Champagne For The Soul Presents: Queers of a Certain Age Discussion Group

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Older 03We know that we don’t post nearly as much “Champagne for the Soul” stuff as we probably should, but with Miss Jaye’s recent milestone birthday (her 22nd birthday just had its 18th birthday…for those slow at math, the bitch turned 40!) she’s been wanting to do more personal growth and development projects.

Enter the Queers of a Certain Age Discussion Group.

The purpose of the group is to bring together people from all ends of the LGBTQ+ spectrum who are 30 and over and talk about aging, how to handle and navigate changing identities and changing bodies, and other issues of interest to a slightly more mature crowd than might be served by the 10% Society, the LGBTQ group located at UND (that does ah-mazing work in their own right, by the way!).

Starting February 1, the group will meet on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Willow Life Center in the basement of the River’s Edge building.  Meetings will start at 8 pm, and snacks will be provided.

Older 02Topics for the first few meetings have been announced, but they may change and grow and develop as the group meets and members shift the direction.  Here’s the planned discussion topics for the first two months:

February 1: What with the word “Queer”?  This is becoming a much more mainstream word, but there are also lots of people who have reservations about it, or for whom it holds negative connotations.  What words do you use to describe your own identities and the communities you come from?

February 15: The day after Valentine’s Day seemed like a great time to talk about relationships and dating as you get older.  If you’re in a relationship, has getting older impacting your relationship, your attitudes about romance or sex, or other related issues?  If you are single, what challenges does aging bring into the mix?

March 1: Coming out stories – they are a part of the fabric of our communities, but as there is a growing acknowledgement of queer people in our society and shifting societal attitudes (not to mention people coming out at younger and younger ages) the nature and tone of many of these stories are changing.  How do these stories fit into our communities and do they still matter?  If so, why?

If you have an idea for a topic to discuss, feel free to bring it to a meeting.  As things progress and if a core group of attendees develops, there will be opportunities to lead discussions as well.  Ground rules for discussion and discretion will be discussed at each meeting, but the main requirements are that you identify as one of the many identities in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and that you’re over 30 years.  I mean, no is going to be checking IDs at the door but…

You can find the event pages and get more info on the Champagne Dreams Productions Facebook page.

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