ProFusion Serves Up Face At A Bargain To Maxxinistas

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Am I late to this party?  I only recently started checking out the beauty section of TJ Maxx.  I’ve been getting lotions and soaps and bath products there for years, but my few brief glances over to the makeup section never really inspired me to take a closer look.  Lately, however, I’ve been checking into some of the brands there, and I’ve found that you can get some pretty fantastic bargains if you’re planning.  ProFusion is a brand that I actually first saw at Target when I picked up one of their highlighter palettes around the holidays (you can read my review of that palette HERE!) and so when I saw these face collections at my local TJ Maxx I decided to give them a try.

Profusion 03
First of all, this packaging had me at, “Hello!”  I’m always a sucker for anything holographic, glittery, and the stars on the Bronze & Highlight palette were just too cute!  The outside of the packaging is padded and it can be stored either laying flat or standing on end like a book.  The magnets that hold the palette closed aren’t the best, so be aware of that, but that was my only realy complaint…that and it was hard to find one that wasn’t all marked up from the rabid dogs that are apparently shopping the shelves of TJ Maxx.  Seriously, one of them looked like it had bite marks in it.  Why the actual fuck would you need to bite a palette that you’re looking at in a store?!  But those little complaints aside, I was more than happy to throw these little collections into my cart when I saw the prices: the conceal collection was $7.99 and the Bronze & Highlight collection was $8.99.  16 large pans of product and 5 brushes in cute packaging for less than $20.  Score!

Profusion 02
I don’t know how useful this palette would be for bronzing for most people, but that’s just fine with me – I was here for the highlight anyway!  I’m assuming the bottom 4 shades are supposed to be the bronzers, but three of them are still pretty light and only one of them is matte, so if you get this collection you will be disappointed if you like wearing a matte bronzer as only one of the shades is going to be there for that.  None of the shades are out of this world pigmented or anything, so if you like a really insane highlight that glows to space, this also might not be the palette for you.  But the shades here are pretty and versatile, and they allow you to put on a subtle highlight wash or build it up to get some more intense color.  It’s never going to be the blinding highlight that you get from a jeffree Star Skin Frost or anything like that, but there are plenty of people who don’t want that over-the-top level of shine.  These are some nice basics to have in your collection.  They are a little powdery and I found them to be a little dry – not bad, but could be an issue if you mix a lot of cream and powder products on your face.  I wouldn’t recommend these over cream blushes or products like that because the formulas may mix weird.    The brushes are pretty cheap, but you do get one larger angled brush and two smaller fluffy brushes, and highlight isn’t something super finicky, so you could definitely use these brushes and make them work.  Even if you threw these brushes away, I think you easily get your money’s worth in the powder products alone, so it’s just up to you how you feel about cheap brushes and working them into your regular routine.

Profusion 01
Now, about this conceal palette: as a drag performer, I am living for this.  The shades are very pigmented and I think that I will get plenty of use out of the dark shade as a good option for building up my contour, especially when I want to go for a more extreme, chiseled look.  These are super pigmented – definitely full coverage queen in this business!  But for the average consumer, I’m just not sure you would ever get enough use out of all the shades.  There is a nice range, and the pans are big, so it’s just up to you to decide if it’s worth 8 bucks for the one or two shades you think you will use.  For lighter skintones, you might have more luck using this to shift between your summer and winter looks (if you tend to be darker in the summer) but the darker range in this palette is really all over the place.  These are creams, so another plus of this palette is that you can combine colors to get a custom color for you, which I think is why the dark shade is as dark as it is: you can use it as a base and lighten if needed with one of the other cream shades which feature different undertones.  I’m pretty high maintenance already, so I’m not sure I want to add custom mizing my concealer onto my already extensive list of things to do, but it’s an option and it increases the value in this bargain kit.  The shades are also creamy, but know that some are softer than others.  I swatched the shades using the small flat brush included with the palette, and shade on the second row, right was super soft and I made a huge mess when I went to dunk in.  Test them out before you just assume they are all the same consistency!

I’ve been a Maxxinista for a long time, but my introduction to their makeup section has been a long time coming!  I’m definitely planning to do more posts about their cosmetics offerings.  I know that they vary from store to store, making it hard to know if someone else will be able to find the products you love, but I still think they are worth reviewing.  What do you think?  Do you want to see more reviews of TJ Maxx products on the Makeup Forum?  What are some of your favorite brands that you’ve found there?  Do you prefer to look for the deals on high end brands that sometimes end up at the Maxx, or focus on the discount brands that are always a great value?  Let me know your thoughts below!

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