California Dreamin’ On Such A Winter’s Day

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LC California 02

January may be a month that many look forward to because it contains the birthdays of two phenomenal divas (yours truly and the incomparable Betty White, both on the 17th!), but it can also be colder than fuck!  What better way to beat the cold than to do a little California Dreaming with some fabulous glittery kip toppers from Lime Crime?!

I’ve sung their praises before, but I’ll do it again: I love the Diamond Crushers from Lime Crime so much!  They can be a little chunky, so you have to finesse them a bit as you apply, but the colors are always gorgeous and the sparkle is amazing!  This collection, the California Love bundle, is stacked like an LA porn star’s lacy brassiere with 5 amazing shades that evoke the beach at sunset.  How could we not be California Dreamin’ on a winter’s day with this amazing collection?

The shades above, L to R, are reflected in the bottom of the picture: L.A., Gemini, Summer, Unicorn, and Heirloom.  They have the same consistency as all of the other Diamond Crushers but I felt like the fragrance was a little softer with this collection that others I’ve received in the past.  Here are the swatches:

LC California 01

L.A. looks really orange in the tube, but it’s got a strong coral/red tone that emerges when it’s applied.  Great for blinging up warm lip looks without lightening up the lips too much.  Gemini is a purple shade with opalescent glitter that looks a little muddy to me, but it’s not bad.  I would suggest using a brighter purple liquid lipstick under this, and then put a layer of Gemini on to mute the color a bit.  If your lipstick underneath is muted, this could look a little bit more bland than you intend.  Summer is a fantastic pastel pink that’s sparkly and girly and like a strawberry cone on the pier!  This is one of my favorites of all the Diamond Crushers as it’s light and versatile and can combine with a lot of different lip colors to create a variety of looks.  Unicorn is a pale opal shade that’s not totally unique (if you have all of the other Diamond Crushers like I do, you probably already have something similar – Acid Fairy and Over the Rainbow come to mind) but it’s still a lovely cool-toned shade that will give you a lot of payoff.  Heirloom is another favorite; what can I say, I love a good blue-based hooker pink!  This one is less glittery but has lots of amazing metallic shimmer.  I want to try it out to see if it lasts as well as the glittery finish toppers, but it swatches the same so that’s a good sign.

This collection tends towards the warm tones; even Unicorn and Heirloom are close enough to that neutral middle ground that they would pair nicely with your warmer eye looks.  If ABH’s Modern Renaissance or the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette is your go-to, these toppers will complement those shades nicely, either alone or over a liquid lipstick.  These dry quickly, so be careful when applying as the one big downside they have is that they don’t layer very well – if possible, you want to get your perfect application the first time through!

So even if you’re shivering in your house as the temperature’s fall (I know that North Dakota will be stretching out it’s “White Christmas” for the next few months!), you can get a little taste of the SoCal sunshine with this glimmering bundle from Lime Crime Cosmetics.  The leaves may be brown, and the sky may be gray, but Lime Crime is always there with a blast of colorful, pigmented sunshine exactly when you need it!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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