NYX Slays The Game With Their Duochrome Lip Options

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I’m so glad that we’re making our way out of the neutral wasteland and into a world that’s positively dripping with bright neons, vivid jeweltones, and shifty duochromes!  The color revolution is here, and it’s about damn time!

NYX, one of my favorite bargain brands, is hitting this trend hard with several releases.  Around Christmas, they put out a line of 10 shades of duochrome lip glosses; although I easily could have cleaned out the whole display, I decided to take the three shades that intrigued me the most:

Duo 03L to R: Foam Party, Gypsy Dreams, The New Normal

These glosses are fairly thick, but I didn’t find them uncomfortable or too sticky to wear.  They have a nice reflect to them.  Foam Party is a fabulous mint green and I think it would look stunning over Surge matte liquid lipstick from Makeup Monsters – gorge!  Gypsy Dreams is a purple with lots of pink and it would pair well with either blue- or red-based purples – the blueish purple combined with the cool pink make it pretty versatile!  The New Normal has the most shift to it, starting pink and flashing a bright yellow gold.  All of these have enough pigmentation that they could be worn alone to give some sparkle and color, but would look fabulous layered with other colors.  The swatches might look a little gunky, and I did notice some of the product collecting around the edges of the swatch, but I also was putting it on a little thicker than I normally wood to get a good representation of the color.

I’ve had these glosses for a while and just never got around to reviewing them last month and then NYX droppd three collections of limited edition (and apparently limited quantity?) lip collections: Faux Marble lipsticks that combined to create custom metallic shades, Duochromatic lipsticks that offer a similar flash and sizzle to the duochrome glosses but in a stick form, and the Unicorn Blood lip glosses (anyone think this might be throwing just a tiny bit of shade in Jeffree Star’s direction?  Just me?!) which feature a black base with different combinations of holographic glitter to create truly gorgeous glittery gloss shades.  I wasn’t really feeling the faux marble, but I was all over those other two, and I ordered all 5 shades of each.  Divas, the FOMO was real with these!

Duo 01L to R: Kinetic, Cosmic Gaze, Clash, Eclipse, Black Hole

The Unicorn Blood glosses have a similar consistency to the previous collection, but they all start with a black base, giving them a darker tone.  That combined with some darker shades of glitter resulted in a collection that is a little bit goth but in all the right ways!  Kinetic is a nice lilac/purple with some blue tones and will look great with some dark-lipped cool tone looks.  I imagine this being one of the best over a black lipstick!  Cosmic Gaze is really the one “warm” shade, with a bronze/gold effect that has some pink and maybe even a little green as well!  It’s really pretty.  Clash is a nice pink shade, though it’s the one that impressed me the least.  It doesn’t have enough presence to really knock me out, and the reflect is a little bit one note.  Not bad, just not super special.  Eclipse looks like it’s going to be the most blue, but it actually lightens up quite a bit when applied.  It’s another pretty shade, but not as impressionable.  It didn’t help that I swatched it next to Black Hole which has some great blue and putple tones and is like what Eclipse wants to be when it grows up.

Though some were better than others, I was impressed with these glosses overall and I’m glad that I added them to my collection – NYX is always slaying me with their fabulous lip products and these are no exception!

Duo 02

L to R: As If, So Anti, Dayum, Bless, and Chill Chill

These lipsticks are less impressive than the glosses overall, but I think if you want a look that does duochrome in a slightly more subtle way, these are perfect for you.  I also think that these will give an amazing wash of shifting color if warn over a matte liquid lipstick.  Any of these over Jeffree Star’s Drug Lord would be sick! As If is a pinky purple that is the least impressive of the shades, but could be really lovely if layered over a pastel pink or lavender lipstick.  Again, if you want something with a little less POW, this might be the shade for you.  So Anti looks very pink in the tube but it has plenty of green/gold shift to it.  I’ve seen this shade in eyeshadow a lot, but I love it as a lipstick.  This over a bright pink would be fire!  Dayum is a white base with green/gold shimmer, and it reminds me of Lucky Clover from the ABH Moon Child Glow Kit.  I am absolutely going to do a lip where I layer this lipstick over Drug Lord, and then put Lucky Clover on top.  Now that this recipe has entered my mind, I’m going to be absolutely OBSESSED until I do it!  Bless is a purple blue with lots of blue reflect, a perfect cool shade to give you that glam frostbite look (I promise, I mean that in the best way!).  Chill Chill is the blue shade in the collection and I think this would look great over a blue shade of lipstick – Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker maybe?  Fabulous!

One little oddity – the shade sticker is on the top of the cap instead of the base of the lipstick, so if you mix up the caps they’ll have the wrong names on them.  A minor detail, but sometimes (especially in the makeup saturated consumer landscape we live in) minor details can make a major impact – and influence buying decisions!

NYX is one of the most consistently amazing bargain brands out there: they manage to follow the trends and release lots of new products while keeping their prices fairly low (every lip product mentioned on this review is under $10!).  I’m a little sad that some of these products end up getting phased out, but they’ve always got bigger and brighter things coming out, so even if one of your favorites goes away you can guarantee that before long, some sprakly new bit of wonderful will be there to replace it.

And isn’t that what truly matters?!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

(Our promo image was snagged from Fashionista Budget, a blog that helps you follow trends on a drugstore budget.  Check out their post on holographic makeup HERE!)


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