Hard Candy Snatching Fenty’s Galaxy Style? Am I Here For It?

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I know that I immediately open myself up to some righteous trolling, but while I certainly applaud Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and their amazing launch of 40 foundation shades, I’ve been pretty vocally critical of her color cosmetics.  And of all of her products, I was the most critical of her holiday palette release, the Galaxy Palette.  A collection of 14 shades including several “eyeshadow toppers,” which I’m still convinced is just code for shitty eyeshadow, the palette got pretty well savaged in most of the reviews I saw.  A few people gave it the old college try and really tried to love the flaky, glittery mess but most admitted that this palette just didn’t live up to the amazing reputation established by the brand’s record-setting launch.

Imagine my surprise when I was strolling through the makeup aisles at my local Walmart and saw that Hard Candy Cosmetics had a new 10 pan eyeshadow palette filled with gorgeously metallic shades.  Imagine my further surprise when I noticed that the name was “Galactic Eyes,” perhaps a coincidence and also perhaps an attempt to snatch Fenty’s Galaxy style…and maybe even do it better.  With a $10 price tag, I was more than happy to pick up the palette and find out!

HC 01Top Row, L to R: Supernova, Retrograde, Spaceship, Nebula, Eclipse.
Bottom Row, L to R: Meteor, Blue Moon, Alien, Shooting Star, Constellation.

The first thing I noticed (besides that gorgeous cool-toned green shade, Alien!) was the texture: the appear to have that flaky metallic texture that happens sometimes with metallic formula; Stila had those single eyeshadows that came with a liquid mixer, and the Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette was filled with that sort of texture.  That told me right away that these were going to need a primer and would probably need to be wet to perform well.  It’s not a bad formula, but it can definitely be persnickety!  If you’re going to work with that sort of formula, wet application is best, though you can sometimes get a decent color payoff with finger application (which is why these swatches look pretty good).

HC 02
Except for that purple shade, Supernova, the top row is sort of a snooze fest.  The brown/grey/black story just isn’t that interesting to me; if I’m going to darken a sparkly, metallic look, I prefer to use a glitter or shimmer shade so that I get some depth, and there is nothing about these that really convinces me otherwise.  Where this palette really shines is in the colors.  With Supernova and the 5 bottom row shades, you’ve got a perfect rainbow of bright, colorful shades that can be used together or separately to create a variety of looks.  Their biggest advantage is that unlike the Fenty palette, these colors blend well and can be blended in with other shadows.  I used a couple of the Fenty shades when getting dolled up for a holiday party, and for a hot second they looked gorgeous.  But once I started blending and working shades together, they broke down into a muddy mess.  Not these shadows.  I put Alien on the back of my hand and blended Blue Moon and Shooting Star into either side of the green to see how they worked.  What resulted was a really stunning ombre that I think would be much harder to achieve on the eyelid with actual brushes than it was on the back of my hand with my fingers, but was still pretty remarkable.

Side EyeHard Candy is definitely impressing me with their recent product launches, and if this was a deliberate attempt to reference the Fenty palette, I think it was brilliant: who would have ever thought that a Walmart makeup brand could take on the darling of social medium beauty and come out with the superior product…and at more than $40 less?!

Let us know below if you’ve tried either the Hard Candy or the Fenty palettes – what did you think?  Do you think Hard Candy eyeshadows are the bomb?  Is Fenty still your cosmetics spirit animal?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts on either one of these fantastic brands!

Whether it was purposeful or not, I think that when you put these two palettes up against one another, you can see that they had similar sort of goals in mind, but only one truly followed through.  Sorry RiRi – this time the buzz isn’t about your line, but about this bargain underdog that totally stole your shine, bright like a diamond.  And yes – I am all the way here for it!

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