Telling Stories: Sephora’s Arty New Lipstick Line PLUS House Of Lashes Liner Collab

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I’ll be the first to say that I rarely ever shop from the Sephora collection; I’ve found it to be really hit and miss, especially with the eye products.  But you know your girl is a whore for packaging and they sucked me in with a new collection that launched right before Christmas: the #Lipstories collection.  These lipsticks come in three finishes – Metal, Cream, and Matte – and they have a cardboard top that has gorgeous, color-coordinated artwork.  The name of each shade is inspired by the image, or vice versa.  Either way, it’s a really lovely presentation, and at only $8 each I decided to dive right in…and bought 9 shades to try!

Being the glitter slut I am, 5 of the shades are from the Metal finish, but I also got two of each of the Cream and Matte shades.  Here’s what I ended up with:

Sephora 15Metals, L to R: Coconut Grove, Take A Spin, Ice Breaker, Ouch!, Just Add Tinsel

Sephora 14Cream, L to R: Popsicle Lips, Cash Money

Sephora 13Matte, L to R: Take a Bite, Twolips

The metals had the best options for “crazy” colors, and I definitely took advantage of that.  The cream finish is fairly shiny and almost has a “wet” look.  The matte lipsticks are anything but; they would be better described as a velvet finish.  They have the least shine of the three finishes, but they are just the most recent example of the beauty industry’s complete refusal to acknowledge what the word matte is supposed to mean.  Here are closeups of each of the lipsticks, with and without flash, as well as a little more detail of the artwork on the cap.

Sephora 04Coconut Grove is a gorgeous blue-toned pink with a lot of glitter.  This was a great start to experiment with the collection – if they are all this good, it’s going to be a coup to have gotten all of this new lip stuff for under ten bucks a pop!  This is a great option for people who want a glitter/metallic lipstick but maybe not the vibrant colors of the rainbow.  This shade is totally wearable, and though it’s definitely cool-toned I think a lot of skintones could make this work in the right look.

Sephora 05Another very wearable shade, Take a Spin is a light champagne shade that tends a little bit more to the taupe side.  The pics without flash have a sort of yellow cast to them that I’m not sure how it got there (it’s the first time shooting with my new phone’s camera, so maybe that’s the problem?), so the pics with flash have the truest representation of the color.  This would also work really nicely over a dark liquid lipstick to create an ombre or just add some sparkle all over the lip.

Sephora 06You’re gonna get it now – ready for some true blue metal shine?!  Because that’s exactly what Ice Breaker is serving up, and it’s glorious.  Blue tube lipsticks tend to sheer out on the lips and leave you looking like you have hypothermia instead of a trendy new lip color – not this shade!  This goes on blue and has tons of pigmentation.  The glitter/shine is a little more subdued than some of the other Metal lipsticks, but it’s still a pretty great shade.

Sephora 07Ouch! is perfection, and not just because it’s green and I never have anything bad to say about green makeup (seriously, feel free to tell me to shut the fuck up about green in the comments below – I recognize that I have a possibly unhealthy obsession).  This shade is a light shade, but packs a ton of pigmentation.  That’s not easy to do.  A lot of pastels, regardless of color, that have a shimmer formula often tend to sheer out on the lips and I love that this is so true to the color you see in the tube.  And it’s green; this is my page and I can obsess if I want to!

Sephora 08Just Add Tinsel is just as good quality as the other Metals, but I’m sad how much more gray it is than actual silver.  It’s not bad – I’ve definitely seen worse, but I still haven’t found that ideal chrome-silver lipstick that I think only exists in my fantasy land.  This applied smoothly and has nice pigmentation, though it does look darker on my skin than it did in the tube.  Just something to keep in mind as you’re planning your look.  I love the artwork on this one, but if I were ordering again I’d probably skip this shade.

Sephora 09Popsicle Lips is another one that really got mangled by my camera – despite what the no flash pic shows, it’s definitely a deep, cool-toned red!  Very classic, very TSwift, very Marilyn Monroe.  The application is a little bit slicker (I hesitate to say greasier, because of the negative connotation, but it’s definitely a different sort of feel than the other two) and not entirely great, but it’s not a huge deterrent.  If this had the finish of the Mattes, and the Mattes were actually…well, matte, then it would be perfect.

Sephora 10Just in case you thought I couldn’t ever say anything negative about green makeup, Cash Money is actually my least favorite of all 9 shades I purchased.  It has that same slick consistency and the color is just too dark.  It photographed almost black, and while it’s not quite that dark, it’s definitely darker than I would have expected.  You could use this to create a green ombre, but if you want to wear it alone you’re going to miss out on most of the green effect.  There are other options out there that will perform better.

Sephora 11Take a Bite is a lovely coral red and while the matte finish isn’t really matte, it’s a pretty solid color.  This sort of color should be a staple for anyone with a very warm or olive-complexion who like a bright red lipstick.  Lighter skinned folks can play this up as well, and it will show up as a sort of strawberry red.  I think anyone can wear this shade, actually, as long as they have a love for vivid, vibrant colors.  This color will not blend in to anything…and it shouldn’t!  Let ‘er rip!

Sephora 12Twolips is like the perfect manifestation of a 1980s Barbie box I’ve ever seen!  It’s a blue-toned pink, but not nearly as blue as it looks in this pic.  It’s seriously like they took the box, melted it down, and made this.  I adore this shade.  I can even forgive the abuse of the word matte in this case, because the lipstick has just the perfect amount of shine to go alone with it’s perfect pinkness.  I have nothing bad to say about this shade, and the contrast in the cap art is truly beautiful.

Now that you’ve seen all of the lipsticks themselves, I suppose I should show you the swatches!

Sephora 01If Sephora’s store brand was always this good, I would be an absolute devotee!  It’s a shame that the quality is so scattershot, because when they are on they are muthafuckin’ ON!  And when they aren’t…well, that’s a sad story for another day.  But I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on the store brand from now on to see if there are any other undiscovered treasures that have escaped my notice!

BONUS: I bought these eyeliners on a whim and they didn’t seem to warrant a whole review of their own, so since they are Sephora brand, I’m tagging them onto the end of this one!

Sephora 18Actually, these are a Sephora collab with House of Lashes: the Art Nouveau Liquid Liner Set.  I’m not a huge fan of liquid liner (because I’m terrible at it!) but as these were unique colors and because they had a felt tip instead of a brush, I decided to give them a try.  I won’t know if I can make them work until I actually try to work them into a look, but the swatches looked pretty good:

They don’t knock my socks off, but they are fun and I do enjoy a pastel liner moment every now and then.  I’ll definitely give them the old college try.  Being that this was a collab, I did have a minor gripe about the packaging.  The box is cute and well designed (though am I the only one that thinks the House of Lashes logo looks like the word “Ho” with a tail?!), but the liners are put in at weird angles:

Sephora 19“But Miss Jaye,” I hear you protest, “isn’t it possible that the liners shifted in the packaging after they were packed?”  And that’s what I thought too…until I opened them and realized that each one was attached to the inner plastic with a glue dot.  So someone took the time to affix a glue dot, but didn’t take the time to see how the printing was lined up with the window?  It also could be a machine that did it, but usually machines are better at that sort of precision work, not worse.  Anyway, it’s that sort of lack of attention to detail that often pushes me away from the Sephora collection.  This collection should take some notes from the #Lipstories collection!

Love it or hate it, the Sephora store brand collection is pumping out a steady stream of products to compete with their pricier, luxury counterparts, and some of them are actually pretty good.  You just need to take the time to sort through which is which.  Whether or not you see yourself living out that particular story…well, that’s up to you.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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