The Final Fabulous: LA Colors Returns For Another Round Of Bargain Glam

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LA 02Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the dollar store.  Well, the Asian $1.50 (unless marked) store.  You know what I mean – LA Colors is back with another fabulous collection of bargain cosmetics that I just couldn’t wait to get my hot little hands on!

On my most recent trip to Seattle, I of course made my usual pilgrimage to Diaso to see what was new in their cosmetics section; not only had they restocked on all of the fabulous LA Colors lip products that I reviewed HERE, HERE, and HERE, they had a new display that caught my eye: the High Shine Shea Butter lip glosses!  And because the price absolutely can’t be beat (c’mon, $1.50?  That’s bananas!) I picked up 6 shades to test out and try in the latest installment of this bargain beauty biz.

L to R: Playful, Wink, Flaunt, Sensual, Catwalk, and Dynamite (with flash)

L to R: Playful, Wink, Flaunt, Sensual, Catwalk, and Dynamite (with flash)

Like most of the LA Colors products I’ve picked up, I was once again really impressed by the quality you get at such a reasonable price point – all 6 glosses, from the lightest nudes to the deepest red, had great pigmentation and would be great alone or over another lip color.  Because they have Shea Butter in them you would want to test them over a liquid to matte lipstick as the oil in the shea butter could reactivate the formula, but overall these glosses are deeply pigmented and apply evenly.  In terms of the swatches, for full transparency, I was working on several posts on the same night and before swatching these I had swatched some Lime Crime products that were super glittery, and my hand was covered in glitter.  I’d also given my arm a quick once over with the razor to make it a little smoother for swatching and it was starting to look a little red and irritated.  Because of that, I decided to put down a thin layer of Kat Von D High Voltage eye primer on my arm before putting down the swatches.  I probably should have dug out a foundation instead, but the primer was already out and it was just easier.  In the swatch pictures, you may notice that the lip glosses seem to be sitting on top of the skin and clumping up a little bit.  This is not something I’ve seen when I’ve played with them on my lips and I’ve only really ever noticed that with the swatches over the eye primer (which you would normally never have under a gloss) so please forgive my ineptitude – it’s my fault, not the glosses’ fault!

My favorite is Playful – not only is it a lovely, bright pink but it’s got a lot of glitter.  I love that they didn’t just put the glitter into a clear base, but that the product is also pink and gives you lots of glitter and lots of coverage.  That’s not common!  Wink has a fair amount of gold glitter in it, the 2nd most glitter of the 6 I purchased, but it’s mostly just a subtle peachy nude that is pretty close to my skin tone.  Flaunt is a blue-toned pink and has some great pigmentation; not a super unique color, but a nice addition to any lip arsenal, especially if you’re feeling like having a bright day!  Sensual is a taupe-pink nude that I love; it’s subtle, but in the best way, and it’s actually one of my favorite shades of the bunch, right after Playful.  Catwalk is a lovely peachy coral and is right on trend with all of the warm peachy neutral palettes that have been saturating the market the last year or so.  And Dynamite is a classic red, lots of pigmentation and lovely coverage, such a classic and the perfect way to add some come hither shine on top of your favorite classic red lipstick.

As long as Daiso keeps bringing in new collections for me to try, I’m sure I’ll keep showing the love to LA Colors.  They are a great bargain brand that offer some really fun lip products that give you amazing results for super cheap prices.  If you haven’t already checked them out (even after I’ve been obsessing over them!), I suggest you do – you won’t be disappointed.

And if it slips your mind, don’t worry – yet another sequel is never that far behind!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

LA 01

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