Twist The Rainbow: MAC Slays The Game With Grand Illusion Liquid Lip Color

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MAC 03They say you never forget your first love, and my first luxury beauty love was MAC cosmetics.  Specifically their gorgeous, pigmented, vanilla-scented lipsticks.  I’ll never forget the first time I went into Hudson’s Bay Company up in Winnipeg Manitoba and got a tube of the original Viva Glam.  I’d seen the ads featuring “Supermodel of the World” RuPaul in every issue of my Details magazine (anyone else remember that one?!) and I wanted it.  I wasn’t even a drag queen yet, but I knew I had to have that lipstick.  This was before MAC switched to their signature bullet tops; the lipstick was sleek and black with a flat top and a silver band around the middle with the MAC logo on it and the lipstick was brick red and amazing.  The formula was so perfectly matte I swear it also seemed to steal the light around it.  These days, people misuse and abuse the term “matte” so much that it’s hard to believe that it was ever done right.  But that was matte done right, and it was breathtaking.  I may not be the MAC devotee I used to be, but I will never forget that lipstick.

This winter, MAC released a collection of liquid lip colors that reminded me why I used to love this brand so much.  Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolour is a celebration of holographic, duochrome, and glitter.  The promo image was stunning and I love the futuristic feel of the collection, very Blade Runner meets Drag Race.  There are 14 shades in the collection, and I managed to talk myself into 8 of them…or rather I should say that I was able to talk myself out of 6 of them – it was so tempting to just want to snatch up every single one of them!

MAC 01

L to R: Electric Rainbow, Let’s Rock, Twinkle Twink, Florescence, Peace Love Unity Respect, Sensory Overload, Queen’s Violet, Broken Halo.  Top without flash, bottom with flash.

I didn’t set out to buy a sort of modified rainbow, but I love how the colors look next to one another.  They have that thicker formula that is pretty typical for MAC’s liquid lip products, but this one doesn’t really feel all that sticky.  It’s actually pretty wearable and while it doesn’t seem to have the usually vanilla fragrance, the scent is light and pleasant enough.

Electric Rainbow is a coral pink base with tones of yellow gold shimmer – think of MAC’s Paradisco in a lipstick form!  Let’s Rock is a red base, but there is a strong green and gold glitter element that makes it a unique and challenging color.  I love it, but I’m not sure why!  Twinkle Twink is pumpkin orange with a lot of sparkle and gold shift.  Florescence is a bright neon yellow, and the glitter is yellow gold, and the whole thing is like sunshine in a tube.  Imagine this over Jeffree Star’s Queen Bee – heaven!  Peace Love Unity Respect (where my ravers at?!) is green, and obviously it was the first shade I bought!  I love that it s a deep emerald green but has a darkly iridescent sparkle to it that gives it dimension when viewed at different angles.  Sensory Overload looks gray in the tube, but the right lighting really brings out the blue undertone and violet sparkles!  Queen’s Violet is a lovely royal purple with notes of red and gold sparkle.  Finally, Broken Halo is a silvery gray but has notes of pink and opalescent glitter.


(I snagged this pic from HypeBae’s review – check it out HERE!)

What I love about them is that they aren’t like a typical gloss: while they aren’t perfectly opaque, they aren’t completely sheer either.  You could wear them alone and get pretty decent color payoff, or layer them over a liquid lipstick and really twist the colors even further.  I haven’t tried them out over a liquid to matte lipstick yet, but I perused the ingredients list and nothing popped out to my admittedly untrained eye as anything oil-based that would reactivate the formula, so you should be able to layer without much problem.  Just make sure you’re base coat is dry before layering and you should be good to go!

I don’t know that MAC will ever have the same place in my heart – and in my makeup budget – that it used to have, but I’m glad to see that they still can put out a collection that really wows and inspires me.  It’s like an ex that you know you had to walk away from, but you’re still happy to see them succeed (unlike those exes you want to run down with your car on a daily basis!).

Now if they could just get their shit together for their eyeshadows – that would truly be a heartfelt reunion!

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