Lush Life: Treat Yo’Self To A DIY Spa Night

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Travel can be stressful.  Crowded airports, inappropriate touching from an overzealous TSA agent, Uber drivers who can’t read a fucking map – there are lots of things to stress you out, and lots of reasons to think about ways to pamper yourself and make things much less unpleasant.  I wrote a post a while back about one of my favorite “travel hacks”: the DIY spa night.  I love to collect up Sephora samples and deluxe minis and gifts with purchase and try out fun new products to pamper my skin and hair.

Well on my latest trip to Seattle, I decided to combine two of my favorite things: the DIY spa night and Lush, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.  I’ve written quite a lot about different products that I’ve tried (and mostly loved) from this store (you can find those posts under L in my Makeup Forum Archive), and I decided they would make the perfect “me time” evening to relax and de-stress.  Obviously this wasn’t as inexpensive as putting together a night of samples and trial sizes, but I got 4 fabulous products for right around $60.  And the great thing about this concept is that you can do as much or as little as you want, with luxury brands or drugstore favorites.  It really is something you can do on almost any budget.

Let’s take a look at the 4 products that kept me feeling primped and pampered:

Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask

Lush 04

This is one of my favorite of the Lush face masks.  If you have oily skin, this is one of their best options for you (along with Cupcake and Love Lettuce).  It’s a fairly thick mud mask, so I usually wet my hands with a little water when I apply it.  It has blueberry in it, giving it a light blue color and the smell sort of reminds me of blueberry pancakes.  It smells delicious!  I always put this mask on pretty thick; if you’re more judicious, you might get 3 or even 4 uses out of their regular size, but I only ever get two.  And that’s just fine with me: as it dries into a nice thick crust, I can almost feel the excess oil being pulled out of my face!  I like to put this on, let it harden, and then hop in the shower to avoid some of the mess you get if you wash it off in the sink.  Definitely make sure you let it get totally dry, as this will maximize the benefits.  Once it dries, though, get to washing it off pretty quickly as this one has a tendency to crack and leave debris…everywhere.

Fun; Aliens and Monsters

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Once I hop in the shower to wash off the mask, I have two products that I use to really maximize that shower time.  The first is Fun, a moldable Play-Doh like soap that is great for kids – you can create critters and things with it and make bath time an adventure – but just as great for adults.  This particular pack, Aliens and Monsters, has three shades of Fun: green, pink, and purple.  The smell is sort of an odd choice, especially for kids, sort of a musky warm scent, a little sexy even.  Personally I prefer the most candy-coated scent of the Rainbow Fun, but they were out at the Lush I visited, so I had to settle for the creepy and crawly.  It is a lovely scent, so I’m not complaining.  And if I missed the candy smell, I’ll definitely get that in spades with the other shower product in my arsenal…

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Lush 03

One of the hallmarks of their annual holiday collection, Snow Fairy is a super sugary shower gel that’s pink with lots of opal/blue microglitter.  I was a little disappointed that most of the glitter in mine had settled pretty firmly in the bottom; once I get home, I’m going to get something to help redistribute the glitter throughout the product.  Some might prefer it with less sparkle, but not me.  Have we met?  There is no such thing as too much glitter!  While the fun has very little lather and cleans the skin while leaving behind a light fragrance, this one is much frothier and adds its own dimension to the growing scent profile that I’m building.  Shower products in general have less fragrance, or else the fragrance just doesn’t “stick” as much as other products, so this is just a nice hint of smell on my skin which now feels doubly cleansed and super soft.

Once I toweled off, it was time to move on to the final step:

The Pearl Massage Bar

Lush 02

This delightful massage bar is packed with lotions and butters and emollients, so much so that it immediately starts melting as soon as you have it in your hands!  It features one of the most heavenly scents I’ve ever found in a personal care product, Lush’s signature Rose Jam fragrance.  It’s like rose but with hints of sweetness and warmth; it’s hard to describe, but you really should smell it.  It’s amazing!  All you have to do is rub the bar over your skin and it will leave behind a slick of the massage oil/lotion, and then rub it in.  It will definitely leave you feeling oily, so if you don’t like the feel of your moisturizing products staying on your skin this might not be for you.  I love to put it on right before bed so the oils and butters have a chance to soak in and really do their job.  Damn, I sound like a piece of meat marinating itself!

The one complaint I have with this bar is that the little pearl pieces (I’m not sure what they are made of) that are meant to help exfoliate the skin can actual end up wearing down until they are quite sharp – I’ve actually given myself a couple of pretty nasty scratches if I wasn’t paying attention.  I recommend using the bottom side of the bar (underneath what’s pictured) as the pearls tend to be toward the top, so you get less of that texture on your skin directly until you get used to how to handle it.

Lush 01

I went to be feeling totally pampered and relaxed, and I woke up with baby smooth skin!  Another successful DIY hotel spa night in the books, this time featuring one of my favorite personal care brands, Lush.  Regardless of whether you do this on the road or just after a stressful day at the office, it’s important to remember that self-care can be a wonderful thing!  If you relax by doing some beauty and skincare treatments like this, then let yourself go wild and see how much better you can feel after just a few simple steps.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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