Miss Jaye’s “Resolutions” Featured In Current Issue Of THE BEAT

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Miss JayeDid you have a New Year’s resolution this year?  Are you keeping it, or has it already fallen by the wayside?

Miss Jaye is no stranger to resolutions, and she’s no stranger to hitting February and wondering whatever happened to those promises she made…

But this year is a little bit different.  Rather than focusing on dieting or financial stability or any of those other lofty goals we often set for ourselves when the calendar pages turn from one year to another, Miss Jaye is thinking about her resolutions in a new way.  And if you want to read more about those resolutions, just pick up the current copy of The Beat – or read it online HERE.

Here’s an except of her article, “Raise It Up”:

I would love to see more people and groups working together to create fun and unique and challenging entertainment. When I’m working on events, it often feels easier to just handle my own stuff, but what opportunities are we missing when we don’t try to make connections and bring in new people and perspectives. We have a ton of great actors, dancers, writers, event organizers, musicians, technicians, and other creatives – let’s make some magic!

This piece is all about collaboration – and about letting your voice be heard, even when others have no problem telling you, loudly and repeatedly, that they don’t want to hear it:

It’s nice to think that things will just naturally get better on their own, but history has always shown that things get better when creatives and rabble-rousers and queers and troublemakers keep pushing, keep testing limits, and keep insisting on their existence and their validity.

To read the whole article, just click on the link above or track down a fabulous print copy of The Beat – how old school of you!  We love it!

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