Powder Puff Girls – NYX’s New Take On Liquid Lipstick

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It might be sugar, and spice, and everything nice – but can this new formula from NYX save Townsville from the boredom of yet another liquid lipstick launch?!

PPG 01

NYX has been putting out quite a few new lipstick products recently (I’ll be reviewing some of their duochromes in an upcoming post – stay tuned!), but the one I’ve been hearing about the most is the Powder Puff Lippie, which comes in 8 shades and retails at a pretty typically low NYX price point of $8.50.  NYX really tried it with their launch of the “In Your Element” eyeshadow palettes at $30 a pop, so I’m glad to see that they are back to offering beauty at a bargain.  I’m all for brands stretching and evolving, but it was just too much, too fast and I wasn’t surprised to see them end up selling at 50% off.  These liquid lipsticks are a much more wallet-friendly option, and I’m 100% here for it!

Here are the 4 shades I picked up – 2 at my local CVS and 2 through the NYX website:

PPG 04L to R: Cool Intentions, Squad Goals, Puppy Love, Group Love

As usual I’m riding the struggle bus in terms of photography and lighting (I don’t know why, but the camera on my new phone wants to give everything a yellow cast without a flash and a bluish cast sometimes with it – a bitch can’t win!).  The photos on the left have no flash, the photos on the right are with flash.

This formula is hard to describe, but it’s definitely different than your typical liquid lipstick formula.  It’s a soft, creamy formula, fairly thick, and although it doesn’t fully dry down and become matte like a typical liquid lipstick, it does sort of “set.”  It’s not transfer proof by any means, but it does a pretty good job of staying put for the most part.  The coverage is…well, again that’s a hard one to descirbe!  It’s full coverage in that your lips get a full coating of color and the color is consistent and true to the product.  But what’s different about this one is that it gives you color without fully masking your lips.  Does that make any sense at all?  I’ll post some lip photos I tried to do below – again, my struggles with technology mean they aren’t wonderful, but they show off the color better than the hand swatches do.

PPG 05Top: Cool Intentions (left) and Squad Goals (right)
Bottom: Puppy Love (left) and Group Love (right)

As you can (kind of) see in the lip swatches, you can see the natural texture of my lips below the color (lips have lines in them – deal with it!), but it’s not the same as liquid lipsticks that can settle in and look bad.  It’s a more natural type of application.  It’s almost like they are still your lips, but if your lips were just naturally that color.  The semi-sheer nature of the product and the powdery satin finish allow your lips to look like they aren’t caked in a product while still giving vibrant color payoff.  I swear I’m bumbling this description so bad, but maybe that’s just more evidence that this is a new makeup innovation in a world that feels like it’s seen everything!  I mean, how do you get something that’s full color that still lets your lips have a sort of natural look.  Is that a thing?!  It is if these Powder Puff Lippies have anything to say about it!

My main problem with these Lippies (besides the fact that NYX is forcing me to use the word “lippie,” which I hate with such a fiery fucking passion that I can’t even fully describe it!) is the applicator.  If you’ve used the OG Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks, it’s got that sort of soft applicator, but instead of having the angled surface that the Too Faced lipsticks had, this one is round.  It made it much harder to get into the corners of my mouth and to paint the cupid’s bow.  The worst example was Group Love – the cupid’s bow on that swatch looks like a set of fucking hedge clippers!  I left it because I imagine I won’t be the only person who has similar problems.  I also had troubles at the corners, but I guess the good news is that it wasn’t that hard to clean it up with a makeup remover.  These remove very easily with minimal staining, which is nice but it also makes me question how long-wearing they will be.  They looked fine for the time it took to paint and swatch and photograph, but for a full day of wear?  Who knows…

PPG 02
In honor of this post, I went to the Powerpuff Girls website and “powerpuffed” myself – what do you think?  Just like me, I feel like she’s got a big ol’ melon head and fabulous accessories.  I guess that’s a good enough representation!

Speaking of representation:

PPG 03

Word is there’s a new Powerpuff girl in Townsville.  I’m sure there are all kinds of people who are mad about this because trolling is the new normal, but I love it.  There are going to be some people who are mad because it’s a PPGOC (PowerPuff Girl Of Color – see what I did there?!) and racism is still a problem.  Then there are going to be those who are mad because it’s different than the original cartoon.  Both reactions are reminders of what’s wrong with our current culture: racism is bad for obvious reasons (and if they aren’t obvious to you, then you should probably spend some quiet time reflecting on the ways that you are probably contributing to that racism!) and fan culture is increasingly toxic, complaining one minute that things are always the same and then bringing out the sharpest of claws the minute anything changes.

Cartoons should be fun.  Makeup should be fun.  And both of them should be for everyone, regardless of skin color.

End of story.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!


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