ColourPop Brings Classic MY LITTLE PONY Magic To New Color Collection

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No offense, Bronies, but I’m a child of the 80s and I have a soft spot in my heart for the OG My Little Pony crew, so I was super jazzed when I saw that ColourPop, one of the best bargain brands out there, was putting together a collection of products inspired by the 80s incarnation of everyone’s favorite ponies.  The collection was pretty impressive as well: a 12-pan pressed shadow palette, 2 highlighters, 3 Ultra Glossy Lips, 3 Ultra Matte Lips, 3 Super Shock Shadows, a brush collection, and a small makeup clutch.  They also had a collection where you could get all of the products together and a very special “PR Collection” that had all of the items sent out in their PR kits to beauty gurus and influencers.  With the glut of videos of people like Tati Westbrook and Laura Lee showing all of the packages they routinely receive free of charge from makeup brands, this feels pretty clever (and maybe just a tad skeevy – like you can be one of our elite influencers, as long as you’re willing to shell out $135).

Nostalgia will only take you so far and there is no love lost for me and the Super Shock shadows, so I decided to keep it pretty simple: I picked up the eyeshadow palette, one of the highlighters, and the 3 glossy lips and let the rest of the collection fade into my memories with the fact that Dandy Duncan did a lot of the voice work on the original My Little Pony cartoon.  I recently did a review of the ColourPop pressed shadow palettes so I knew I’d be getting something decent (and for only $16!), I love a good highlighter, and I wanted to try out the new Ultra Glossy formula (as I’m already familiar with the matte formula – it’s OK, but it won’t change your life or anything).

CP 09Top Row, L to R: Butterscotch, Blossom, Starshine, Bluebell.  Middle Row, L to R: Applejack, Skydancer, Minty, Flutterbye.  Bottom Rowlt,  o R: Twilight, Firefly, Snuzzle, Princess Sparkle.

The palette, of course did not disappoint: the shadows are creamy and soft, and very blendable.  I did finger swatches for the photos, but also played around with brushes on any that seemed like they were a little flaky or chalky, and I was able to get some good blending action.  The swatches will be below, but first can we talk about these names though?!  Butterscotch is a matte white.  Minty is a deep plum/berry shade.  Some of them make a little sense, like Twilight being a deep shimmer purple, but most of them don’t make no damn sense.  It’s like they just took names from the OG ponies and threw them on at random.  Also, for something as magical and girly and childlike as this franchise, I just feel like the shadows are a bit boring.  These should be vibrant and fun like the ponies themselves!  Applejack should be a bright, sparkly peach!  Maybe a seafoam green, a bubblegum pink, a bright blue.  This selection doesn’t look particularly 80s or particularly Pony, but it’s a nice enough collection of shades that you can do some interesting, shimmery looks with.

Now on to the swatches:

Some of my favorites?  Blossom is a sort of coral pink with gold reflect that reminds me a lot of perennial MAC favorite, Paradisco.  Flutterybye is a lovely bright peach that is right on trend with the Too Faced Peaches and Cream collection launch and all of the warm palettes out there – I love that this one really takes it there and is bright and vivid!  Firefly is a gorgeous silvery shade with a hint of green/blue to it that I really love.  Snuzzle has a great green reflect to it that I love; not totally original (I feel like I’ve seen this shade before) but I think they did an amazing job with it.  And Princess Sparkle is a great metallic teal option that is the perfect shade to straddle both green and blue looks.  All of the shadows performed really well, and I love the super cute packaging.  ColourPop is definitely killing it with these great shadow palettes!

CP 03The Ultra Glossy lip came in three unique shades: Ponyland, a lavender plum with multidimensional pearl; Flutter Valley, a gorgeous champagne gold with pink/green glitter reflects; and Dream Castle, an electric fuchsia with hot pink, purple, and blue glitters.  Dream Castle has the most base color and is the most wearble on its own (assuming you want full coverage, which I do!), but the other two have a nice amount of pigment and the glitter in all three is really sparkly and beautiful.  Ponyland is the most subtle of the three, and it’s not really a color I would purchase very often, but I’m interested to see how these wear over a liquid to matte lipstick – I bet Ponyland over Jeffree Star’s Blow Pony would be divine!  And the champagne shade, Flutter Valley, is my heart: I keep telling myself I need to get more champagne colored costuming and do more of those kinds of makeup looks – it’s my namesake, after all!  The formula is a little tacky, like a thick lip gloss, but I didn’t find it uncomfortable.  Just check your teeth!

The swatches also show the one highlighter shade that I picked up: Trickles, a pinky lavender base with lots of blue reflect.  The other shade, Starflower, was a creamsicle orange with gold reflect that looked really beautiful, but I recently picked up a few highlighters that are similar to that sort of shade (including the Milk Makeup Holographic Highlighting Powder in Mars which is STUNNING!) so I decided not to overdo it – at least not as much as I usually do!

CP 05Pictures are obviously not my forte – the lippies are much more glittery and gorgeous in person than they look, and for some reason this highlighter photographs really, really purple!  I actually really like all of these products and I could see myself working them in with a variety of show looks.  The highlight is a little powdery for my taste, but it blends out nicely and the color really is pretty.

I’m so glad that ColourPop brought me on this little trip down Memory Lane.  I’m all for the new MLP culture and the “friendship is magic” sentiment, but I just can’t help but feel a special sort of love for the place where it all began.  And this makeup collection, despite a few random missteps, captures that magic pretty damn well.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

CP 12

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