A Little Luxury: Experiencing YSL Beauty

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YSL 03I get a lot of samples; I order from Sephora frequently enough and stop in the store so often that I easily build up a collection of packets and vials and other little treasures.  I’ll try a few things here and there, but most of them end up in my giveaway box to be added into door prizes and giveaways for this site.  But every now and then I’m excited to get the chance to sample some products that I’ve really been on the fence about, usually because of the price.  That’s what brings us to Yves Saint Laurent’s beauty line.

YSL is one of those brands that I never spend much time looking at.  A $58 foundation?  A lip stain for $36?  Girl, bye!  I spend a ton of money on makeup, but I also want to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth and I’ve just never been moved enough by the products from this brand to put down the coint required to own them.  #SorryNotSorry

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t get curious, and thanks to a recent Sephora VIB 500-point perk as well as a promo item that I got with a $25 purchase, I was able to try out 5 of YSL’s signature lip products.  It was a nice range of formulas and finishes and colors, and it was fun to finally give this brand a full try.

Hold on, y’all – we about to get fancy as fuck!

YSL 01The “Ultimate Lip Wardrobe” featured deluxe minis of the Rouge Volupte Shine No 49 Rose Saint Germain, Glossy Stain No 9 Rouge Laque, Vinyl Cream Lip Stain No 401 Rouge Vinyle, and the Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick No 70 Le Nu.  The promo mini was Tatouage Couture Matte Stain (I think it’s in No 1 Rouge Tatouage, but the packaging wasn’t very clear).

Here are the swatches:

YSL 02Overall, these samples did exactly what I think samples are supposed to do: help me decide whether or not I’d want to spend my hard-earned money on the full size product.  It’s probably not what the brand would like samples to do, because in this case it confirmed for me that the YSL lip products just aren’t for me.  It’s not that they were terrible, it’s just that they were clearly not going to work for me and there are products that are better suited to me that are cheaper.

(Photo by Nickolas Muray/George Eastman House/Getty Images)

First up is the lipstick in Rose Saint Germain.  This “volupte shine” was definitely shiny – it felt like it had some sort of oil base and was somewhere between a gloss and…and oil slick?  I’m sure someone loves these (they must, or they’d stop making them) but I just couldn’t handle the feeling of all that slick color on my lips.  The color was really pretty, and for such a liquidy product it had a really nice color payoff, but it just wasn’t for me.  That’s fine; can’t win ’em all.

The glossy stain in Rouge Laque was a little better, though it still was a little too wet for my taste.  I will probably keep this one for photos as I think you could layer this over a a red liquid lipstick like Jeffree Star’s Redrum and get a really sensational, dimensional wet look on the lips, but I can’t ever imagine wearing this at a show.  This + me for 5 seconds would = red lipstick all over my teeth.

The vinyl cream stain in Rouge Vinyle was way too sheer, and I liked this color the least of the reds.  It was far too blue-based and it’s super sheer.  When I think of a phrase like “lip vinyl,” I expect some full coverage to happen on my lips and this is definitely not that.  So far all three of the products are way too sheer for me to really get much use out of them, and with the oily feel I think all of them might cause problems if I try using them over liquid lipsticks.  I might give it a try, but I don’t hold out much hope.

The nude lipstick was a little better – the pigmentation is pretty opaque, but the finish is really shiny.  It’s not a bad lipstick, but I prefer a softer velvet or shimmer finish, and I could easily find a better option for much less than what these cost.  If you like a slicker, shinier lipstick this might be a good option for you.

HarlotThe matte stain was the best of the group, but I have every single liquid lipstick ever made ever…or at least it feels like it.  This one dries down ok, but it’s never really transfer proof, and it kept its shine even though it’s supposed to be matte.  I promise, you can find a better option for less, maybe even like half the price!  The red color was absolutely stunning, though!  It reminds me of Harlot, my favorite OCC Lip Tar shade ever!

All of the lip products also have the same scent, which is sort of a light, generic skincare product type scent that’s not quite herbal, not quite floral.  Call me trash, but I like a little vanilla or berry or something.  These aren’t bad, and they are definitely better than some of the brands that just let the “natural” smell of the ingredients come through (I’m looking at you, Jeffree Star!) but it’s still not ever going to be a selling point for me.

This was a fun little adventure, but you’ll never convince me that this brand is worth the prices that they’re charging.  True, I only sampled lip products; it’s quite possible that I might try other categories of their products and find something I would truly love.  But that’s just not the makeup world that we live in – even if I found one of their products that worked wonderfully for me, it wouldn’t be hard for me to find another product of the same type that worked just as good with just as fine a performance, and at a fraction of the cost.  Makeup is becoming much more democratic as indie brands keep popping up and drugstore brands are now bringing their A-game to many more of their product launches.

Still, it was nice to feel like a fancy bitch, if even for a day.

Let us know before: do you have any stupid expensive beauty splurges that you just adore?  Would you pay these prices?  Do you have a YSL product that’s in your ride or die favorites?  Leave the 411 in the comments!

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