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In a previous post, we already reviewed two of the NYX In Your Element Palettes (Earth and Water, HERE) and while the shadows were great, the price was not: NYX, one of the best and most consistent drugstore brands in the game decided to get all fancy on our asses and charge $30 per palette.  There were some improvements to packaging (heavier plastic, a mirrored lid instead of clear plastic) and the shadows were great…but not really that much better than the shadows in their other palettes that generally retail from $15-20.

I probably would have stuck with just the two palettes, but when I saw that NYX had them on sale for only $15 each, I picked up the other 4 palettes and decided to show off some of the colors for you.  These aren’t bad palettes by any means, and if you like NYX’s formula and performance you will definitely get some happy out of these.  My complaint really was the price and now that you can get them for a lower price, I would recommend you think about adding one or more of these to your stash.  As of this writing, all 6 palettes are available on the NYX website at this new reduced price.

Now, I didn’t feel like swatching all 48 shades in these palettes – they all perform similarly (the Metal palette shades are maybe a little different than the shimmers in the other palettes, but not that much) to each other, so I decided to do a mix of some of my favorite shades from each palette.

NYX 03
The first palette is the Wind palette.  I’m not sure why, in a collection all about the elements, there had to be separate palettes for Wind and Air, especially since the Wind palette is very similar to the Water palette except that it sticks with a blue color story with one or two plummy purples and Water has a mix of blues and greens.  Anyway, this is the palette that I had the least interest in as I don’t tend to do a lot of blue eye looks, but the shadows perform nicely.  The pale blue in the upper left is maybe a little powdery, but I played around with a brush and I was able to get a swatch I was satisfied with.

NYX Wind
If you like blues, there are a lot of great options here, but it’s just not a palette that speaks to me.  It wasn’t bad, and the shadows are just as good in this one as in the others, but it just didn’t wow me.  To each their own.

NYX Fire
As for the Fire palette, I am obsessed with finding good yellow eyeshadows so I immediately went to those two shades, as well as two browns that left me feeling that I was using these swatches to plan out some sort of bumblebee look.  Just me?  Anyway, I love both of these yellow options.  The shimmer pastel is lemony and has just enough light gold shimmer to work as an inner corner highlight or snazz up the eyelid.  The other yellow is pretty true to color – so many yellows look true yellow in the pan but turn sort of mustardy when you apply them.  The brown is a nice but basic brown (no surprises there), but the shade on the far right is a gorgeous standout.  It actually looks teal green in the palette and the deep brown base has a strong teal green shift.  It’s like MAC’s Club shadow, but with a much darker base and I am living for it!

NYX Metal
The shades I swatched for the Metal palette make it look a lot like the Win palette, but I really do love the range of shimmer metallics in this collection!  Some of them are actually more duochrome than metallic (like the third shade in the pic, the teal blue with gold shift) but they all have a ton of shine and they blend really nicely.  There are some cranberry and pink shades to warm things up as well as your more typical bronze and copper type shades as well.  This is probably never going to be you go to one-palette-for-a-complete-look options (but if it is, you do you baby!), but it’s a fantastic accent palette for when you want a flash of metallic shine to add to a more sedate matte look.  The shade on the right side was my favorite, but it’s a real bitch to photograph!  It’s a cool taupe shade with gold shift, so it kind of toes the line between warm and cool in a way that I really love.

Last up is the Air palette; if pastels are your jam then run, don’t walk, to pick up this palette.  This is one of the best collections of pastel and lighter shades that I’ve run across in a long time.  I feel like this is what the White Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced was trying to be, but just couldn’t get there.  I don’t know that the palette “feels” particularly air to me, but I’m glad that some of these gorgeous lighter shades had the chance to shine.  The coral peach shade photographed really yellow in the top pic, but it’s much better in the bottom and it’s one of my favorites.  It’s got some gold shimmer to it that I think makes it really fun and bubbly.  The mint green is also much more effective than I imagined – not withering flower here, that’s for sure!  And that metallic periwinkle on the end is absolutely the most.  I love a really well done blue purple and this is definitely stunning.

NYX 01
Let me know below – did you pick up any of these palettes at full price?  Any buyer’s remorse?  Are you planning to pick them up now that the price has been slashed?  Are there any other NYX products you’re absolutely loving?

I applaud NYX for stretching and trying to bring different experiences to their consumers, but as I mentioned when these first launched, it just felt like too much, too fast.  NYX is known not only for their quality, but for their drugstore prices and aesthetic.  These palettes are a great addition to my collection, but In Your Element didn’t really make cosmetic alchemy until it was In My Price Range.

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

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