The I’s Have It: Kickin’ It Old School With Inglot Cosmetics

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Inglot LogoRemember the good ol’ days of YouTube, when you could actually watch people put on makeup and learn how to do it for yourself, instead of everyone just pimping themselves out for brands or drama channels making shit up to clickbait you into feeding their AdSense revenue?  Yeah, those were the good times.  And one of my favorite makeup artists from back in the day was Queen of Blending.  She was featured in one of my OG posts when I was first launching the Makeup Forum, and I still love her over the top glam sensibilities.

One of the brands that she talked about with some frequency was Inglot.  Since she stopped recording videos regularly, I find that I don’t hear this brand mentioned nearly as often; in fact, I kind of forgot about them until I was looking at my Brand Archive and trying to find companies to fill out the last few letters in my A to Z index.  Kind of a stupid reason to order from a brand, but whatever got me there, I’m glad I did!  I really like the shadows I received, and I’m not sure why more “gurus” don’t talk about them (it probably has to do with how much free shit they’re willing to send out…but that’s a rant for a different day!).

Inglot 01

I am always a fan of a brand that does “build your own” palettes.  Whenever a palette comes out, even if I fall in love there will inevitably been at least a few shades that aren’t really my jam.  I mean, I’m a fucking drag queen – I have all the transition colors I’ll ever need in my Naked palettes, so bring on the TechniColor explosion!  When you can choose and arrange all of your own colors, you eliminate the chance of getting a dud, unless you happen to pick one that doesn’t end up working for you.  And I’ve mentioned my love of green shadows at least a million and four times, so I was totally down to build my own palette of gorgeous greens!

First, that palette – I love it!  The top piece is clever: it attaches with magnets that are loose enough that you won’t have to fight with it to get to your shadows but tight enough that you don’t have to worry about it coming open in your case from just a couple of bumps.  The top piece has the Inglot logo and it’s frosted, but you can still see the shadows pretty well through it.  They have a variety of products in this sort of mix and match collection – face products, lipsticks, blushes – but I wanted a splash of fabulous color so I stuck with the shadows.  I ordered from Beautylish, but you can also order directly from the Inglot website.

Here are the swatches:

Inglot 02L to R: 62 (AMC), 611 (Double Sparkle), 610 (Double Sparkle), 477 (Double Sparkle), 41 (Shine)

There are five finishes: Matte, Pearlescent, Shine, Double Sparkle, and AMC.  I searched both Beautylish and the Inglot site to find a definition or description of what AMC is supposed to be, but to no avail.  In terms of application, it reminded me a little of the Too Faced shadows where they have a matte finish, but with glitter suspended in it.  I’m not sure if that’s what it’s supposed to be, but the good news is that the glitter in these holds on a lot better than the glitter in the Too Faced shadows!  After doing the swatches, I played around with the colors on my eyes (I usually don’t photograph those experiments because it’s more just playing than actually trying to make something that looks like…well, anything!) and I didn’t notice a ton of fallout and it blended well with the other shadows.  62 is listed under the browns, but it looks like a black to me.  It’s got a subtle red glitter sparkle to it; in fact, it reminds me a lot of MAC’s Beauty Marked, but the glitter is less noticeable.  Not surprisingly I ended up with three Double Sparkles – who doesn’t need more sparkle?!  All three of these greens have yellow/gold shimmer to them.  611 is a pretty forest green, not quite as cool-toned as 610 but close.  610 reminds me a lot of the Sephora Pantone Color of the Year collection for Emerald.  Ugh, I can’t believe that was all the way back in 2013!  I loved that collection and I love this color.  477 is a bright lime green with golden shimmer.  I didn’t think that any of these were particularly sparkling when applied, but the subtle glitter looked really nice, and again I really appreciated that I didn’t have a ton of fallout all over the place.

41 was the one Shine shade that I ordered and it.  It’s a lovely lemon metallic shade that applies much lighter than how it appears in the pan.  I ain’t mad about it.  I love a strong primary yellow, but I love pastel yellow as well, and my collection isn’t bursting with too many of either type, so I’m sure I’ll find a use for it.

Maybe Inglot has fallen off the YouTube radar because all those gurus on the YT are too busy chasing the next best thing – the newest launch, the latest innovation, the latest tropical vacation and box of free promo merch.  Looking at the Inglot site, they are clearly still developing and launching new products, but they aren’t a trend brand; they seem much more focused on building a solid brand of essential products with a variety and selection that will serve both professional makeup artists and cosmetics junkies alike.

I came to check off a letter from my alphabetical list, but I’ll be back again to put together another fabulous travel palette filled with amazing colors.  Plus there are two more finishes I need to try, and these I’s aren’t going to paint themselves!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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