MONSTER Giveaway #8: Be The Ultimate Final Girl (Or Guy) With This Amazing Slasher Set! [CLOSED]

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Champagne Dreamers, it’s been a hot minute (or even two!) but we are FINALLY bringing you the 8th and final MONSTER giveaway!  It’s the biggest of the group, with the most stuff, and since we made you wait, we’ve added in something extra special: a 2nd prize package courtesy of Gene DeRosa!

Miss Jaye is a horror lover, but her favorite type of horror is the slasher film, especially the “big three” 80s franchises: Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and her favorite, Friday the 13th!  This prize package is all about celebrating the slashers of yesteryear with some fabulous cosmetics products as well as a bunch of really fun collector pieces and memorabilia!

First, let’s take a look at the main prize – here’s what you get!

0001 03

Three full size lip products: Lime Crime Velvetines in Dream Girl (because Freddy wants to make YOU his dream girl!), Makeup Monsters liquid lipstick in Naughty or Nice (because which one you choose might decide whether or not you live to see the credits!), and Medusa’s Makeup lipstick in YOLO (you only live once…and it might be cut short by a creeper in a mask!).

0001 05

Some deluxe samples and singles: deluxe sample of Smashbox X-rated mascara (because if you get X-rated…you DIE!), a deluxe mini Tre’Stique lip crayon in Tuscan wine (because if you drink wine…you DIE!), a sample packet of Soap & Glory’s Righteous Butter to “Look Better Naked” (because if you get naked…you DIE!), Morphe eyeshadow single in Nature’s Calling (because if you leave the group to use the bathroom or go for a nature walk…you DIE!), and an Ofra highlighter/eyeshadow single in Bliss (because if you experience bliss…I think you get the picture!).

0001 04This fun 2-pack of Sephora brand sponges.   I mean, the way these slasher movies work, you’re probably going to die so you might as well look good when it happens, right?!

0001 10

A black tshirt (adult size large) showcasing some of the best horror villains of all time: Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Leatherface, and Pinhead!  I got this from the wonderful Janet Jefferson who knits horror dolls (I have a Freddy and a Jason from different Days of the Dead cons!).  Her husband is horror author EL Jefferson – you should definitely check out his books!

0001 06If you’ve ever wanted to be “in” the slasher movies (in a safe way, of course!), have we got the game for you: You are the Maniac! from Counter Culture Cards!  Play with a lot of great horror movie tropes as you try to slay your way to the top!

Two great items from Horror Block (may they rest in piece): an exclusive Freddy Krueger flask that’s printed in the signature red and green of his dirty sweater, and a pair of “Freddy vs. Jason” cookie cutters so you can creep up your kitchen on baking day!

0001 07

This uniquely fabulous pinup art card from the twisted mind of artist Noel Saabye!  Death at the hands of a hockey-masked slasher never looked so good!

0001 11Two amazing slasher trivia books by Gene DeRosa: 6-13, all about the Friday the 13th franchise, and 10-31, all about the Halloween franchise.  And both are signed by the author!

0001 01Finally, you get this fun button for Porkchop, an indie horror film I found at Days of the Dead Indianapolis this past summer!

All of these fabulous items will be going to our grand prize winner!  But as a special thank you for all of the patience as I’ve worked through some health stuff and had to postpone this giveaway, we’re going to give away a second “runner up” prize that’s perfect for all of you Friday the 13th fans:

0002 04A 13-button collection showcasing the poster art for all 12 Friday the 13th films (including the 2009 remake) as well as a bonus button with the Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake sign from the original film!  Thanks Gene for sending this wonderful collection!

0002 03Speaking of Gene, he also sent along another copy of his trivia book, 6-13.  And not only is this one signed by the author…

0002 01It’s also signed by Ari Lehman, the first actor to ever play Jason Voorhees in the original film!

0002 02

The screenwriter for the original Friday the 13th admitted that he watched Halloween to better understand horror movies and to get inspiration, so we’ve also got Gene’s book 10-31, all about the Halloween franchise, and it’s signed by the author!

0002 05And to help keep your skin soft and supple as you’re enjoying all of the natural beauty of Camp Crystal Lake (while running for your life!), a Sephora zipper bag filled with samples and deluxe minis from the brand fresh!

So we have two fabulous prize packages up for grabs!  What do you have to do to win?  Simply post a comment below and tell us which of the big three franchises (Friday the 13th, Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street) is your favorite!  No guessing games this time, just tell us which slasher franchise makes your pulse race the most!

Get those comments in by 9 pm Central on Sunday, December 17, and Miss Jaye will pick the winners live on Facebook.  This contest is only open to US residents or those who can provide a US address for shipping if they win! Good luck!

EXTENDED: Due to Miss Jaye’s insane travel schedule and all of the other delays that are just a part of her everyday life, she’s taking a page from Silent Night, Deadly Night and extending the slasher horror goodness through Christmas!  That’s right y’all – you have until 9 pm central on December 26 to get yourself entered for a chance to win!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (13)
  1. Kim says:

    My favorite is definitely Friday the 13th franchise. It was my fiance’s also, his ashes are in a vintage Friday the 13th lunch box and Kane Hodder who was Jason in four of the films. This is a dream package! Thank you and I hope everyone had a peaceful holiday.

  2. Jaiyeson Lanlehin says:

    Nightmare on Elm Street, a clever monster with a sense of humor leading to tortuous sadistic deaths. While I loved the other franchises, Freddy really knew how to party.

  3. James Falcon says:

    Friday the 13th for sure. It was the quintessential 80s movie series. It made you afraid to go to summer camp…or have sex! See, it pays to stay indoors and be a prude!

  4. Ada Kringler says:

    Nightmare on elm street is my favorite. Freddy made me laugh and made me scream-sounds like my dream date!

  5. Kat Christy Jockens says:

    I have always loved Freddy Krueger because he talked back to his victims. Jason seemed mute. So my answer would be Nightmare on Elm Street.

  6. Amber H says:

    Nightmare on Elm Street! This was the first scary movie I ever watched and is still near and dear to me!

  7. Laurene says:

    Nightmare on Elm Street!

  8. Adena Brumer says:

    Nightmare on Elm Street! Definitely!

  9. Erin says:

    They are all scary! Friday the 13th would be my pick just for the look.

  10. Kati C says:

    I love the Halloween movies

  11. Davell Lysne says:

    Nightmare on Elm Street!!! Freddy looks so creepy and disgusting. I legitimating get nightmares about getting sucked into the bed sometimes after watching it. Part of the reason why I have nightmares of getting sucked in is because I’ve had the same mattress since the fifth or sixth grade. It is in really bad shape and in some areas the springs are completely shot. In the areas where the springs are shot my mattress sinks in a bit. Normally I sleep on the good side but when I have trouble sleeping I’ll toss and turn. If I roll onto one of the bad spots it sometimes feels like I’m getting sucked into the bed.

  12. Mark says:

    Definitely Halloween. That little devil is sooo precious with his pumpkin head and chef knife.

  13. JanessaJaye says:

    Hey all – this giveaway is now CLOSED! Look for 2 winners to be drawn soon, and keep checking back for new giveaways coming in 2018!

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