Lime Crime Brings The Bling With Diamond Dew Glitter Shadows

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I’ve been a big fan of Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers lip toppers for a while now, so my curiosity was definitely piqued when I saw that they were releasing a glitter liquid eyeshadow called Diamond Dew.  I haven’t had the best luck with liquid glitter shadows – I wrote my review of the Urban Decay Moondust liquid shadows HERE and it was less than flattering, and though everyone seems to be going gaga over Stila’s Magnificent Metals, I think they’re just ok bordering on meh.  So I wanted to see if Lime Crime could take the success of their glitter liquid lips and parlay it into a decent formula for the eyes.

There are 10 shades that retail for $20 each, or you can get a bundle of all 10 for $160 (you basically get 2 shades free).  I had a coupon code for an additional 15% off, so I decided to get the bundle and try all 10 shades – apparently I have a lot of faith in Doe Deere’s ability to make glitter work!  Here are swatches of the 10 shades, and I’ll talk about them one by one below that:

LC Dew 12(L to R: Paris, Vision, Starlight, Dragon, Chocolate Diamonds)

LC Dew 11(L to R: Aurora, Rose Goals, Tearful, Pixie, Chameleon)

My first impression when putting these on is that whilet hey are ok, probably as good or even a little better than the Stila formula, they still suffer from a lot of the same problems.  The base has some pigmentation to it, and then there are glitter/shimmer particles throughout.  The best way I found to apply them is to first paint on the area that you want to cover, so you can lay down the pigment, and then dip back in and go over the area again in a dabbing motion.  This way you get the pigment defining the shape you’re creating, and still get a somewhat even spread of glitter.  It’s not perfect, and as you can see in the swatches you’ll still get areas that are thicker than others, but it helps the application be less painful.  These probably work best as “toppers” ( I swear someday I’m going to write a whole post/rant about how much I hate the gratuitous use of the term topper in the makeup world the last couple of years!), placing them over a shade that is similar to the base color, or blending with a finger to create a wash of glitter over a complementary color.

Now let’s take a look at the selection of colors – I’ve included pics of all 10 shades (no flash on the left, flash on the right) but please note that the shiny plastic packaging in that weird shape makes them hard as fuck to photograph!


LC Dew 06

Paris is a girly pink that has a more sheer base than most of the other shades and opalescent glitter.  This one definitely should either be blended out to a subtle wash or used over a base shadow as you won’t get a whole lot of pigmentation out of that base.  It’s generally more of a yellow-based pink, but the opal flecks in the glitter mean this would probably work well with either warm or cool looks.  One of my favorites, and one that I can see myself using quite a bit to accent looks.  Nothing much negative to say about this shade – it’s all coming up roses!


LC Dew 07
Vision has a plum-purple base and while it’s not the sort of color I would reach for much at all, the pigmentation in the base is pretty good and you can use it alone and get some pretty good coverage.  There is even a taupe-y brown element to this – I almost wish it was more purple!  My one complaint with these colors is that they tend toward the neutral as a fault.  I mean, if you’re painting glitter all over your eyes, you might like at least a few colors that are as vibrant as they are sparkly.  I’ll probably pass this one on to someone, but if you like this sort of shade it will perform nicely for you.


LC Dew 08
This is a great shade for adding some serious bling to your look!  The base is pretty much clear, but it has a shit-ton of silver and light gold glitter!  It’s sparkles and has a great presence, and will pair nicely with a range of colors since it primarily looks silver.  If you only buy one of these, I would suggest this one as you can get the most mileage out of it.  This is definitely a keeper for me.


LC Dew 09
I would be lying if I didn’t sat that I was a little disappointed in this shade.  The only greenish shade in the bunch, and it looks almost blue.  Sure, the Lime Crime website describes it as “teal-copper-blue,” but in their promo pick it looks almost emerald!  Sadly, my swatches didn’t have nearly the pigmentation and depth as the promo images.  I’ll definitely hold on to this one, and I’m going to try pairing it with green shadows to see if I can coax out some more of that green look, but this dragon doesn’t have nearly the roar I was hoping for.


LC Dew 10

This shade is fun because of the contrast – the base is a deep cool chocolate brown and the glitter is bright and silver.  I love that the glitter doesn’t really get muddied by the base and this makes the shade interesting and fun.  It looks like there is also some gold glitter in there to give some additional depth.  It’s not one that I’ll use a lot, since I tend to use cooler tones and darken with black instead of brown, but it might be wirthwhile to bust out my Chocolate Bar palette and see what I can do with this shade!


LC Dew 01

Aurora is another one of those gorgeous pastels with a semi-sheer lavender base and opal glitter reflects.  The base isn’t quite as sheer as Paris, but it’s still not total coverage.  If you blend it our with your finger you can get it pretty consistent so don’t lett he chunky nature of this shade catch you off guard.  Just get to it – these dry quickly, and any chunks that are left are there to stay!  They are a little finicky, but this isn’t any different than any of the other liquid glitters.  This is girly goodness and I’m all the way here for it!


LC Dew 02
I’m still not 100% sure how to feel about this shade.  It’s got a peachy-pink base that’s nice enough and then a generous helping of gold glitter.  It’s a nice enough shade, but after having gone through about 3 years of rose gold tyranny thanks to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, it just feels a little dated.  If you still love the Naked 3 and are using it down to the pan (does anyone do that anymore?!), this glitter will help you bling up pretty much any look you’re doing with it.  The gold isn’t overpowering, so you could easily pair this with cooler peach pastel looks as well.  These are generally pretty versatile, which is nice.


LC Dew 03

What can I say – their pastels have completely won me over!  Usually blue eyeshadow, and light pastel blue eyeshadow in particular, makes me think of a trashy woman from an 80s movie in a crop top and stone-washed jeans, writhing on the hood of a Trans Am, and her name is either Donna or Tiffany.  But the opal glitter in this is just cute and playful, and this combined with Paris and Aurora just feels a unicorn dream just waiting to happen.  I’m sure i’ll find a way to work this in with some of my icier looks.


LC Dew 04This is the only one of the pastels that leaves me less than giddy.  It’s got the same opal glitter, but the base is a whitish pink with a sort of duochrome effect.  I think if the base had more oomph to it, I would be in love with this shade, but it’s just too subtle for me.  I want it to really shine!  I’ll hold onto it for now and try to work it in with a look, but I think this is going to get decluttered pretty quickly.  It’s just too close to Paris to really stand out, and between the two shades I think Paris is the clear winner.


LC Dew 05
Sigh.  What a wasted opportunity for a crazy, green lizard-y shade!  Instead we get this rusty maroon shade with silvery iridescent glitter.  The red isn’t red enough to really set me on fire, and the burgundy shade, well…all I can think of is that moment from Kinky Boots where Lola is horrified that she’s inspired something burgundy.  If you haven’t seen that movie or the stage musical, go see one or the other – that moment is everything I feel about this shade.  It’s muddy, the color is kind of boring.  It’s all wasted potential.

Overall, I think Lime Crime did a solid job with these, but they aren’t really anything that revolutionary.  If you’ve got similar shades from Stila, you won’t find anything that much different with these.  If you’re thinking about trying out a formula like this, though, this is a good enough place to start.  Overall I’m going to play around with most of the shades and try to make them work for me if possible.

They had a lot to live up to – the Diamond Crushers are some of the best products to come out of Lime Crime since i started shopping the brand 6 or 7 years ago – and although they didn’t quite get there I can’t say I’m heartbroken.  Basically I’m glad I gave them a try, but if/when they run dry I don’t see myself re-purchasing.  But for now, bring on the bling!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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