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I swear, Jeffree Star Cosmetics has got me all Brokeback Mountain and shit: “I wish I could quit you!”

JSC 03When Jeffree first announced on IG that his next collaboration was going to be with his boyfriend and his dogs (yes, you heard that right – he’s collabing with 4 Pomeranians!), I rolled my eyes so hard I was worried that I might sprain a cornea.  When he released the video talking about the collection and revealing the shades, it was almost half an hour of self-indulgent, verbal masturbation.  If there was ever a question about the trend of makeup brands and collaborations going absolutely, positively overboard, we finally have our answer: a resounding yes.  I’m all for brands working with influencers and people who have some legit credentials to make something new as long as the quality is good (*ahem* tarte’s Swamp Queen palette) and the products are new and interesting (unlike benefit’s recent “Island Getaway” ratchet mess that just slapped new plastic boxes with YouTubers’ pictures on it around boring old products that had been in the line forever), but this was finally too much.  Nathan doesn’t have any skills or credentials outside of being Jeffree Star’s man candy (and kept boy), and the idea of collabing with dogs is so stupid that I can’t believe I’m even having to commit these sentences to print.

Having said that, try as I might I just couldn’t stop myself from buying most of the collection.  Of the 9 pieces, I got 8 of them (I decided to pass on the highlighter) and even I’m a little perplexed by my behavior.  But love him or hate him, Jeffree Star has one of the most bomb formulas for liquid to matte lipsticks on the market and though his collections are getting to be a bit repetitive in terms of shade selections, there is always at least one or two that pique my interest.  And those lip scrubs?  Even if I finally manage to break up with JSC and I stop buying each new collection as it comes out, I’m going to be using that lip scrub as long as he keeps making it.  I love it.  It’s only $12, half the price of the equivalent product from GlamGlow which I’ve tried and doesn’t work as well, and the flavors are always amazing and flavorful.  They are my ride or die lip scrub, and I have almost every flavor they’ve put out in the last few years (with the exception of pumpkin spice latte – I’m basic, but not that basic).

(Follow trendmood1 on IG for tons of great beauty info and product reveals!)

(Follow trendmood1 on IG for tons of great beauty info and product reveals!)

Perhaps the lip scrubs in this collection are a good place to start.  There are two new flavors, Peach Popsicle and Pancakes & Syrup, and they are both divine.  The Peach Popsicle flavor smells almost like real peach nectar – not a fake, candy peach kind of smell – and when you use it on the lips it almost has a twist like a peach liqueur.  The flavor is gorgeous and summery; if you’ve ever been tempted to chow down on your makeup from the Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection because it just smells so damn good, this is definitely the lip scrub for you!  Pancakes & Syrup is also very true to its namesake, and the sweetness of the syrup flavor almost has some notes of butterscotch – it’s amazing!  It’s the perfect “breakfast for dinner” moment on your lips, leaving them smoothed and moisturized.  The lighter, pastel pink of the special edition packaging is even better than the fuchsia of the original packaging, or the fingerprinty mess of the summer chrome collection; I almost wish he would change his regular packaging to this particular component as it’s just sleek and girly and wonderful.  As usual, I have nothing bad to say about these lip scrubs – they are everything that I expect from a JSC lip scrub and they never fail to impress.

Now on to the liquid lipsticks; there are 6 shades, one for each “member” of the Star Family: Jeffree, Nathan, and the 4 dogs, Diva, Diamond, Delicious, and Daddy.  Nathan, Diva, Diamond, and Delicious have shades that are simply named after them, but Jeffree’s shade is a bright red called Wifey and Daddy (who already had a lipstick named after him for the Manny MUA collab – gawd, I’m embarassed that I know this much about Jeffree Star’s dogs!) becomes Baby Daddy in this collection.  As you would expect from one of JSC’s collections, there are a couple of bright pops of color and the rest are variations on nudes/neutrals.  It’s all pretty predictable, but the more I looked at it the more I was seduced by the color selection.  In the end, it was Jordan Byers’ review of the collection that convinced me I needed these shades in my life, for better or for worse.

Before we get into a comparison of these shades with others from the line, let’s just look at the 6 shades themselves:

JSC 08Nathan is an orange/coral nude that always seems to have more vibrancy in the videos and pictures I see than it does when I see it in person.  It’s amazing what a good filter can do!  Wifey is a deep bright red.  Diva is a blue-toned pink that has some gold sparkle to it.  Diamond is a cornflower blue, extremely cool-toned and pastel.  Delicious is a cool-toned taupe/brown with just a hint of purple.  Baby Daddy is a sort of cool-toned camel nude.

By themselves, I like almost every one of these shades.  Wifey and Diva are the most obvious choices for me as they are vibrant and colorful, and Diamond is perfect for when I want to play around with an icy blue lip look or a fun blue ombre.  Nathan is pretty neutral but it has enough peachy/coral tones to put it right on trend with a lot of the new releases in the last few months.  Delicious is my surprise favorite; I love taupe brown shadows and I’m kind of surprised how much I like this shade when it’s translated into a lip color.  Baby Daddy doesn’t really get me that excited, but I’ve been wanting to play around with more nudes and neutrals for some different kinds of looks (not everything has to be a Technicolor nightmare!) and this will give me a great cool-toned nude base.

Here are some swatches of the 6 shades, with and without flash:

One of the problems I’ve started to have with Jeffree Star and his “constantly getting bigger” releases is that I feel like I’ve seen most of it before…and I’m not entirely wrong.  I’ve got almost every shade in the line (my current collection has 49 shades of the liquid lipstick including most of the limited edition shades) and some of the shades are starting to feel like dupes of themselves!  I’m not saying that they are exactly the same, but when you lay them down next to each other, you can start to see a little bit of deja vu in action.

JSC 04For some reason I was thinking that Nathan was going to be one of the most easily duped shades but it’s actually quite a bit different from the other orange and peachy nude shades in the line.  I swatched 7 different shades around my swatch of Nathan, starting from the lower left and moving clockwise: Flamethrower, Nude Beach (Summer ’16), Checkmate (Holiday ’16), Mannequin, Hunty (Summer ’17), Chrysanthemum (Holiday ’16), and Butt Naked (Summer ’17).  The closest shades are Mannequin and Hunty, though they both fall more into the beige/brown realm and don’t really have the same peachy/coral tone.  Butt Naked has the right peach tone to it but is several shades lighter.

Next to Wifey, starting in the upper right and going clockwise, I swatched Designer Blood (Holiday ’16), Redrum, and I’m Shook (Manny MUA collab).  Designer Blood is clearly too dark (and so one would assume that Unicorn Blood would be as well, since Designer Blood is basically the same shade but with a hint of glitter!), but Redrum and I’m Shook are both pretty close.  Redrum is slightly lighter (maybe one shade up) and I’m Shook tends a little bit more toward a berry red than a true red, but the differences are pretty minor and I think you could easily create any look you would do with Wifey with Redrum.

Diva is fairly unique.  The swatch on the top is the metallic shade Dreamhouse; they were clearly different, but since Diva has a glitter base to it I decided to include for comparison.  Prom Night at the bottom is pretty close, maybe one or two shades darker and a true matte, but they are different enough that I don’t feel bad about picking this one up.  And how could I resist a shade called Diva?!  It’s like it was made for me…and not a damn Pomeranian.

Same swatches, with flash!

Same swatches, with flash!

Diamond is the most unique in the collection.  I simply included a couple of the other pastel blues, Jawbreaker on top and Breakfast at Tiffany’s on bottom, for reference to how cool-toned this blue really is.  It’s lovely, and I’m glad that it swatches beautifully – sometimes these pastel shades are a bit of a nightmare!

Delicious is the most easily dupeable: from top to bottom we’ve got Deceased (Holiday ’16), Androgyny, and Scorpio.  Deceased is a pretty close dupe, maybe one shade lighter, and Scorpio is just a touch more purple.  Androgyny brings a little bit more of the plum undertone, but any of the three would be a “close enough” dupe for most makeup looks. In the shot with flash above, Scorpio is almost indistinguishable from Delicious, showing you how close they really are.

Finally, for Baby Daddy I decided to swatch Posh Spice on the top and Mannequin on the bottom.  Posh Spice is the closest, just a touch darker and cooler than Baby Daddy.  Mannequin has a slightly pinker tone and is a bit warmer than Baby Daddy, but still a pretty close shade.  That’s one of the things I’m finding as I compare more and more of the shades: the vivid, vibrant shades are more easily distinguishable from each other but once you get into his veritable forest of nudes, they start to blend in to each other more and more.  Let’s hope that he wanders away from the nudes for future collections and sticks to bringing us great pops of colors and expanding on his amazing metallic formula.  So far there are only 5 shades of the metallic liquid lipstick (and two of them, Candyass and Flamboyant, were limited edition Summer ’17) and there are a ton of colors that would look great with a metallic edge.

JSC 09

The packaging is cute, I guess, in a self-indulgent way with a house shape and pictures of Jeffree, Nathan, and the dogs as well as their signatures and paw prints (gag).  It’s not nearly as sleek and expensive looking as the summer vault boxes or the mini nudes collection, so let’s hope he brings the taste level back up for the holiday collection.

So while I may have been duped into picking up another collection of JSC liquid lipsticks, I’m also starting to see the amount of repetition that’s flowing through his collection.  The video reveal for his holiday ’17 collection is set to drop at any time, and the first shade is already a stunner: an extremely cool-toned teal blue called Mermaid Blood.  Let’s hope this sets the tone for the collection and we get less nudity and more splashes of color and fabulous metallics.

Otherwise this is one family that might be headed for divorce court with my bank account!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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