Highlighter Palette Face Off, Round 2: ColourPop Vs. ABH x Nicole Guerriero

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So this Highlighter Face Off will be a little different than the last one between LA Colors and ProFusion (ICYMI, you can check it out HERE), not only because the products are more evenly matched than that contest (seriously LA Colors, were you even trying?!) but because the ABH palette is no longer available.  Actually, this is more of a “Is this a dupe?” kind of post, but I liked the Thunderdome sort of feel so much that I decided to do it again.  It’s my website, and I can be self-indulgent if I want to!

001bTop, L to R: Extra, Upgrade, Bottomless
Bottom, L to R: Full Service, Bigger and Better, Total Package

Now, I’ve been trying to get my hands on the ColourPop Gimme More highlight palette for what feels like ever.  Seriously.  I would get an email that it was being restocked, and then a day later it would be sold out again.  So I was a little surprised and a lot relieved when ColourPop announced their In-Nude-Endo highlighter palette and, when I went to pick up that bad boy (which you can see swatched in my review HERE), I found the Gimme More palette in stock as well.

Once I finally had the palette in my hot little hands, however, I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between this 6-shade beauty and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit collab with Nicole Guerriero.  ColourPop is known for giving you cheap alternatives of trendy color stories, but I’ve never really thought of them as the type of brand to produce straight up dupes (they leave that to Makeup Revolution London, thank you very much!).  This was the first time that I’d ever looked at one of their products and really wondered if it was meant to be a ripoff…I mean, “inspired by” a high end product.

The colors are in a different order, but you have to admit that there are a LOT of similarities!  Especially that rich creamsicle orange shade (Bottomless in CP, Daydream in ABH) on the top right of both palettes.  So I wanted to put these two palettes to the test and see how close they really are.

First off, here are the swatches of just the ColourPop palette:

Faceoff 03L to R: Extra, Upgrade, Bottomless, Full Service, Bigger and Better, Total Package
Top is without flash, bottom is with flash

Like the ABH palette, these are a collection of very warm shades with a lots of pink and yellow gold tying the whole thing together.  Extra is that sort of white-based gold that I sometimes see described as candlelight.  Upgrade is probably the coolest of the bunch with a silvery champagne shimmer, and it’s the least like the ABH palette.  Bottomless is the standout shade, a bright coral orange with gold shimmer, and it’s going to be lovely on a wide range of skintones.  Full Service is a nice pink with gold reflect, and this is a sweet option for your softer, more pastel pink looks.  Bigger and Better is a sort of bright yellow gold, not particularly unique; you probably have a million of these in your collection, but if you’re new to makeup or highlights, this is a good standard gold option.  Total Package is a rose gold shade that has nice pigmentation, but it just doesn’t wow me as much as the others.

Now, to see if this palette would work as a dupe, I paired up the ABH shades with shades from Gimme More to see how they compared:

Faceoff 02L to R: Full Service (CP), Kitty Kat (ABH), Upgrade (CP), Forever Young (ABH), Bottomless (CP), Daydream (ABH)
Top is without flash, Bottom is With Flash

Although the pans look really similar, you start to notice the differences once you swatch them.  First of all, the ABH shades have a stronger pigmentation; I did the same method of swatching for both palettes, and you can clearly see (even in my shitty photos!) that the ABH swatches stand out more.  The ABH also has a stronger metallic/glittery shimmer.  So if you like a really glittery sort of highlight, then the ABH is probably the better option for you.  The CP shades are gorgeous, but are a little more subdued and blend in to the skin a little bit more easily.  Full Service and Kitty Kat are a nice match, except that Kitty Kat has much more of the gold shift to it than Full Service.  Though they both have the same sort of shade as the base, Upgrade has more of a silver shimmer and Forever Young has a flash that’s more of a light gold, giving it just a touch more warmth.  Bottomless and Daydream are pretty similar, but the ABH finish is much more metallic and has more of the gold shift.

Faceoff 01L to R: Extra (CP), Forever Lit (ABH), Bigger and Better (CP), Glo Getter (ABH), Total Package (CP), 143 (ABH)
Top is without flash, Bottom is with flash

Extra and Forever Lit are where we see the biggest differences between shades in these palettes.  Extra stays with the warm tones of the Gimme More palette and gives us that light yellow golden candlelight radiance where Forever Lit departs from the rest of the ABH shades and gives the white base a very cool-toned blue duochrome flash.  Both shades are pretty, but you could never really call them dupes of each other.  Bigger and Better and Glo Getter are probably the most similar, both giving us that very basic gold shine.  They are slightly different, but it’s not the sort of difference that will make that much difference to the look you’re creating and I think you could easily use these interchangeably.  Total package and 143 are sort of similar, but once they are next to one another you can see that the CP shade is definitely more of a rose gold and maintains some pinky undertones while the ABH shade is a true bronze shade.

Photo by Miranda Roen, Roen Photography

Photo by Miranda Roen, Roen Photography

So is there a winner?  That’s a tough one.

I love the ABH palette because I love the more standout metallic shimmer and the bright pigmentation, but the CP is a little bit more workable and can be sheared down more easily or layered up to really get an out of this world glow.  Gimme More is also a more cohesive color story; they seem like small changes, but keeping the pink undertone in Total Package and giving us that really gorgeous candlelight shade extra made for a really beautiful story.  The colors in the Glow Kit are nice, but Forever Lit sort of comes out of nowhere and can read a bit chalky depending on the lighting, and Glo Getter and 143 are too similar to get their own special moments.  So in terms of overall impression, I think Gimme More is the clear winner.  But in terms of individual shades, I think the ABH has the best standout shades (seriously, Daydream and Kitty Kat may have changed my life!).

The argument between the two is somewhat moot because the ABH Glow Kit collab was limited edition, and is no longer available. So the real question is, can the Gimme More palette be a dupe for that palette if you missed out in it while it was available?  The answer is…kind of?  Overall the colors are very similar, so you can definitely use the Gimme More palette for a lot of the same types of looks that you would have used the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit for.  The shades are not identical, but most of them are close enough that they easily work as dupes.  The biggest differences are in those couple of shades called out above, and I honestly don’t think the differences are that bad.  True, if your look calls for a pearl white shade with blue flash, then you won’t have an option in the CP palette that you would have had in the ABH, but I don’t think a cohesive and beautiful color story is a detriment whatsoever!

So while they are not the same, I think you could pick up the Gimme More palette and feel pretty comfortable with its ability to work alongside most of the looks you would have created with the ABH palette.  And you’ll definitely feel comfortable with the price: the ABH palette retailed for $40 (which actually isn’t that bad – the Glow Kits are one of my favorite highlighter formulas out there!) while the CP palette can come home to you for only $18, less than half the price!

So what do you think: is the Gimme More palette a worthy successor of the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit?  Are you living for the creamsicle dreams of these two color stories, or are you lactose intolerant and dying for some cooler shade options?  Is this one of those rare collabs that really brought some magic?  Should ABH bring this back as part of the permanent collection?  Tell us EVERYTHING in the comments below!

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