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I mean, how could I NOT?!

On my most recent trip to Seattle, not only was I able to book into my favorite hotel, the Homewood Suites on Pike in downtown Seattle, but the lovely woman at the desk was kind enough to upgrade me to a corner room that had the biggest jacuzzi tub ever!  Of course I had to run right down the street (well down a few blocks and then one street over!) to Lush to sample a ton of their fizzy, fabulous bath creations, including several items from their Holiday Collection!  I was there for almost 3 weeks and I took a tons of baths – so that means I have a ton of videos for you showing off the products in action as well as a collection of my thoughts on what made the nice list and which ones were definitely getting a lump of coal in their stockings…

First up were some newbies on the scene: the Jelly Bombs.  Like regular bath bombs, these have colored pigments and essential oils to make your bath a visual and olfactory spectacle, but these bombs also feature seaweed that is great for your skin and is supposed to make your bath sort of viscous (like slime!) for the first 20 minutes or so.  They demo’d one in the store in a large silver bowl and I definitely felt some sliminess, but I think my standards were just far too high after bestie Angie showed me a video of a goth girl rolling around in a bathtub full of homemade slime.  Seriously.  I’ll include it below.

I was a little disappointed that they weren’t total slime experiences, but the scents and colors were all pretty good – with one major exception, which I’ll cover below.  Let’s dive in, shall we?

Snow Fairy – Jelly Bomb

Lush 10

This was the first one I tried, and wouldn’t you know, I fucked up the video!  Snow Fairy is a familiar scent if you’ve played around in their holiday goodies before: it has a candy sweet fragrance and is usually found in a shower gel and one or two other products around Christmas time.  The jelly bomb is just as sweet smelling, though I felt like the fragrance died down a little in thebath; it was much more subtle than a lot of the other bombs.  I could see how it might be a bit much for some people, so it’s probably good that it tones down in the tub, but you know I’m super extra and I want to bathe in cotton candy!  If you like candy smells, this will definitely be the bomb for you, and you should look into the other products as well.  I got the shower gel again this year and I’m loving it.

As I noted above, the jelly-ness is a little bit of a letdown.  I was hopin for a little bit more viscosity, but it was barely there.  The bath was still amazing, and I do notice that my skin feels noticeably softer when I get out of the bath and towel off, but it just wasn’t everything I hoped and dreamed for.  Cry me a river, right?

But if at first you don’t succeed…

The Big Sleep – Jelly Bomb

Lush 09

I decided that it could be the mammoth size of my tub that was keeping my slimey dreams from coming true so I decided to remedy the situation by purchasing not one, not two, but three jelly bombs in the same scent to see if I could saturate the water and finally get some snot-like joy!  The Big Sleep is perfect to get you relaxed and ready for a solid eight…hours, of sleep that is.  You perverts.  It’s a lavender bomb with other woodsy notes, and with three at a time, I almost wore my floaties into the tub!

(Ignore the fact that I said, “Hello Facebook…” – I apparently got confused and didn’t realize I wasn’t doing a Facebook Live feed!)

Unfortunately, even three of these monsters at the same time wasn’t enough to really slime up that tub.  I think I just had my expectations set too high – again, the bath was lovely, and while these don’t put on the same type of “show” as the fizzier, more colorful bath bombs, the scent was heavenly and perfect for lavender lovers everywhere!  They are like $7 each, so don’t feel the need to spend over $20 on one bath – just enjoy it for what it is!

Secret Arts – Jelly Bomb

Dark Arts

Just in case you’re worried that I’m going to say too much glowing stuff and inflate Lush’s ego, don’t worry: we’re about to hit a sour note!  I couldn’t get a good pic with my hotel lighting, so here’s an image from the Lush website.  Looks cute enough, right?  Wrong.  Get ready to have your bath time seriously scandalized!

(Something seems to have gone wrong with my video – it’s less than a minute and now has no sound!  I’m going to work on retrieving the original and hopefully updating, but for now, you can at least see some of this disaster in action!)

I had gotten a warning from someone at work that they tried the glittery black bath bomb that came out this fall and that it left her skin looking dirty, like it had been rubbed with charcoal, but I just had to let go and let goddess and assume that they had worked out whatever kinks they found when going from bath bomb to jelly bomb.  And while my skin didn’t look dirty (it was just as soft as with the other jelly bombs, so that’s a plus in its corner!), there were still a few kinks.

First of all, it didn’t all disolve, so there was a crusty layer floating on the tub, and that kept getting stuck to my skin.  I didn’t look rubbed in charcoal, but I definitely had to make an effort not to have any ashy residue when I got out.  Some of the floaty bits were also squishy, from the seaweed orbs, and looked like the thing that ate those teenagers in “The Raft” from Creepshow 2.  When I drained the tub there was some “debris” left over, not uncommon, but what surprised me was what it did to my washcloth (well….the hotel’s washcloth) when I wiped it out:

The orange, cinnamon, and almost scent isn’t bad (I wish the almond was stronger!), but I’ve never really been drawn to any of the bombs that have had cinnamon in them.  Just feels like I’m sitting in a bath full of cider.  There’s no study of the “Secret Arts” in my future – I’ll pass, thanks.

Green Coconut – Jelly Bomb

IMG_0823(I actually don’t know why I didn’t get a pic of this bomb?  I’m too pretty to be smart…I think I missed several actually!  Anyway, here is a lovely photo from a blog called All Things Lush UK – go ahead and check them out if you want to keep on learning about that Lush Life!)

Green Coconut has a great smell, like real, fresh coconut.  I usually hate coconut scent, because it can be really fake and smell like gross tanning lotion, but this one is good and smells like actual coconut.  It’s even better than the Too Faced Hangover Rx primer, which I absolutely adore!  This one was fizzy and pretty, and the bath turns sort of a pastel, minty green.  Again, a little disappointing in the slime department, but I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up one of these lovelies again.

The Jelly Bombs aren’t my favorite formulation, and they aren’t the only variation on the bath bomb that Lush offers.  I also decided to try a couple of the others, including the Luxury Bath Melt and Bubble Bar

Snow Angel – Luxury Bath Melt

These little treats are filled with cocoa butter, and this particular one smells like marzipan, so it was the most delicious smelling bath I had the entire time.  There’s not much to it in terms of visual show, though it does have some lemony yellow color in the bottom layer and a ton of gold glitter that disperses in the bath.  The woman working at Lush said that the butters “self-emulsify” in the bath; I’m not sure exactly how the science of that is supposed to work, but my skin felt super soft after that bath so I’ll take it!

This is one of the holiday items, but I would love it if something with this sort of smell would pop up in the permanent line.  It really does smell tasty!

Christmas Cracker – Bubble Bar

I don’t usually do a lot of the bubble bars (as much as I love a good bath, I’m not a huge fan of bubbles – I don’t know why!) but this lemon-lime smells like citrus paradise and I loved the idea of the popping candy.  If you really want to get the effect though, wait to do the bubble bar until your bath is almost full, crumble the bar under the tap, and then turn it off to hear the candy do its thing.  If you leave the water running, you won’t be able to hear it over the sound of the running water.

Lime is one of my favorite scents, so this one was definitely a winner for me!  And that mold shape is so stinking adorable!

Pink – Bath Bomb

Of the four regular bath bombs I tried, this is the only one that’s in the permanent collection: Pink.  And it’s exactly what the name says – the color is bright pink and there’s a ton of glitter with a nice vanilla scent.  I would have liked a little bit more depth to the color, but this was a nice pastel pink.  The scent is also a little bit light for my taste.  I think they were going for the softer, sweeter side of pink – and I wanted the electric, ultra-femme side of pink!  To each their own…

Now, on to the other Holiday collection bombs!

Sherbet Dip – Bath Bomb

This was one of my favorites of the bunch – a citrus scent with pink grapefruit that’s bright and cheerful and turns the water yellow and then to green as it hits a colorful, middle layer.  The scent is nice and strong; I love the more fragrant bombs and generally the citrus scents are really done well.  This one is fizzy and delightful, and it’s another one that I would love to see end up in the permanent collection, in one form or another.

Christmas Sweater – Bath Bomb

This one was only alright – it’s a “spicy clove ginger scent,” but I prefer more of the citrus and herbal type smells – but it wasn’t terrible.  It is also described as a color-changer, but it mostly just started red and turned maybe a little orange-y?  I am tech-challenged and this video didn’t turn out right, but even without sound you get a sense of what it looks like as it melts in the bath.  If you like spicy scents, this is probably a good option for you, but don’t pick it up if you like lighter, brighter scents.

Never Mind The Ballistics – Bath Bomb

Another great citrus option, this one is bright and colorful, and it has just enough of the cocoa butter coating to really soften and pamper the skin.  Like the luxury bath melt, the coating of coca butter really does work well in the bath as a skin softener and it makes a noticeable difference.  Although this is a limited edition item, there is a similar style in the permanent collection called Over and Over that is also described as a citrus fragrance.

BONUS – The Non-Lush Bath Bombs

After yet another lunch at PF Chang’s (I have a small obsession), I noticed that there was a small arts and crafts fair in the park across the street and outside of Sephora – where I usually run into protests and rallies so that was a nice change.  There was a woman selling homemade bath bombs, and since I was already working on the “research” for this post I decided to add this in as a little bonus.  I picked up a bomb that was rainbow colored and smelled like Fruit Loops and a bomb that looked like a Pokeball…that also turned out to smell just like Fruit Loops!

As it turned out, the fragrance wasn’t very small and there wasn’t much in terms of color.  They were a fun change, and I’m always happy to support independent artisans, but they definitely weren’t on the same level as the lush bombs.

THE REMIX – Sex Bomb and Experimentor

And just for fun, I also decided to go back and re-try a couple of my favorite bombs from past reviews to see if they still held up to my fond memories.  I decided to pick up the Sex Bomb and the Experimentor – here are the videos:

No surprise – they were as good as I remembered; I can always count on Lush to give me fantastic bath experiences and these are two of the best in their permanent collection!

If you haven’t yet given yourself a taste oft he Lush Life, holiday is always a great time to try it as they have a number of perennial favorite products that make a comeback during this time of year, and lots of new products that play with the iconography of the holidays to deliver unique of pampering experiences.  There is nothing in the world like slapping on one of their amazing clay masks and soaking in a colorful, fragrant bath.  That’s the life.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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