Lime Crime’s Unicorn Clapback Is Everything…And The Makeup Is Pretty Great Too!

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Unicorn 09So……..remember a few months ago when tarte released their “Make Believe In Yourself” collection and Jerrod, the owner of Too Faced, decided to crown hisself Queen Petty and start some drama about whether or not unicorns were found in the Amazon, and then Jeffree Star got involved and even went so far as to invoke the name of his arch-rival, Doe Deere of Lime Crime, and it was all just a big ol’ mess?  Of course you do, you drama thirsty bitches!  But just in case, I’ll leave you my coverage of that little fiasco HERE for you to peruse!

Unicorn 08Anyway, while all of that was going down, Doe Deere remained uncharacteristically silent on the whole matter, letting the boys fight it out without so much as a tweet.  Little did we know that she was planning the mother of all clapbacks in the form of a new collection: The Unicorn Queen collection, featuring a highlighter palette and three coordinated shades of their diamond crushers lip toppers.

First of all, I loved that she called it the Unicorn Queen collection, reminding those two bitchy queens who has been rocking the unicorn look since her brand was founded!  She’s had Unicorn lipsticks in a variety of shades almost since the brand began, and even Jeffree Star, who acknowledges in his snap videos that he can’t really stand Doe Deere, had to admit that this has been central to her brand for years.  This collection says, “I’m not one of the unicorns, this isn’t my take on unicorn glam; I’m the muthafuckin’ unicorn QUEEN and y’all better bow down!”  Plus, unlike a lot of her more recent launches, the promos for this collection mention Deere by name and claim that it’s inspired by her ever evolving sense of style and glamour.  Just in case y’all forgot.

Unicorn 04

Shade aside, I actually really love this collection on its own merits; but then, how could I not when both the palette and the lip toppers offer a gorgeous minty seafoam green shade?!  Jut like Lime Crime’s other highlighting palettes, Opals, Blossoms, and Mermaids, this palette features three shades: Happyland (and purple/pink with pink/red reflect), Frolic (a minty green with lots of glitter), and Daydreamin’ (a pinky champagne pearl that tends to photograph a little silver, especially with a flash).  Frolic is the least pigmented at the base and has probably the stongest glitter payoff, Daydreamin’ has the most base color with more subtle glitter incorporated into the color, and Happyland is nestled right in the middle.  All three are lovely, and I’m so glad we got this green shade – I definitely thought that was a missed opportunity in the Mermaids highlight palette!

The three shades of lip topper are not perfect matches, but they give a nice complement: Unicorn queen is a lovely lavender shade that is cooler than Happyland and gives a nice contrast, Meadow is a gorgeous pastel green that looks beautiful alone or layered over any other green shade of liquid lipstick to create a variety of looks, and Over The Rainbow is a lovely champagne pink with lots of opalescent glitter really rounding out the flash and sparkle of this lovely shade.  The Diamond Crushers are one of my favorite formulas of lip toppers, but they can be a little fussy to work with.  When you’re applying them, you have to be fast and get the coat you want the first time – they don’t really layer that well and adding more on top can cause the look to crack and even flake in places.  But if you can keep it wet and get it placed how you like, you can get a really gorgeous look with these.  They aren’t as pigmented as say the Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veils, so you actually get more of the lip color underneath when you layer them; they also remove with less staining of the skin underneath!

I am 100% here for this clapback, and it’s icing on the magical cake that the makeup is actually of the same high quality that I have come to expect from most of Lime Crime’s line, and their highlights and lip toppers especially.  Only time will tell whether the unicorn craze is here to stay or whether this is going to be part of its last hurrah, but you have to give credit where credit is due: Doe Deere is not afraid to run with the big dogs and declare herself the Unicorn Queen!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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