Crystal Visions: ColourPop’s Priming and Setting Sprays

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I’ve been a rock hound since I was a tiny human.  I was always picking up rocks that I thought were pretty or interesting or just happened to catch my eye; I would go on walks and end up with pockets full of them.  When I went to Medora as a kid, I found a wonderful display of polished rocks and you could have as many as you could fit into a small velvet bag for one price.  I swear I almost burst the seams on that poor bag, but I just couldn’t help myself…I wanted them all!

AquamarineWhen I saw that bargain cosmetics brand ColourPop had a collection called Crystals on their website, it was a no-brainer: I clicked on the link and found a fun collection of priming and setting sprays, liquid highlighters, and lip balms all claiming to contain actual amethyst, rose quartz, aquamarine, and aventurine crystals.  I’m not a huge fan of liquid highlighters (I’m a powder girl, to the core!) and I don’t really need any new, weirdly tinted lip balms in my life, both priming and setting sprays were calling my name!  I’ve been a little obsessed with setting sprays lately, and these were a steal at only $6 – in fact, I was able to buy all 4 of the sprays in the collection for less than what I pay for a single bottle of most of my other setting sprays!

Granted, these bottles are much smaller than their more expensive counterparts: while the ColourPop Sprays are only 1.8 fluid ounces, the GlamGlow Glowsetter spray has 3.7 fluid ounces and the Too Faced Peach Mist and Hangover Rx 3-in-1 sprays each have a full 4 fluid ounces.  So what’s the better deal?  The GlamGlow and Too Faced sprays all retail for $32 each, making the per ounce cost $8.65 for the GlamGlow and slightly cheaper for the Too Faced at an even $8 per fluid ounce; the ColourPop sprays deliver a better value at only $3.23 per fluid ounce.  That was some Stephanie Nicole mathematics shit right there.  I think I need to lie down…

So clearly the price works out, but how do they feel and how well do they work?

Crystal 12

I had a couple of events in October, so I decided to give these a trial run.  I used both the primer sprays and the settings sprays one time each.  To be fair, I used the primer sprays with a regular primer as well and got double protection; I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t trust a primer spray on its own.  The first night, I sprayed my face with the Amethyst spray, and while my face felt refreshed I just didn’t feel like it had the sort of prepped surface that I really like.  Both nights, I combined the spray with the Kat Von D Lock It Primer, which isn’t one of my favorites but I wanted to see if these sprays would maybe combine with it and make the application better.  This could just be wishful thinking on my part, but I did actually like the application better with the combination.  My main complaint about the Lock It primer is that it feels sort of tacky on my face as it dries down, so as it was drying I did a second light spritzing of the Amethyst spray, and I liked the end result much better.  My makeup went on nice and smooth, and I didn’t feel like there was any tackiness.  That night I set with the Aquamarine spray; it wasn’t exactly a show night (I was hosting my Friday the 13th Late Night Movies event) so I wasn’t moving and sweating as much as I would on a show night, but my makeup stayed in place and still looked gorgeous at the end of the night!

Also in October, my friend Amy had her birthday party and I decided to show up in drag to surprise her after showing up early in full boy mode and then faking a grump and heading home.  I did the same process with the Kat Von D primer and the Rose Quartz spray, and I had the same sort of result – if you have trouble with how that primer (or any primer, I imagine!) feels on your skin as its drying, a couple light spritzes of these priming sprays can help tame them down a bit.  I finished with the Aventurine setting spray and again my makeup stayed on really well through about 3 hours of drinking, dancing, and socializing.

Here is some more info about each of the various sprays:

Crystal 14

Amethyst: “is a calming stone that promotes spiritual, emotional, and physical balance and peace.”*  Contains real amethyst crystal, honey cocoates for a more matte finish, dragon fruit extract, and a blend of sweet orange and pomegranate extracts.  Had a light, clean scent that reminded me a little bit of cucumber water

Rose Quartz: “This stone of the heart will attract love, keep love, and help mend a broken heart.”*  Contains real rose quartz, apple extract, grapefruit extract, and olive oil derivative for a “dewy finish.”  The smell on this one is a little odd; I could smell both the citrus note of the grapefruit and the olive oil, which is a weird combination.  I did like the way it felt on my skin, but the Amethyst had a better scent to it.

Aventurine: “Aside from being a good luck stone, aventurine also attracts good energy for a happier life.”*  Contains real aventurine, cucumber water, lemon extract, and honey cocoates.  This one definitely smells like cucumber – but in a good way!  I liked the fresh scent and it felt nice and cooling on my face.  I was hoping to get more of the hint of apple or lemon, but they aren’t really noticeable.

Aquamarine: “translates to ‘water of the sea’ and brings calmness and relaxation.”*  Contains real aquamarine crystal, coconut water, apple extract, olive oil derivative, and natural red algae.  This one had my favorite scent – bright and upbeat, a nice mix of the apple and something else.  This spray was easily my favorite of the group.

*These quotes about the stones came directly from the packaging.  I was happy to see that the descriptions of the stones, though a little bland, were in line with what I know of these crystals from my own tarot and stone work practice.

All of the sprays claim to have real crystal in them, and I’m not saying that’s not true…but I’m not aware of any of these stones being water soluble and there are clearly no pieces of crystal in the bottles.  There may be some process they have used to dissolve the crystals into the formula but that seems a little shady, especially at this price point.  I’m guessing that maybe the sprays were charged with the stones?  I can’t say for sure, but it’s definitely something to think about!

Crystal 04

When ColourPop launched on the Sephora website (more on that in a separate review, coming soon!), they had a new limited edition Amber crystal kit; although the other items from the Sephora launch are now also available on the ColourPop website, this kit is still (as of this writing) an exclusive.  It’s only $20 and contains the setting spray, liquid highlighter, and lip balm.

Amber: “The Amber crystals emit a soothing, light energy that calms and energizes simultaneously.  Often referred to as ‘Liquid Sunshine,’ this crystal helps to balance your emotions, clear your mind, and release any negative energy.”*  Contains real amber and extracts of green tea, white tea, mango flower, and peach.  Also contains Matmarine, an ingredient that may reduce the appearance of oily skin.  This has a light, bright scent that smells sort of like peach tea (which makes sense!) and easily bested Aquamarine as my new favorite!

AmethystThe liquid highlight is a little intimidating, but it’s such a gorgeous peachy gold that I am definitely going to try to make it work, and it looks so pretty when I play with it on my skin that I might just have to break down and try out the other highlighters for the other stones as well!  The lip balm looks really dark in the tube, but it’s only lightly tinted.  It’s definitely not colorless, but you don’t have to worry about this applying like a lipstick or anything, just a nice sheer wash of terracotta color and a gorgeous mango scent.

So even though you’ll have to replace them more often because of the size, these sprays are a really great addition to your makeup routine.  I wasn’t nearly as impressed with the priming sprays, but that is less about this particular brand and more just how I feel about those products in general.  The setting sprays, however, were top notch.  They kept my makeup in place and felt refreshing and cool on my skin.

You don’t have to be Stevie Nicks to get down with these crystal visions: ColourPop is bringing some fabulous stone energy into your life – and your makeup kit! – for absolutely unbelievable prices!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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