Black Moon Rising: Cosmic Eye Dust and Autumn Trio Collections

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So it’s almost Christmas and autumn is a pleasant memory as we all wait for the snow to cover us for what seems like forever here on the icy tundra, but that didn’t stop my from picking up the Autumn Trio from Black Moon Cosmetics when it went on sale over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I like the Black Moon liquid lipstick formula (it’s not my favorite, but definitely top 5!) and the Autumn trio features three amazing shades that are unique – I can honestly say that I don’t really have anything like any of these shades:

BM 02

L to R: Genie, Harvest, Cider, Hazel.  BL, no flash.  BR, with flash.  Genie isn’t part of the Autumn Trio, but I love the color and it was also on sale, so there we go!)

Harvest is sort of a coral and orange hybrid, but it shares the same muted finish as the other two shades in the collection.  I absolutely love this color, even though I don’t tend to go toward orange very often (if you put a big girl in too much orange, it’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!).  This color is lovely and I can’t wait to use it to ombre with other shades to see what happens.  Also, I have some glitter lip toppers I’m dying to try out with this – stay tuned!  Cider is another shade that I’ve never seen anywhere, sort of a green-tinged drab yellow – super 90s grunge!  Hazel is a sort of army green that’s yellow-toned and I’m super jazzed to ombre it with Jeffree Star’s Dirty Money and see what shenanigans commence.  None of these three shades is one that I’m going to reach for all the time, but I just loved how unique they are!  When you have as much makeup as I do, you start to see the same shades and collections start to repeat; it’s pretty rare to see something completely new and different, and that’s how these shades feel to me.

Genie was a standalone shade, but I loved the hooker blue-pink and that it has a sort of reflective shift.  It’s not exactly a metallic, but it dries down beautifully, so I’m glad I added it to my collection – you can never have too many cool-toned pinks (at least, I can’t!).

I also decided to pick up the Cosmic Eyedust Vault:

BM 03

I’m such a sucker for special packaging like this, which doesn’t make no damn sense since I take the products out and throw it away (I already have storage issues – can you imagine if I tried to keep all of the boxes and packaging materials too?!).  There is just something special about opening up a big box of new products like this, though this one did have me a little confused: there are only 5 shades, and the other slots are filled with empty boxes.  I guess if you want to take the shadows out and put them in their individual boxes?  That seems weird to me…but it makes a cute display, so I’ll overlook it.

So how do they perform?

BM 01
(L to R: Nebula, Martian, Asteroid, Moon Rocks, Cosmos.
BL, no flash.  BR, with flash.)

These have all the same problems as every other liquid glitter eyeshadow I’ve tried, and I would say that these are on par with most of the ones on the market right now (Lime Crime Diamond Dew, Stila Magnificent Metals, and better than the Urban Decay Moondust), but what’s different with these is that they all have a pretty aggressive black base, so you’re definitely going to have to want a smokey or dark look if you’re using these!  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you lose some of the brightness and sparkle of the glitter, especially with the silver shade Moon Rocks.  I think if Moon Rocks had like double the amount of glitter it would be absolutely stunning!  Nebula is a nice violet purple, heavy on the red tones but still cute.  Martian is emerald green, and the color also gets a little lost on this on.  I’m sure I’ll use it – I never met a green product I didn’t like! – but I’ll probably try to punch up the sparkle with some Lit Cosmetics Hulk glitter!  Asteroid is a nice medium tealish blue.  Moon Rocks we talked about – it’s silver, and it could be so much better than it is!  Cosmos is a red glitter with a kind of gold shift.  Maybe that’s why the packaging was a little off – if you look closely at the empty boxes that are included in the vault, the holographic print on each box matches the shade except for Cosmos, which has a red glitter base but gold printing.  At the right angle, it does look almost like an antique gold, so it could be meant as a gold/red hybrid.  Regardless, it’s the most unique shade in the bunch!

I’m enjoying these glitter shadows and I think I’ll get a good amount of use out of them, especially on come of my glam Halloween looks.  I wish the shades were brighter and that they didn’t all have that heavy, black base but that’s the company’s aesthetic, so I guess I’ll just have to live it it.  While I’m living with it I’ll be coated in glitter, so it won’t be all bad…

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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