Sippin’ Pink Lemonade With Lime Crime’s Pocket Candy

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I’m generally a pretty big fan of the Lime Crime brand, but I haven’t forgotten their last foray into eyeshadow: the moldy, rusty fiasco that was their Super Foils!  I’ve never been that jazzed about the Venus palettes, so I’m not sure about the usual quality of their pressed shadows, but not too long ago Lime Crime decided to cash in on the current wave of 90s nostalgia in an unexpectedly cute way: the Pocket Candy eyeshadow palettes, which seem to be loosely inspired by 90s toy craze Polly Pocket!

Polly Pocket

The Pocket Candy palettes are 3 different 5-shade collections that really capture the bubblegum fantasy of Polly Pocket’s miniature world.  It’s a nice change from most of the 90s throwbacks that are happening with clunk-heeled shoes and grunge-y color collections with maroons and drab olives.  It’s yummy and pink and pretty, and it’s everything I could have wanted.

Polly Pocket Candy

From left to right, the collections are Sugarplum, Pink Lemonade, and Bubblegum, and while all three collections look like sugary deliciousness, I was immediately drawn to pink lemonade.  That popsicle red shade is delightful and reminds me of Harlot, my favorite OCC Lip Tar shade of all time!  I also liked the yellow shade in the middle and the lighter pink; the other two shades, while not as exciting, look like decent options for transition and darkening the outer corner.  I also really like the pastel goodness of bubblegum, but with a $34 price tag, I wanted to make sure I really did like them and would use them before I committed to more than one.

LC PC 01

First, let’s talk about the packaging.  I get what they are going for, and if you’re a huge Polly Pocket fan this will probably strike a cord with you, but I’m not and it doesn’t.  It looks, so of…cheap?  When you hold it, it’s actually fairly substantial and the plastic doesn’t feel cheap or brittle at all, but the look is a little bit tacky.  #sorrynotsorry  I do love that they put it into an old school clamshell package like you might see in a toy store.  The idea is cute and I don’t have any solid recommendations for how it could have been better, but I’m just not wowed by it.

But how about the shades themselves?

LC PC 05

(Top: no flash. Bottom: with flash.  L to R: Brown Sugar, Pink Jelly, Lemonade, Strawberry, Baby Cake)

Brown Sugar is a pinky nude that will work alright for a transition shade for light to medium skintones.  It’s a nice matte with a buttery, blendable feel.  It’s a nice staple, but not a “wowie!” sort of color.  Pink Jelly is a nice shimmery light pink.  Not a super unique shade, I’m sure you’ve probably got one like this somewhere, but the sheen and shimmer are really gorgeous and the shades blend really well together.  Lemonade is a pretty pastel yellow, but I was hoping for a brighter color payoff.  It’s still a really pretty color and it’s got a lot of nice shimmer to it.  I’m always on the hunt for a perfect ywllow shadow that isn’t too saturated or mustardy.  This isn’t it, but I still like it a lot.  Strawberry is a nice cool red/pink, and again it’s got a nice shimmer to it.  It loses a little of the vibrancy it has in the pan, but it’s still a nice shade.  Baby Cake is a nice brown, although you can kind of see in the swatches that it tends to get a little cakey (maybe that’s where it got the name?!).  Definitely needs a little more work than the other shades but it’s not bad by any means.

LC PC 04

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with this little collection, and if the right sale comes up I would definitely think about adding the Bubblegum palette to my kit.  I don’t use a lot of purples, so I doubt I’ll snag Sugarplum unless the sale is really insane.  $34 feels a little steep for what you’re getting – the pans are pretty generous, but it’s still only 5 shades for more than $30 and the number of looks you’ll be able to create is somewhat limited.  There is a bundle deal of all 3 for only $80, which brings it down to $26.67 per palette; if you happen to get one of their 15% off coupons, single palettes are $28.90 and the bundle would be $68, or $22.67 per palette (which seems a lot more reasonable, if you think you’ll use all the colors).

I guess only you can decide how deep your love of Polly Pocket and 90s nostalgia goes as you ponder the choice between Pocket Candy…and pocket money.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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