Pretty Kitty: Makeup Monsters’ Orange Kitten Lip Bundle

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Alright, get it out of your system now: I realize that these have been out for ages (in fact, I think they might be on the way out!), but I just haven’t had a chance to pick on the Makeup Monsters kitten lip bundles until now.  So if I’m reviewing something you won’t be able to get your dirty paws on…well, I’m sorry about it, but that’s how we roll here at the World of Champagne!

It all started with a fun Instagram contest: the owner of Makeup Monster invited followers to submit suggestions for 5 shade collections they would like to see produced in the new mini size they introduced when they launched their satin liquid lipstick formula.  The company selected two shade collections as winners, and the Green and Orange Kitten Lip Bundles were born.  Both were fun collections (and each featured some sort of green shade, which I appreciated!), but I decided that I was in love with the Orange bundle:

MM 04

From left to right are the shades Crypt Keeper (soft satin), Karma (matte), Epicocity (matte), Grimoire (soft satin), and Citrine (matte).  I honestly love all of these shades and they all swatch beautifully:

MM 05

I haven’t tried the soft satin formula before, but Crypt Keeper looks absolutely lovely and it’s the perfect light pea green; it looks especially gorgeous next to Karma.  Very 60s sort of combo!  Epicocity was another shade that convinced me I needed to have this bundle, a lovely strawberry pinky red.  Grimoire is a nice deep blood red, also in the soft satin formula.  It’s a pretty standard color, but I love the depth and consistency of this formula.  The final standout in this collection is Citrine, a bright sunny orange.  I have a couple of orange shades but not as light and bright as this one.  Crypt Keeper, Epicocity, and Citrine were the three that I was most excited for, but I’m glad that Karma and Grimoire are just as good.  It’s a nice solid collection in a cute mini size.

If you can still get your hands on this bundle (or the cooler toned, grungier collection in the Green Kitten bundle), I would recommend it.  Makeup Monsters is still at the very top of my list of liquid lipstick formulas; the matte is always a joy, and the satin seems to be just as high quality.  Makeup Monsters just slays the game, and their product line has been steadily expanding this year.  Let’s hope that 2018 brings even more product innovation and fantastic releases!

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