Will I Ever Get Tired Of Juvia’s Place? The Answer Is No.

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I hope you’re ready for another glowing post about how Juvia’s Place is now my favorite brand of eyeshadow on the market.  I can’t help it.  The metallics and shimmers are always perfection, and the mattes lay down nicely and play well with others.  Add to that the fact that her palettes always include bright pops of gorgeous colors, and I just can’t help but feel that Juvia’s Place is the place to be.  Whenever a new palette drops, I’m all over that business!

The one drawback to Juvia’s Place?  Shit sells out – fast!  People go hard for that brand, and when new palettes come out, it’s not uncommon to have them sell out really quickly.  After that, you’re playing the waiting game.  It’s pretty random when they’ll get restocked, but with a little patience and a little luck I’ve managed to get my hands on all of her palettes.  This post is going to be all about my latest acquisitions: The Douce, The Zulu, and the Saharan II.  These are the newest palettes in the collection – that is, until the Festival palette drops later this month (Jesus, Juvia, just take my money – TAKE IT NOW!).

Now call me a conspiracy theorist (or gawd forbid a drama channel!), but I suspect that The Douce palette might be throwing just a bit of shade at the Too Faced White Chocolate Bar palette:

Choc 02

Why?  Every palette up until this one was released gave the shades African names related to the theme of the palette.  This one features dessert-themed names: Chocolat, Tart, Creme, Macarons, Custard, Puffs, Berry Mousse, Mont Blanc, and Crepes.  The minute the White Chocolate Bar palette was announced, people started noting that the shade selection of cool pastels and very light neutrals would be next to impossible to use on darker skintones.  But…was this a surprise?  Seriously, I don’t know how Too Faced keeps getting a pass on this one – they should just change their motto to “Makeup For White People” and be done with it.  But that’s a rant for another day.  I just can’t help but think that the Douce looks like a new interpretation of the White Chocolate Bar that’s friendlier to a variety of skintones.  Whether it’s intentional or not, I hope Jerrod “Bland As Fuck” Blandino and his crew are paying attention…

Juvia 01Top, L to R: Chocolat, Tart, Creme
Middle, L to R: Macarons, Custard, Puffs
Bottom, L to R: Berry Mousse, Mont Blanc, Crepes

I feel like if you’ve read any of my Juvia’s Place reviews before, you know what I’m going to say: these metallic shades are perfection!  Macarons is the perfect shimmering metallic minty green, and I didn’t even know that this was the shade that would complete my life.  The mattes, as usual, perform well, even the matte tan shade Berry Mousse (though I’m not sure what kind of berry is that color!).  Creme is a gorgeous pinky peach shade that I absolutely adore and it pairs gorgeously with Puffs, the lighter pastel metallic shade.  Put Creme in the crease and Puffs on the lid for a fabulous dimensional pink look!  All of the shades here are wonderful; Crepes is the only one that I don’t see myself using but it’s about the shade itself and not anything to do with the quality.  If you love a solid terracotta orange, this will be your jam!

If you want a rainbow of colorful goodness, then the Zulu is the palette that you need to pick up:

Juvia 02Top, L to R: Matte Orange, Matte Yellow, Matte Brown
Middle, L to R: Matte Teal Green, Shimmer Lime, Shimmer Turquoise
Bottom, L to R: Duochrome Rose, Matte Pink, Matte Purple

The only disappointment with this palette is that the shades don’t have names (above I’ve provided my descriptions of the shades).  I love that Juvia’s Place shares African culture by giving the colors in her palettes African names and linking their design to a specific region, culture, or practice.  It’s a small gripe though – these shades are just as gorgeous as every other palette, and there isn’t a dud in the bunch!  If you’re worried about the lack of neutrals and transition shades, just pick up the OG JP palette, the Nubian, which is 12 neutral shades that will complement this perfectly, and the two palettes together would probably cost the same as one palette from most of the brands in Sephora! As for favorites, the usual suspects present themselves: I love the teal/turquoise shades, the pinks are positively stunning, and that lime green is perfect.  There isn’t a single shade in here I don’t like!

The Saharan II has a slightly more unexpected color selection – and that’s why I love it!

Juvia 03Top, L to R: Marrakesh, Aziza, Hadiya
Middle, L to R: Berber, Nomad, Chefchaouen
Bottom, L to R: Fez, Zohra, Taza

This is not the sort of color selection I would put together on my own, but I love this!  It’s warm and has plenty of neutrals, but it manages to completely distinguish itself from the glut of ABH Modern Renaissance ripoffs that have been flooding the markets.  The pop of blue in the deep red browns and those pastel touches from Marrakesh, Aziza, and Chefchaouen – perfection!  If you like browns and reds, but you want them in a different way than what you’ve been seeing, this is a palette that I think you will love.  Seriously, Berber with these browns is FIRE!  And though I’ll never be able to pronounce it, Chefchaouen is such a gorgeous shade: sort of a silvery blue-green grey.  I’m not sure that even makes sense, but I’m still trying to srap my mind around the beauty of this shade!

I just can’t sing the praises of this brand enough – I have never gotten a palette from them that I didn’t enjoy!  Not only are they very price-conscious, but the quality never disappoints.  I placed my first order from this brand because I heard about them while researching the black-owned makeup brand challenge, but I keep placing orders because the quality and price are truly exceptional.  And that’s the most beautiful thing of all.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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