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Choc 192017 was a rough year for Too Faced; no less than three of their newest products ended up on my “Worst Buys of 2017” list (Melted Latex liquified lipstick, the Melted version of Unicorn Tears, and the abysmally bad “melting powder” products from the Peaches and Cream collection).  Given this recent record of dodgy quality, I was leery of picking up the items in the Chocolate Gold release.  After so many bombs, could they finish the year strong?  Despite my hesitation, I decided to pick up the Chocolate and Gold eyeshadow palette, the Diamond Light highlighter, and the Melted Gold liquified lip gloss (aren’t lip glosses always “liquified?!).  In a separate order, I also picked up the White Chocolate Bar palette, and I’ll include a review of that below as well!  I ordered all of my items directly from Sephora; I’m still gun shy from the Sweet Peach collection fiasco and haven’t ordered from the Too Faced website in about a year!

First up, can we just talk about the subtle shade that Too Faced is throwing with the Chocolate and Gold palette design?  Way back, I wrote a review of Makeup Revolution London, a company that is known for creating inexpensive “dupes” of high end makeup.  If you hadn’t heard of them before, you probably did when Kat Von D lost her shit all over social media over their copy of her Shade & Light palette (which they very subtly called the Light & Shade palette!).  Well, this Chocolate and Gold palette doesn’t look much like the other Chocolate bar palettes that Too Faced has done…but it does look a whole lot like one of those Makeup Revolution London palettes!

Chocolate MRLOh Jerrod Blandino – if we just crown you Queen Petty, can you knock it the fuck off?  The adults have better things to do than sort through all of this drama…

Once you open the palette, you are treated to 16 chocolate scented shades (people are often divided on the scented palettes, but I generally enjoy them) that are mostly glittery, though there are a few matte shades thrown in to help darken or to act as transition shades on a variety of skintones.  Too Faced hasn’t exactly been slaying it in terms of inclusion lately (just look at their painfully pathetic collection of shades for their latest foundation launch, Peach Perfect from the Peaches and Cream collection) so it was nice to see a few different transition shades here.  While the mattes weren’t great (they were ok, but tended to be a little dry and chalky), the shimmer shades were pretty good looking overall:

Choc 06Top, L to R: Money Bags, Chocolate Gold, Rich Girl, Cocoa Truffle, Decadent.
Middle, L to R: Love & Cocoa, Old Money, New Money, Famous, Classy & Sassy, So Boujee
Bottom, L to R: Holla for a Dolla, Gold Dipped, Livin’ Lavish, Drippin’ Diamonds, Rollin’ in Dough

The top row overall was pretty good.  I always love a green shade, but Money Bags is actually really good!  It’s forest-y green with some gold shimmer, deep enough to not frighten away those who might be scared of a bolder green.  I know that Chocolate Gold is the palette’s namesake shade, but I could have done without a large pan of this color.  It’s a nice bright gold and it applies well, but it’s just not something I feel I’ll use enough to justify the big pan.  Rich Girl is a gorgeous champagne color, easily on of my faves.  Cocoa Truffle is the best of the matte shades, and it’s a ncie cool-toned brown.  I see myself using this as a transition shade, even though it’s considerably darker than I am…I do what I want!  Decadent is ok, but you probably have matte blacks in your collection that work as well or better than this one.  Just sayin’.

The Middle row is where things get a little bit boring.  I get that this is one of the chocolate palettes, but the brown/copper/golds in this row don’t do enough to really stand out or to differentiate themselves from one another.  Love & Cocoa is my favorite of the row, but it’s hard to tell it apart from Classy & Sassy, which is almost the same with maybe a bit more rosey tone to it.  Old Money and Famous are also very similar, and neither one is that interesting to me.  New Money is what saves this row for me, at least a little – that gorgeous sparkly pink!  Yes, I get that I always prefer saturated, vivid colors to neutrals but I don’t mind neutrals as long as they have a little personality!  So Boujee is a pretty typical transition type shade.

Choc 05(No flash, previous photo was with flash)

In the last row, Holla for a Dolla is pretty good, a black/gold mix that has a ton of shimmer.  If you want to do a smoky eye that is shimmery, this is the shade for you!  Gold Dipped is a nice gold, not too yellow or aggressive.  Livin’ Lavish is a nice plum, but I would have wanted a little bit more of the purple/violet shade – it tends to get a little washed out when applied.  Drippin’ Diamonds feels like it should be more glittery – duh, because of the name! – but it’s actually not a bad platinum silver metallic.  It applies evenly, and has some nice shine.  Rollin’ in Dough is the other big pan, good for transition and brow highlight, maybe a lid color if you want to keep it matte.  It’s fine; it applied a little chalky when I swatched it, but I was able to finesse it with a brush.

Overall the palette is a good addition to my collection, and I don’t regret buying it, but it’s not the most unique or interesting.  There was a chance to include some really amazing shades, but as per usual Too Faced stayed in the same, safe territory.  The packaging is really nice, if you’re into that, and I don’t think you’ll hate it.  Just depends on how many sparkly browns you already have in your collection and how you feel about this brand.

Choc 20

As for the highlighter…thank you JAYSUS, Too Faced finally did a fairly decent highlight!  The Love Light Prismatic Highlighters that came out with the Natural Love palette were pretty sheer and didn’t perform very well, and then they followed it up with the travesty of the Peach Frost Melting Powder highlight.  That POS had no pigmentation whatsoever, and the little you did get immediately blended away to nothing the second a brush got within an inch of the application.  It was really tragic.  At first, I wasn’t even going to buy this highlight, but can we just talk about the packaging?  First of all, I love the faceted gem look of the product itself, and the pink ring box is so freaking cute I can’t even handle it.  I ordered it knowing that if this one sucked as bad as the others, I would never buy another Too Faced highlighter again…ever!

This one didn’t photograph very well, but what’s cool is that there are three colors of flash that are all swirled together: blue, gold, and pink.  If you want, you can go in with a small brush and pull just the color you want, or you can swirl them altogether for a cool-toned pearl/silver sort of color.  In the three swatches next to each other, they are gold, blue, and pink from left to right, and they actually looked fairly different in person.

I had trouble using a thin fan brush and getting any color payoff, but I got a smaller, denser brush and was able to get a good application.  I really do like this, and I imagine I’ll use this one a lot, both alone and paired with other more colorful highlighters.  And I am definitely saying, “I do!” to that gorgeous packaging!  It’s nice to see them get a winner…for a change.

As far as the Melted Gold, I actually didn’t mind this as much as I thought I would.  It’s the same thick texture I didn’t like with the Melted Latex, but the color is pretty saturated and it’s a nice gloss to use alone or to put over a lipstick.  I didn’t have time to try it over a liquid lipstick, so I’m not sure if it reactivates the formula, but just colorwise it’s sheer enough that it should be able to layer while still giving you a good gold payoff.

The Chocolate Gold collection didn’t entirely get Too Faced off my shit list, but overall the collection was pretty good (and what was bad wasn’t nearly as bad as their losers from the last year!) and shows that the brand is still capable of creating decent products.  I’ll be keeping an eye on them in 2018, and while I won’t immediately snatch up every new release, I’ll be much more open to what they have to offer.

Choc 04Top, L to R: Mint Chocolate, Glaze, Cake Batter, Exotica, Chocolate Syrup
Middle, L to R: Pearl Candy, Raspberry Rose, Indulge, Lavender Cake, Guilt-Free, Smoked Sea Salt
Bottom, L to R: Frosted Apricot, Cookie Dough, Sugared Raisin, Black Sugar, Banana Date

*Sigh*  Some days I think that Too Faced should just change their tagline to “Makeup for White Girls.”  Not that white girls shouldn’t have lovely makeup options, and you know I love a good pastel, but this palette is so pale that it’s not going to be super useful to a lot of deeper skintones.  With some building, I think medium skintone users will be able to get some decent payoff, but it’s going to be some work!  I found it very interesting that Juvia’s Place, a fabulous black-owned makeup brand, recently released The Douce palette (review coming soon!): a pastel-inspired palette that looks like the white chocolate palette, but with deeper, more vivid shades that will work on a wider range of skintones.  And for a brand that usually has stories about how the palettes are inspired by different peoples and traditions from Africa, this one just references desserts.  Hmmmm, maybe Blandino isn’t the only one throwing shade!

Choc 02

Anyway, back to White Chocolate Bar:

In the Top Row, Mint Chocolate is a nice pastel green that has a fair amount of pigmentation, and it’s not as light as it often looks in photographs.  Glaze is a highlight shade…and it’s boring af.  You have this shade a million times over, and if you have pretty much any other Too Faced palette you probably already have it in there.  The matte is chalky and just needs too much fussing to work.  Cake Batter is fine for a transition shade, but it doesn’t have enough punch to work for much else besides that.  Exotica is a peachy champagne that’s ok, though it tends to sheer out a bit when you apply it.  Chocolate Syrup is another matte that looks a lot like everything else that Too Faced has already put out.  It’s got a nice cool undertone, so at least that’s a win for us cool divas.

In the Middle row…ugh.  I’m not even going to talk about them all individually.  They are repetitive, totally recycled shades that look way too familiar.  They also look too much like each other.  Smoked Sea Salt, the dark shade at the end, can’t even rescue this sad row.  And Lavender Cake is so washed out…hard pass.

The Bottom row is ok.  Frosted Apricot is a pretty peachy shade, and it looks nice next to Cookie Dough.  Sugared Raisin looks like it’s supposed to have a sort of lilac undertone, but that disappears when you apply it.  Layer it with Lavender Cake if you want that pastel purple sort of effect.  Black Sugar is one of those annoying shades that Too Faced keeps doing that’s a matte, but has glitter suspended in it and the minute you apply it and blend the glitter is now everywhere but on your eyes.  STAHP!  How can they think that those shades are still a good idea?!  And Banana Date feels like another nondescript rerun.

Choc 03Now, don’t I feel like a dope?  When Too Faced first previewed this palette on social media, people were savage as fuck!  They ripped it apart, and spared no violence.  I tried to be positive; perhaps because I’m just done and over with all of the warm palettes with rose golds and cranberries, I was super excited to finally see something cool toned and pastel and beautiful.  I said, “I’m going to buy that palette and see how fabulous it can be.”  Turns out I was duped. It just feels like a bunch of recycled shades with a few pops of mildly interesting colors that have varying degrees of effectiveness.

It wasn’t that long ago that Too Faced was one of those brands that provided me with delicious indulges that I just had to have.  Not so much anymore.  While they still have some quality products, they are fewer and farther between, and it’s harder to anticipate which ones will blow you away and which ones will blow you off.  I suggest sampling their goodies in the store first to help prevent buyer’s remorse.  A little sweet tooth can be good, but try not to get stuck with a cavity…and an empty wallet.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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