Your Wish Is My Command: Karity’s Matte And Unicorn Dreams Palettes

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So whenever a big YouTuber says, “You guys requested this so I just had to do it” I always want to gag.  I hate this for a few reasons:

  1. You probably got the product in PR – there is no way you weren’t already going to do a review, not if you like that free makeup flowing freely into your greedy clutches.
  2. It always seems like it just happens to be the hottest new product – of course people are talking about it.  Why not throw some support to worthy indie brands?
  3. If you have enough followers, someone is going to ask about pretty much everything!  So saying that a video was “requested” – ummm, duh?!

Now, I’m a big fan of what we’re doing here in the Makeup Forum and I think we’ve got some pretty great content; I’m always excited when I see that there’s some traffic coming to check out what we’ve got, but I don’t have people asking me to review products left and right.  When I do get these kinds of requests, I definitely at least go take a peek at the products to see if I’m interested.  But when I had no less than three people ask me about a review for a brand within a few weeks of each other, I decided it was definitely something I needed to check into.

And that something is Karity Cosmetics.

I’ve seen them mentioned in a couple of YouTube videos, but they aren’t showing up as often as some other larger, more PR-happy brands; their reach seems to be larger on Instagram.  I follow a few makeup brands on IG and I saw quite a few commercials for Karity in November and December, part of a large holiday push.  I took advantage of a 30% off sale they had around Thanksgiving and ordered two palettes: Matte and Unicorn Dreams.

Karity 09

Matte is exactly what it sounds like: 21 gorgeously pigmented matte shadows.  Karity’s prices are a little higher than a Morphe or a Crown Brush palette, but lower than your typical Sephora brands.  This palette was $29; with the 30% discount it came out to just over $20.  Not a bad price – if the shadows perform!  In the picture above, the top part of the photo is without flash, the bottom is with flash.  My new cell phone camera is having some struggles with depicting oranges and yellows, so those will probably look the most dramatically different.  I’ll also include a picture from the Karity website below with professional lighting so you can get another view.

Karity Shade Names

They had two palettes with somewhat similar shades, Matte and Smokey, but Smokey was a mix of matte and shimmer.  I decided to go with matte because of the variety of shades; especially for some of the lighter, brighter shades, I’m less likely to already have a dupe of a matte shade than a shimmer (since glitter is LIFE!).  Here’s how they swatch out, row by row, with flash on the bottom and no flash on the top:

Top Row:

Karity 14

Middle Row:

Karity 13

Bottom Row:

Karity 12

These are fantastic mattes – they are so blendable and pigmented.  A few of the lighter shades seemed to be a bit more inconsistent, but I played around very little with a brush and was able to get a fabulous swatch.  These colors are all great, but I loved that the light worked just as well as the dark, and that there was such a rainbow range of shades to pick from.  Each of the rows vertically could be used to create a simple chromatic look without much fuss, or you can go brave and mix from across the palette.  If you are missing mattes in your collection, watch for a sale and get this palette in your kit, you’ll definitely thank me later.

And because I just can’t seem to stay away from g.d. unicorn makeup, I decided to give the Unicorn Dreams palette a try as well.

karity 10

There aren’t really any surprises in this palette: pretty typical unicorn trend stuff with a strong showing of purples and pinks, a little cool green action to widen the range of pastels, and a few neutrals to help with blending and calming down the overall pastel explosion.  This palette is a little smaller with 15 pans, and retails for $25 (I nabbed it for 30% off, or $17.50).  Here’s a pic from the Karity website:

Karity Shades Unicorn

Apparently I was feeling brave and decided to just do all 15 shades on my arm at one.  Someone should stop me when I get crazy!  Again, top is no flash and bottom is with flash.

Karity 11

I’m trying to think of how to describe my reaction to this palette.  I wasn’t wowed by it; I loved the shades, but that’s because these are the sort of shades and combinations that I always love.  There were a few standouts, like the intensely pigmented purples Believer and Nag, and there some blueish greens that tickle my fancy.  But I don’t know that it would be hard for me to dig into my collection and find dupes for most of these shadows.  Maybe it’s just that I have makeup exhaustion and nothing really surprises me anymore, but this just didn’t offer me anything that felt unique or original.  It’s still gorgeous, and I would say that these shimmers are pretty close in quality to a shadow like Juvia’s Place, which I sing the praises of very often.

That’s what I like about my community of makeup friends: when I hear that I need to try something, I almost always get a fabulous recommendation.  We’re not necessarily swayed by PR lists and YouTube “gurus,” and we just love a good product.  If you’ve got something you’d really love to see (or that you really think is great and that I need to try, like RIGHT NOW!) please leave them in the comments.  I read the comments on every post (I need to get better about replying – that’s how we build the community and have an actual conversation!) and I love hearing about what people love and what they hate.

For now, I’ve got a couple of great new palettes, and an up and coming indie brand to watch out for.  Shout out to those who recommended these to me, especially OG Karity cheerleader Jessie V!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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