JStar’s Ho Ho Ho-liday Collection, Part 1: Velour Liquid Lipsticks

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Although he couldn’t stay away from recycled nudes entirely, can I just say how relieved I was that most of the Jeffree Star Holiday Glitter Collection Velour Liquid Lipsticks were gorgeous, vibrant jeweltones?!  The beauty world has been saturated by warm neutrals and rose gold nudes for way too long, and it’s time for some gemstone shades and a few cool tones had their day!  And that’s what JStar gave us in his holiday collection.  And can I just say, this is the best version of packaging he’s had yet.  I almost wish this was the regular packaging for all of his products.  This glitter is gorgeous!

The holiday collection has 8 shades total: Human Nature, Mermaid Blood, Santa baby, First Class, Medusa, Poinsettia, Christmas Cookies, and Berries on Ice.  I did the pics for this post a little differently, and each pic has all of the swatches across the top, in the order listed above.  On the lower part of the picture you have the component itself with the wand to show the color.  The photo on the left is without flash, and the one on the right is with flash.  Let’s go ahead and dive into all 8 of the shades!


JSC 08

Sigh.  We’re starting off a little bland, with the first of two nude shades.  Human Nature is a dusty rose sort of nude, similar to Doll Parts with maybe a hint of Androgyny.  I didn’t swatch any of the nudes together this time.  Whenever I do that, it’s clear that they have small, subtle differences when you see them next to each other, but generally you aren’t going to be wearing 15 lipstick shades at the same time!  Unless you do, and then…well, you do you.  But since you only wear one at a time, if you have Doll Parts or Androgyny already, I don’t think this is an absolute must have.  It’s cute enough, and the packaging is great, but it’s not a highlight in the collection.  The one redeeming factor for me is the name; I don’t think he mentioned it in the video, but I secretly hope this is named after the Madonna song “Human Nature” from the Bedtime Stories album when she proved she had no fucks left to give long before hipsters on Instagram ever even dreamed up that phrase.


JSC 07

This was the first shade in the collection that Jeffree announced on Instagram, and then and there I knew it was going to be a very merry Christmas!  I love this teal blue shade and it has so much potential to pair with other blues, greens, and maybe even black to create some fun and funky ombres.  It looks really blue in the swatch pictures, but there is definitely a green undertone to this shade and I’m all the way here for it.  I’m also glad that it’s one of Jeffree Star’s “blood” shades and it isn’t just another play on dark red.  Move over Unicorn Blood, Designer Blood, and Rich Blood, because Mermaid Blood is bringing something fun and new to the line!  I also love that it invokes mermaids and it isn’t predictable – no pastel girliness.  This shade means business.  Maybe I overthink things, but I love this!


JSC 06

This shade is a very red-based violet that’s a little fussy (to be fair, Jeffree himself called this out in his reveal video for this shade and the last on in the group), and it’s sort of a darker version of Masochist.  I really like this shade, and since I almost used up my tube of Masochist during the run of Hairspray last year, I’m not mad about the similarity.  Self-serving, I know, but it works for me.  It’s definitely a cool red, a true jeweltone, and I love it.  You just have to be willing to work with it a little bit and you’ll probably need a second coat to get a complete, full coat.  It’s not quite as purple as it looks in the swatches, so if you want more of a true red-based purple, I would suggest Berries on Ice instead.


JSC 05

When I think about “traditional” holiday makeup releases, I always think of gold glitter.  I swear, I used to always see variations on the same thing: black and pearl/white shadows, a red lip, and gold glitter.  This metallic shade pays homage to that, but it’s a new way to wear the gold – on your lips!  I actually like this formula even better than Lime Crime’s Zenon as it’s smooth and even, and the metallic sheen is a little more muted and consistent.  It doesn’t seem to crack up the way the Lime Crime shade sometimes does.  In addition to wearing it alone, you can layer this and ombre it with other shades.  Personally, I can’t wait to try this with Kat Von D’s champagne-y gold Everlasting Glimmer Veil!


JSC 04

I’m actually surprised it took Jeffree Star this long to come out with a gray lipstick – that trend has been around for a long time, and now it almost seems passe.  But this holiday he gave us our first gray liquid lipstick in Medusa, as well as a Lip Ammunition lipstick.  This gray has a little bit of a blue undertone which deepens it and keeps it from getting too ashy.  Plus, it’s named after Medusa, my favorite mythological creature ever.  Even though I hate snakes (am terrified of them actually!), I have always been fascinated by the Medusa and all the various versions of her legend.  I’m planning on getting a Medusa tattoo and…wait, I think I got off the track there.  Anyway, I wasn’t sure I was going to like this one (I never really embraced the whole gray lipstick trend) but it’s really growing on me.  There are a lot of unique ombre possibilities, and you can use a glitter topper to dress this up in unique ways.


JSC 03

Dammit Jeffree – can you put some more metallic into your regular permanent line already?!  Metallic liquid lipsticks that dry down seem to be a challenge that most beauty brands aren’t up to tackling, and Jeffree Star has some of the best metallic out there.  So it’s a little frustrating when so many of them are part of limited edition collections and you have to wonder whether or not they’ll eventually be added into the permanent line.  Given the very Christmas-y nature of the name of this shade, it’s probably a longshot, but his collection could use a solid, true red metallic permanently.  Seriously though, give us more metallics!  We NEEEEEED them!


JSC 02

A pale peachy nude.  Yawn.  I have nothing much to say about this shade that I haven’t already said about Celebrity Skin, Nude Beach, I’m Nude, and any of his other stable of very similar sort of nudes.  Just look at the picture and decide for yourself if you need yet another nude shade from this brand.


JSC 01

The last shade in this group is another jeweltone and it’s the crankiest of the group to apply.  Having said that, it’s also a really pretty shade.  I generally go for blue-toned purples over red-toned, but this is close enough to the red family that I could see myself working this in to some looks.  Doing an ombre with this and either Santa Baby or Masochist would be fire!  It’s a lovely violet shade and even if it can be a little hard to work with it’s a nice addition to the collection and the overall line.

Overall I thought the collection was pretty successful, though the nudes bored me – why not do those colors as metallic shades?  Now that would be an interesting new way for him to do nudes!  I love the bundles, even if I don’t save as much as I think I am, but eventually even the crazy shopaholic that is me will hit my limit on barely tweaked nude shades and just stop throwing money at them.  But I clearly haven’t hit that limit yet, and Jeffree Star is laughing at me – at all of us – all the way to the bank.

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