Lime Crime Aspires To A Heavenly Glow

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Once upon a time, there were three little pans of pastel highlighter.  And those highlighters coordinated with three glittery lip toppers.  But Doe Deere took them and put them all together in a bundle, and now they work together to create a heavenly glow for me.  My name is Miss Jaye.

Almost everyone has some sort of nostalgia for the pop culture of their childhood (and if they don’t, I definitely think they should!), and one of the shows I used to love watching in my grandmother’s living room was Charlie’s Angels.  I didn’t pay super close attention to it, but I had a vague sense of the mystery and the glamour and the danger, and I’m certain that some part of my drag persona is thanks to the lovely ladies of the Townshend Detective Agency.  When I saw that Lime Crime was following up their Mermaid and Unicorn Queen collections with an Angels collection, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to combine two things I really love: Charlie’s Angels and a shit ton of glitter!

Just like the Unicorn Queen collection, this bundle consists of a 3-pan highlighter palette and 3 Diamond Crusher lip toppers, all of which can be purchased separately if you don’t want to pay $76 to get the discounted bundle.  The Diamond Crushers individually are $18 and the palette is $38 for a total value of $92 (making the bundle about a 17% discount).

LC Angels 01

The swatches didn’t photograph very well (imagine – me having problems getting a good photo!), though it’s probably a mix of my skills and the fact that these seems more sheer than the previous collections.  Regardless, here’s what I was able to snap:

LC 03

Because they tend to go in pairs, I’ve marked the Diamond Crushers with DC and the highlighters with HL: Left to Right we have Halo (HL), Pink Pearl (DC), Heaven 24/7 (HL), Angel’s Breath (DC), Celestial (HL), and Cloud 9 (DC).The first and the last pair are like the Mermaid and Unicorn sets in that they seem to be coordinated shades.  For the middle, however, they went with a contrasting pink highlight and blue lip topper.  And of course, you can always use them paired together however you’d like – they are all in that same opalescent pinky-blue-purple range.  They are pretty, but I’m not as impressed with the highlighters this time around.  I’ve generally liked Lime Crime’s highlighters, but I’m just not feeling these.  They are all a little too sheer, a little too subtle for my taste.  I would have also loved a nice icy white highlight, like puffy clouds a little angel my rest his heavenly butt cheeks on.

Ahh well.

Angels 01

Whether you’re the smart one, the pretty one, or the kickass karate one (or maybe all three rolled into one!), the Angels Collection has some gorgeous pastel sparkle to have you looking your best.  Maybe you won’t solve the mystery or recover any stolen counterintelligence, but you’ll look like you could.  And that’s almost as good.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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