JStar’s Ho-Ho-Ho-liday Collection, Part 2: Skin Frost Palettes, Scrubs, & Champagne Tears

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Jeffree Star is known for his amazing liquid lipstick formula, and we covered that part of the holiday collection in PART ONE, but the brand is more than just matte – this year’s holiday collection included 2 “pro palettes” of the popular Skin Frost highlighters, 3 Velour Lip Scrubs, and 4 new shades of the Lip Ammunition lipstick, all in limited edition pink glitter packaging.

The biggest buzz for this year’s holiday collection surpassing even the release of 8 new shades of liquid lipstick, were the Skin Frost Pro Palettes.  I’m not clear on whether or not these are also limited edition and will go away when the Holiday Collection is gone but I think Jeffree would do well to add these to the permanent line.  Each palette has 6 shades of highlight: 2 shades that already exist as individual highlights in his collection and 4 brand new shades.  There are two collection: 24 Karat, a warm collection that focuses on gold-toned shades, and Platinum Ice, a cool-toned duochrome collection that reminds me a lot of the ABH Moon Child Palette.

JSC 13Here are some swatches and thoughts:


JSC 12

(L to R: Sarcophagus, King Tut*, Dark Horse*, Legendary, Giza, Liberace.  Top, no flash.  Bottom, with flash.  Permanent collection shades marked with *)

Let’s be real – I bought this palette specifically for Legendary; that strawberry pink metallic shade is fire!  But this collection is pretty good overall.  Sarcaphagus is a really nice champagne shade, and I like it almost as much as Legendary.  There are other shades in his collection similar to this, but I like the smaller pans in the palette for travel.  King Tut is a great warm gold that’s almost a tiny bit rosy?  It’s another standard I use quite often.  Dark Horse is still too dark for me, but this will look gorgeous on darker skintones.  I’ve never tried this as eyeshadow, but I’ve heard it can be used for that.  Legendary is perfect and exactly what I wanted.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about Giza, but I love this gorgeous rose gold shade in action.  Liberace is a little much; it reminds me of Fenty’s Trophy Wife without the obnoxious craft glitter look.  It’s a little too aggressive of a gold for me, but if you love Trophy Wife you’ll like this one.

JSC 09

Now on to my favorite – the cool, shiny duochromes!


JSC 11(L to R: Ice Cold*, Glacier, Lavender Snow*, Alien Ice, Pink Chill, Canary Bling. Top, no flash.  Bottom, with flash.  Permanent collection shades marked with *)

Although I think the comparisons to the Moon Child palette are fair, there is enough different here that I don’t think it’s bad to have both.  Ice Cold is another one of my favorites from the permanent line so I’m glad to see it’s one of the ones included on this palette.  It’s a pearly white shade that almost has a sort of candlelight glow to it.  Glacier is a metallic silver, straight up with no chaser.  I’m actually surprised I don’t see more silver highlighters on the market – there’s gold everywhere, but not as much silver.  They always end up having some sort of shimmer or undertone to them.  So even though the color is a little basic, it’s probably one of the more unique in the palette compared to what you might have in your collection.  Lavender Snow is another of the permanent shades, and I’m always surprised at how silvery it swatches as it always looks so dark in the pan!  The bottom row is bae for me, and I especially love that Alien Ice is a more yellow green than Mint Condition.  I was worried that Mint Condition would be one of the permanent shades that made its way into this palette, so I’m super excited that we got a different green instead!  Pink Chill is a pretty standard pink duochrome, but it’s nice that it’s not combined with blue or purple – so many of these sort of pink shades get highjacked!  Don’t they know that pink is fabulous?!  And Canary Bling is giving me life – I love a yellow highlighter that isn’t too obviously gold and this is lemony perfection.

JSC 10Overall, I’m actually really impressed with these palettes and I hope that they become a part of the permanent line.  JSC’s Skin Frosts are a good deal, with 15 grams of product for only $29…but who the hell is ever going to use all 15 grams?!  These are great to bring a few shades with you while traveling, and it allows you to sample his formula in multiple shades for just a little bit more than the permanent lines.  I would actually love it if he switched over to all highlight palettes, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


JSC 16

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I am low key obsessed with these lip scrubs; even if I gave in to the cult of JStar hate and stopped buying most of his line, I would still have to pick up every single one of these scrubs, and restock if I ever ran out…which I won’t because I currently have a ridiculous amount of them!  Because of that, you’re probably expecting this part of the review to be gushing and glowing, and you’ll be mostly right though, for the first time, I feel like one of the flavors is something of a misstep.

Not Lemon Icebox Cookies.  That one is yummy and it actually tastes like a lemony baked good.  I don’t know how he gets his flavors so specific and perfect, but I assume it involves dark magic and the tears of children.  Candy Cane is also fantastic – it doesn’t just taste like peppermint, but like a peppermint candy cane!  You really have to try it to see.  It’s like how the Orange Soda ascrub from this last summer almost “felt” bubbly on my tongue, this has such a sense memory for me of sucking on candy canes as a kid.  These are perfection.

Marshmallow is the one that didn’t quite come out right.  This one just sort of tastes…off.  It’s got a vanilla kind of taste, but it doesn’t really remind me of marshmallows; it doesn’t remind me of any sugary snack that I can think of, just a strong sugar taste with maybe a hint of vanilla and a weird aftertaste.  When I opened my, there was some separation between the sugar and the edges of the container, so maybe I got a bad batch?  I’m not sure, but this one just didn’t do it for me.  I’ll definitely keep it, but if it doesn’t get any better (or, heaven forbid, gets worse!), I might empty it out and use the gorgeous, glittery pot for something else!


JSC 15I’m not a huge fan of the Lip Ammunition lipsticks, and I wasn’t really that excited about the 4 new shades that launched with the Holiday collection, but c’mon…it’s named after ME!  Like Beauty Pageant from the core line, this lipstick has some base pigmentation to it, but it’s mostly just a solid stick of glitter suspended in the wax.  Which isn’t necessarily bad – if anyone remembers the OG Urban Decay lipstick in Uzi, a pure silver glitter lipstick, it can be fantastic – but this one is a little bit of a disappointment.  I like that the base is mostly sheer (Beauty Pageant has a bit more pigmentation to it than this one), so you can wear it over most of your liquid lipsticks, but it’s also a dry formula so don’t expect it to do any hydrating over top of that matte finish!  And the glitter does tend to chunk up a bit, so you’ll need to spend a little bit of time futzing with it to get an even application.  But it’s light and glittery, and it is neutral enough that you can wear it with almost any shade of lipstick underneath.  I definitely recommend wearing it over a matte liquid lipstick that’s fully dried though: because of the dryness of the formula, the lipstick is pretty solid and if you wear it over a “wetter” formula it will probably pull at the color underneath and become muddy.

Overall, this Holiday collection is actually what I needed to not feel like Jeffree Star was losing his edge.  The last collection that I remember being really excited about was summer of 2016.  Last year’s holiday collection (or as I snarkily like to call it, “The Rerun collection”) felt like it had too many colors that we’d seen before in only slightly different shades.  This summer had a couple of interesting pops, especially two more fantastic metallic shades, but it was still just lackluster.  The family collection had some ok shades (and I’m living for Diamond – it’s everything I would ever want in a blue shade!), but it’s where this whole “collab” thing really jumped the shark, the rails, and anything else it could jump to make itself utterly stupid.  I just can’t take seriously someone who “collaborates” with his live in boyfriend and 4 Pomeranians.  And that collection of mini nudes was nothing if not cosmetic masturbation – JSC is flooded with nudes, and they are practically indistinguishable at this point.  This collection got things back on track – it gave us something completely new with the Skin Frost palettes, had a pretty solid performance with one of its less talked about but most fabulous products in the lip scrubs, and then brought us some jeweltones and two new metallics and only two nudes (and one of those nudes was purple-ish, so does that even count?!).

It will be interesting to see if he can keep innovating as we head into 2018.  The Velour Liquid Lipsticks, his original and signature product, are still one of the best formulas out there, but the line is getting to the point of being saturated.  His brand is one of the few that is making good quality metallic liquid lipsticks, but there are so few in the permanent collection.  He’s on fire right now, but I wonder how long he can keep giving us the same thing before even the most diehard fan decides to leave him behind?

But for now, everything’s coming up roses…or should I say pick glitter and gratuitous nudes?!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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