Enjoy The Beauty Bloodbath With Color Kill Makeup

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Full disclosure – there is nothing about this brand that inspires thoughts of horror movies or creepy stuff.  It’s actually kind of cute and cartoony.  But with my love of horror and a brand name like Color Kill Make Up, how could I resist?

I wish I could remember how I even found this indie brand; I was falling down the google rabbit hole, looking for new brands and things to try, and some combination of words and ideas lead me to the little spot on the web that houses Color Kill Make Up, and I’m super glad it did!  These are some really great liquid lipsticks, and they were having a holiday sale that allowed me to try 5 different shades for less than fifty bucks all told.  Here are the 5 shades I picked up:

Color Kill 03From L to R: Love Thing, Carnival, Ruby Bling, Sweet Salmon, and Playmate.

Love Thing, Carnival, and Sweet Salmon were part of a bundle deal; I ordered Playmate so that I could try a nude shade and Ruby Bling to see how the metallic shades performed.  They all arrived very quickly, within a week of ordering.  Here are some swatches of the colors:

Color Kill 01

The top swatches are without flash, bottom are with flash.  For some reason my new cell camera has a tendency to give images without flash a very yellow cast.  The bottom picture is truer to the colors that I see when I look at the swatches, but I include the top pic as well to give you a sense of how these might look or photograph in different lighting situations.

Love Thing is a bright, red-based purple that painted on pretty consistently.  Purples/berries can be a bit patchy, but this one looks lovely; I don’t think a second coat would hurt anything if you are concerned about the consistency, but I don’t think it’s necessary.  Carnival is your typical blue-based pink, and it’s a lovely, pigmented option to consider.  If you like cool-toned looks, this is a must have shade for your collection, and this is a great option.  It’s not too light or too pastel and has a great presence.  Ruby Bling isn’t as metallic as I might have wanted (more of a subtle metallic sheen) but the trade off in visual bling is that it performs just as well as its matte sisters, which is sometimes a challenge for metallic formulas.  This one reminds me a lot of Jeffree Star’s Rich Blood, but without the glitter element.  Sweet Salmon is a yellowy pink that can photograph a little peachier than it actually is (see top of photo).  It’s a little warmer than Carnival, so if you want a light pink that isn’t quite as icy cool, this will be a great option.  Playmate is a lovely peachy-pink nude.  It’s not a standout color…but then, I’ve never been as big of a fan of nude/neutral shades (can’t imagine why!).  If you like a nude lip that has a little bit of a blush tone to it, this will be a fantastic option for you.

These are not super thick or moussey and they dry fairly quickly, though not so quick that you don’t have time to finesse or correct any mistakes you might make.  The packaging is cute, though I wish there was more on the website to give background on the designs and the name – they are pretty and I love the look, but I’m not sure I understand the “story.”  I normally hate frosted components for liquid lipsticks, but these are the perfect balance of not obscuring the color too much while also having that elegant, frosted look.  I can look at these tubes and still understand what color I’m picking up, unlike some other brands where the frosted containers conceal too much of the product’s color (I’m looking at YOU, Lime Crime Velvetines!).

Color Kill 02

I like what this brand has going on, and I’m excited to see what kinds of new products they may offer as they grow and expand.  The products are nice quality and they are putting a lot of thought and effort into the details.  If these lipsticks are any indication, Color Kill Make Up came to SLAY!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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