap, so I’m happy to report that the formula glides on beautifully, and while I think the finish is probably an abuse of the term matte (more of a velvet or satin finish) it’s a gorgeous option for those who prefer a low-shine lip but don’t want the dryness that comes with most liquid lipsticks.  I would definitely pick up more of these lipsticks if the right shade presented itself to me.  Below are some swatches, with and without flash, of the two lipstick shades as well as the three “melting powder” face products.

The lipsticks were good, but another favorite of mine was the Just Peachy Mattes eyeshadow palette:

The main “complaint” I have about this set of mattes is that the color story seems a little tired.  We’ve all seen the Modern Renaissance palette, we’ve all seen the Huda Beauty palette….we get it, warm neutrals are hot right now, and everyone is trying to cash in.  If this palette had come out a year and a half earlier, it might not feel so tired.  The main difference is that this one is all mattes, and unlike some of the mattes put out by Too Faced (it can’t be overstated how inconsistent their quality has been the last couple of years!) these are actually all really, really pigmented and blend really well.  I played with these a couple of times and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well they play with each other as well as with other shadows from other brands that I threw into the mix (I almost never do a totally matte eye!).  And since I hadn’t been seduced by the Huda Beauty or the ABH or any of those other warm neutral palettes with pops of cranberry, this isn’t nearly as much of a repeat in my own personal collection.  I only wanted one of that group, and I was lucky enough to hold off until this little monster came out.  If you love these shades and you like matte shadows, I think this palette is almost a must have!

These all swatched pretty nicely with a finger; for a couple of them, I did some swatches with a brush if I was concerned and they all laid down nicely.  Some of the shadows feel a bit chalky, but they all performed really well when I was playing with them.  Also, Peach Meringue and Peach Butter, the two lightest shades, were pretty similar and I think one of them could have been swapped out for something more unique.  Same with FRESh-Picked and Peach Cobbler – not awful, but similar enough that something more unique might have been a good addition…like a matte green!  Something like the green shade in the Sweet Peach palette, but in a matte form would have been lovely.  But then, I always think green is a good idea…

While the face products weren’t that great, I did really enjoy the eye and lip products, and I think that Too Faced really did a good job with those.  Their quality control has been all over the place since they were acquired by Estee Lauder, so it’s nice to see them have some pretty solid hits instead of disappointing misses.  Now, if they could just stop releasing palettes that look like the same old shadows dredged up and put in a new order (I’m looking at YOU, holiday collection!), that would be just peachy!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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  1. Brandy Long says:

    I think your review is pretty spot on. The highlighter and bronzer definitely missed the mark for me. I haven’t gotten around to the Lippy yet, but I feel like it maybe time to give them a whirl. I have also avoided buying any of their new eyeshadow pallettes because the pigmentation lacking in previous

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