Kathleen Lights X ColourPop’s Dream Street Palette, Plus A Peachy Pink Fantasy

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I’m so glad that there are such a wide variety of lower cost makeup brands out there that are putting out really great products, and ColourPop is definitely at the head of the pack.  I am rarely disappointed when I order something from them, and I’ve especially been loving their pressed powder eyeshadow palettes (which they seem to be pumping out at lightning speed lately!).  If you want to see more of the shadow palettes from this brand, you can check out my reviews of their Yes Please, I Think I Love You, and She (Karreuche X ColourPop collab) palettes HERE, the My Little Pony palette HERE, and the palettes that were a part of their Sephora launch HERE.  I thought that I was done with their shadows for a little while (seriosuly, I feel like a new one comes out every other week!) and I definitely thought I was sick of hearing about new collabs every 5 minutes, but when I saw the Dream Street palette, a collab with YouTube guru Kathleen Lights, I knew that this was one palette I needed to have in my collection

CP 05L to R: Shooting Star, Magical, Star Dust, Twinkle, Sweet Dreams, Water Bearer, Potion, Spark, Kaleidoscope, Elfish, Moony, Mermaid Boy

Now, I get that for the most part these shadows are nothing new – there are a ton of neutrals and champagne shades that you have a hundred times over in your collection (I know I do), but I’m a sucker for a good color story and this is just such a unique collection of shadows.  I love the pop of deep rose pink in the second row as well as that blackened teal.  In the bottom row, we’ve got a shade that has a super light taupe base with green shift, and at the end a super deep brown with a greenish teal shift.  Take those four shades out of the palette, and you’d have a pretty basic (and I mean that in the slightly more pejorative, white girl in yoga pants with a pumpkin spice latte kind of way) collection of neutral mattes and shimmers, but this palette gives you some really strong, bold shades that you can mix with those neutrals to get a surprisingly diverse number of eye looks.  It isn’t about reinventing the wheel; for hardcore makeup hounds like me, we’ve already seen every shade a million times before.  It’s about finding a collection of shades that will work well and complement each other and arrange them in a way that inspires creativity.  A good collection of shades arranged poorly can sink an otherwise decent product (just ask Kat Von D and the abysmally reviewed Saint & Sinner palette!)

CP 04

In fact, I liked this color collection so much that it inspired me to pick up a variety of other products that would work with and complement these colors in a full face.

CP 02Products L to R: Parallel Super Shock Cheek, Chandelier Ultra Satin Lip, Jacquard Ultra Satin Lip, Drive Me Crazy Super Shock Cheek
Swatches L to R: Parallel, Chandelier, Drive Me Crazy, Jacquard

I’ve never been a super huge fan of the cream products from ColourPop like the Super Shock shadows and blushes, but these two shades seemed to work so well with the color story in this palette that I decided to give them another shot.  Parallel is a bright, bubblegum pink, but while it’s definitely cooler in tone, it’s not so blue-based that you couldn’t use it with this palette.  Chanedlier is a medium cool pink, and I think that you could easily pair this with an eye look that uses that rosy pink from the palette as well as the light taupe shimmer and some of the champagne shades.  If you prefer a warmer look, Jacquard is a peachy coral that will play well with the orange/copper tones in the palette, which you could then darker up wonderfully with that blackened teal shade.  Drive Me Crazy has some nice pinky gold shift to it, and will give your cheeks a nice moment as well.

I was also excited to see that they had restocked the Gimme More highlight palette and was double excited to see a new highlight palette available as well: the In-Nude-Endo.

CP 06L to R: Glad You Came, On The Loose, Fine Line, On Tempo, Morning After, Losing Sleep

Although there are some great colors in the Gimme More palette that would also work with this peachy-pink color story I’m building, I want to talk about that palette (and it’s resemblance to another pretty famous highlighter palette!) in a separate post, so here are the six golden champagne shades of the In-Nude-Endo palette.  Let’s face it – these are nothing new and these shades are probably already in your collection, but this is a nice, inexpensive option to have a variety of staple shades for on the go or to dip into when you aren’t looking for the more adventurous highlight options (we can’t always wear mint green or bright blue, after all!).  The colors are nice and pigmented, and this formula applies really well.  I’m a fan of this palette and I think all of these shades would pair well with the color story I’ve been building here.  You feel me?  Fine Line is probably my favorite if you go with the pink option, and Morning After is my fave for the peachy coral look.

If you’d like to see my try out some of these looks and post pics (or maybe even make a video or a Facebook Live broadcast!), let me know!

CP 01
So here’s the breakdown of the prices, and an illustration of why I’m generally in love with this brand:

Dream Street eyeshadow palette: $16
In-Nude-Endo highlight palette: $18
Super Shock Cheek: $8 each, $16 total
Ultra Satin Lip: $6 each, $12 total

Grand Total: $62

That’s right, only $62 (shipping is free on orders over $30 which is a pretty low bar!) for enough products to create a variety of coherent and coordinated looks.

I’m generally over the whole collab thing (it’s been getting old for me for a while, but it really jumped the shark for me when Jeffree Star announced that he was collabing with his kept boyfriend and his dogs ffs) but the rare product can still pull me in – and this is definitely one of those products.  It’s not a cheap gimmick or a way of pushing me some junk collection just because it has someone’s name on it; this is a beautifully designed palette that has great color options, will work for beginner and experienced makeup divas alike (just because I’ve seen and purchased everything doesn’t mean everyone else has!), and it allows thrifty shoppers to get in on the excitement about YouTuber collabs without spending an arm and a leg.  And what I liked best about this collab in particular is not only that it was a good quality product in and of itself, but it inspired me to want to pair other products with it and create looks.  That’s what any good makeup product should do: it’s just a tool that you can use to unlock your own creativity and expression.

And that sounds like a dream to me!

Now Go Forth & Get Painted!

And let us know below: are you over collabs?  What’s your favorite collab product you’ve ever purchased, or have you stayed away entirely because you think they’re nothing more than a gimmick.  Give us the real tea!

Kathleen Lights

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