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It’s been a hot minute – maybe two! – since I wrote a review of the YouNique 3D Fiber mascara, and while it’s not something I reach for all the time (I actually kind of like the Tyra Beauty BIG Lashes better, and neither of them totally replaces my falsies!) it’s still a pretty solid product, especially if I’m just doing some computer stuff and not a full show beat.  What I never got around to was trying the color cosmetics line from YouNique.  Well, as it turns out, a friend that I’ve known since my high school days in 4-H (that’s right – I was cool like that!  Don’t judge, it was a fantastic opportunity for growth!) is now a YouNique Presenter; as a former Tyra BeautyTainer AND a former Avon lady from way back in the day, I’m always happy to help a direct selling sister out so I ordered up one of their “Kudos” deals to try out a few products and see how they do.

The deal I got in on was pretty good: it was a 7-shade shadow palette, a cream eyeshadow/base, and a lipstick.  What convinced me, over other deals that I had seen from the company, was that this time around you could choose the exact palette and shades you wanted.  No pre-made kits, no specific bundles; choose your palette, your cream, and your lipstick and you’re good to go!  I’m not sure how often they do deals like that, but this one seemed to be pretty good – the three products and shipping altogether came to $68.  The regular price would have been $85, which seems a little steep to me, but there are often sales and specials so talk to your Presenter to find out when the best deals are happening (or talk to Tara, my Presenter, through her website: HERE).

Here’s what I got:

You 10The 3-piece bundle included the Moodstruck Addiction Palette #5, Splurge Cream Shadow in Charming, and the Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick in Conceited.  The packaging is simple black with white and gray lettering and this theme continues to the components:

The palette is warm-toned with a great selection of purple and red tones lightening up into some reds and a gold and silver duo that are my favorites of the palette.  The camera sisn’t capture it very well, but the cream shadow is actually a nice mint green and has some opalescent shimmer/glitter to it.  The lipstick is a medium, blue-based pink – nothing very unique but it’s sort of my signature color.  Why fix what’s not broken?!

You 01Swatches L to R: Conceited (lipstick), Brilliant, Vindictive, Suspicious, Vintage, Sarcastic, Fearless, and Victorious (powder shadows), Charming (cream shadow)

The lipstick has amazing coverage!  If the swatch looks a little thick, it’s because it gave me one swipe coverage, but I still swiped it about three times (I guess I was just expecting it to need some building!).  The plastic of the packaging is a little meh; I like the detail on the barrel, but matte plastic tubes always feel a little cheap to me.  I know I’m probably being a packaging snob, but the packaging on the other two products was so good, that this definitely stood out to me.

The eyeshadows finger swatched beautifully, and they were easy to apply when I played around with a brush as well.  Brilliant is a really nice silver – I see so many colors that look like this in the pan and then become a muddy mess on the eye.  Not this one!  It’s got a great metallic shine and stays bright even when you blend with other shadows.  It’s not as good at overlaying other shadows, but will blend nicely at the edges.  Same with Vindictive, and that gold is like the perfect metallic gold.  It’s not too yellow, and not too “antique.”  It reminds me of the gold crayon from the big Crayola boxes when I was a kid – I always had to have the big boxes, otherwise I wouldn’t get the metallic crayons!  Suspicious is a nice warm bronze metallic; not unique, but performs really well.  Vintage is sort of a fun shade: it’s a rusty red with yellowy undertones.  I think this one a lot.  Sarcastic is a berry shade that has a nice cool flash to it.  Fearless is a gorgeous royal purple and helps cool down the collection a little bit with its strong blue tones.  Victorious is the only shade that I think is a little bit wasted.  It’s not the same, but very similar to Sarcastic and I would have liked to have seen a different pop of color instead of one of these two (and I prefer Sarcastic – of course! – so there you go).  This is a nice, sturdy cardboard palette with a small mirror in the lid.  The magnetic closure is nice and strong, so this shouldn’t come open if you travel.  If you need a matte to finish your look, this won’t be a “one palette and done” kind of thing for you – it’s all shimmer all day long!  And that’s just fine with me, as I’ve always gone back and forth between multiple palettes to create my looks, but if you like to stick to one this might be a problem.  If you don’t mind a look that’s all shimmer, there are a few looks you can do with this palette without bringing in any help.

The cream shadow didn’t photograph very well, which is a shame because it’s a really lovely pale pistachio green.  And that opal glitter?  Heaven!  You’ll want a stiff brush if you’re going to do any precision work, but this creamy, gel-like shadow will lay down a nice color base for a sheer look or act as a base for other powder shadows.  And it’s in a frosted glass jar that is heavy and feels very luxe.

You 03

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the quality and performance of these products.  One of the problems with ordering any makeup online or through a distributor is that you don’t gett he immediate gratification and you can’t sample the colors in person unless you’re at a party with a Presenter.  But this is the modern world we live in (I order a majority of makeup on the internet, though there are some things I’ll sample in Sephora or Ulta first before placing my online order) and it’s something anyone can get over – at least I can.  The company does have a “Love It” guarantee, but I always feel guilty returning things to people who do direct sales – it always ends up costing them something somewhere down the line!  Depending on the deals that are available, I would probably try another of the shadow palettes (especially if there’s a gorgeous green shade!) and the cream shadows also pique my interest.

While the mascara never made its way into my “ride or die”list, I’m glad that Tara convinced me to give this brand another shot.  It didn’t change my life, but it gave me some inspiration and left me feeling just a little more…YouNique.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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