Thanks A Lottie: Forever 21 Ups Their Beauty Game With Lottie London

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One of my favorite places to go in Seattle is the Forever 21 store on Pine.  “But Miss Jaye,” you might be saying, “don’t we have Forever 21 in North Dakota?  Why would you be excited to go there?”  And the answer is simple, kittens: it has everything you’d want from a Forever 21 store, but there are 3 entire floors of it!  So not only do the moderately priced accessories and cheap, plastic gift items stretch up two escalator rides, but their makeup section is at least 3 times bigger than any I’ve seen at a Forever 21 store before.  And while I’m used to picking up familiar bargain brands like e.l.f. or BH Cosmetics (or generic/”no name” brands selling gimmicky trend items like blending sponges shaped like faceted gems or rainbow unicorn highlighters in a heart shaped box), my latest trip to Seattle was the first time that I’d seen Forever 21 expand their line with a more familiar low price brand: Lottie London.

They had a fairly large display of products and I could have easily spent quite a bit, but I decided to ease into the brand with a product I was very likely to love (since I’ve been on a highlighter buying binge for the last year and a half – seriously, I need an intervention!): the Shimmer Squad and Shimmer Squad – Holographic Haul highlighter quads.  And also because it reminded me of one of my all-time favorite MAC eyeshadow shades, Club, I bought one of the #HOLO Duochrome Lip Lacquer in the shade Shade.

When I got these quads back to my hotel room, I was seriously underwhelmed.  They look really dull and lifeless in the pan, and while Lottie London isn’t exactly at Sephora pricing (each of the quads was around $12, and the lip gloss was around 9 or 10) it also wasn’t the cheapest thing I’ve ever bought.  Luckily when you actually swatch the powders, they come alive!

The original Shimmer Squad is a warm-toned collection of pretty standard highlights called The Good Girl, The Flirt, The Troublemaker, and The Queen Bee:

Lottie 03

The Good Girl is a champagne gold with maybe a slight pink tone to it, The Flirt is a deeper copper shade, The Troublemaker is a champagne silver, and The Queen Bee is a true gold shade.  If you like the shades in the ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit but didn’t get your hands on it, this would be an acceptable substitute for most of the shades (though you wouldn’t get the sherbet orange/coral shade or the white with blue flash!).  Pretty standard as far as highlighters go, but these have great pigmentation and apply smoothly.  There also wasn’t a ton of kickback in the pan.

The Shimmer Squad – Holographic Haul had 4 shades of its own – The Rebel, The BFF, The Gossip, and The Thrill Seeker:

Lottie 02This one was the biggest (and best) surprise: the shades in the pan look dull and boring, almost grey!  But when you actually apply them, they come alive with a ton of shimmer and duochrome sparkle.  The Rebel is a silvery shade that is metallic realness personified.  The BFF is a sweet pink shade with subtle hints of yellow gold.  The Gossip must been green with envy, because she’s got some green flash combined with a bit of yellow.  And The Thrill Seeker is a silvery lilac with maybe a subtle shift of blue.   If you’ve got the ABH Moon Child Glow Kit, there isn’t really anything in here that you need…but when has that ever stopped me before, and it shouldn’t stop you!  These have more of the same gorgeous pigmentation, but some fabulous cool options for an icy beat!

For funsies I also got one of the #HOLO Duochrome Lip Lacquers, and it is super cute:

Lottie 01
It’s a reddish brown base with green glitter, and it really does look like Club in a lip gloss formula!  That was always one of my favorite shades, and I also loved their “Green Brown” loose pigment.  There is just something about the combination!  I keep referring to this as a gloss, because of the texture, but if you look at the swatches above, you can see that there is a fair amount of pigmentation and it can easily be worn alone to give you that lacquered effect.  I didn’t look for the ingredients, so I’m not sure if it would reactivate a liquid lipstick or not, but I imagine this layered over Dominatrix by Jeffree Star or a similar deep chocolate brown shade would be absolute fire!

I’m usually pretty impressed with the rando makeup items available at Forever 21, but I was also glad to see them partnering up with more established brands (like e.l.f., though you can find that one pretty much anywhere!).  Forever 21 has fabulous clothing and accessories at reasonable prices (they just need to work on how large their plus size items go – I want a pink ombre monster fur jacket!) and their makeup selection is getting better every time I shop.  I love that bargain and drugstore brands are really upping their game and keeping up with the trends, proving that you can be stylish and painted no matter what your budget looks like.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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